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This is a discussion on New Appreciation for the .45 ACP Cylinder within the Ruger Single Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; That is what trimming the .45 ACP cylinder is about. If you, like me, have several double action revos as well as the single action, ...

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That is what trimming the .45 ACP cylinder is about. If you, like me, have several double action revos as well as the single action, and you prefer not to use the clips in the double actions, .45 AR is reasonable. If you just have the .45 Blackhawk, the .45 Cowboy Special may make more sense to you. I have been shooting the S&W 25-2 for many years before I got a .45 Colt NMBH with .45 ACP cylinder. Modifying the .45 ACP cylinder was easy and logical for me. I already had a pretty good stash of .45 AR brass.

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I shoot alot of 45 specials in my ACP cylinder, seems to shoot better than the ACP brass. Plus it's one more round I get to reload for. Odd thing about the 45 Special brass, it will not work in my OM 45 ACP cylinder, the rim hits the ratchet, preventing the shell from fully seating in the cylinder.
My Flattop.
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Those Convertibles most 'modern' Blackhawk is a 45/45 convertible...i shot Bullseye pistol for many years, so i put up a bunch of my .45 Auto Bullseye loads (kicked up just a bit): 165gr short nose SWC over 4.8gr of Bullseye...25yd bullseyes...heh
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Originally Posted by SA45 View Post
Yeah! I think acp cylinder is appealing in alot of situations, for me ... unless ammo skyrockets in price. Even then, you would think it would usually be readily available. Great caliber, I get overlapping groups in 1911 and hope to in revolver(s).

For just occasional use in some guns, cylinder half or moon clips sound good too, they lock-in headspace very well, especially if dealing with non-uniform case dims.

If just rare use, these things may not be worthwhile.
I am not sure what you mean by using moon clips in the Ruger Single Action, they work only in the double action models, like the 1917 or SW model 25 or Governor or newer Redhawk 45 Colt that is cut for the clips. Otherwise you would have to remove the cylinder every time you loaded it.
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My first 45 Colt was the entry level Uberti. I bought an after market cylinder in 45 acp from VTI and fitted it myself. After one time at the range I was hooked. Then I had to have the stainless flat top, but for years they were impossible to find, but finally a stainless one with both cylinders arrived and later the SW Governor, so I have 3 that take either.

I reload both calibers but lately have shot a lot, especially with the Governor which does take moon clips. I keep it loaded with 410 federal buckshot and 45 Colt Hornady factory ammo. Then I carry several moon clips with the 45 acp. I bought a bunch of the steel cheap Tullamo back when Walmart sold it and loved it in all 3 guns.

Now, about 10 years ago I read about reloading the steel cased ammo. It seems that Elmer Keith had once written that the weakest link in pressures back then was the brass case. His theory was that if they could ever make a steel case, current (then) handguns could be loaded to much higher pressures. So just for grins, I took 50 of the Tullamo once fired cases, and 50 once fired brass cases. I loaded them all factory equivalent about 830 fps with a 225 grain cast bullet. In my first test, I loaded them exactly the same, and then reloaded them 2 more times. The result is that on the third reload I had 3 of the brass cases split and none of the steel ones split or had any issues. My point is, it works and I then quit counting, I just pick them up free on the range with a magnet and reload. The steel ones occasionally get a rust spot and I just toss them. I have not used them in any semi auto, only the three revolvers. I have plenty of brass, brass, this was just for fun but now I am hooked. My next project is to load some of those aluminum cases, they come with small primers. I doubt they will hold up, but life is boring when you just do the same thing everybody else does over and over.

Love those 45 acp cylinders for plinking fun.
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Originally Posted by dakota1911 View Post
I still enjoy shooting mine. With both cylinders.

Took me three years to find that exact gun in stock. I have that exact rug also. Small world. Not sure how to post a picture, but then that would be redundant, I suppose. Love the gun and how light it is to carry. I also have the 5.5 inch Bisley New Model Blackhawk about 10 ounces more. It will pull your pants down.

Another thought about the acp cylinder is that you can just carry spare ammo in a 1911 magazine or two in a front pocket. I have been known to carry both the flat top and a Colt Officer's Model for back up. LOL
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Old Gringo;

Great sounding projects. Fun. Cool idea too - about using 1911 45acp magazine as a manual feeder for single action.

I don't have a 45 Redhawk for moonclip use. My only 45 DA is a SRH in 454/45Colt. Enjoy it but prefer single actions and we really enjoy both New Vaqueros, 45Colt & 45ACP.
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Ruger blackhawk 45lc / 45acp convertible

I bought my 7 1/2 inch barreled 3 screw Ruger Blackhawk Convertible in 45LC & 45ACP in 1972 at the Mayes City Drug Store in Joplin Mo while I was home on leave from Viet Nam. I had never seen one of them before or even knew that made them. This was my first Ruger S/A and it has been my constant companion and absolute most personal treasured handgun ever since then. I have carried my Old Ruger in an Old Hunter Cowboy Gunbelt & Holster rig and a Old Shoulder Holster for literally 100's of miles for the last 48 years. Hunting just about everything you could think of with it, from Deer to Pigs to Coyotes to Small Game and everything in between. Or to just take along, to plink with while walking out in the woods or along a stream or a river. Also carried it on every Canoe float trip I ever took, since I bought it . I have fired my Old Ruger 1000`s of times with never a problem of any kind. I reload for both the 45LC & 45ACP, so I have shot a lot of both rounds over the years. At 25 yds the 45ACP Cylinder will group about a inch & 1/2 above the 45LC Cylinder. I never could figure out why the Ruger 45LC & 45ACP Convertibles were never any more popular than they were. Also I never had to use any Full or Half Moon Clips with my 45 ACP cylinder. I am sorry I got so long winded, telling You Guys about my Old Ruger but She is like one of my very best Old Friends .
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Now ya got me wanting to fit a 45 ACP cylinder to my 45 Colt, 4 5/8"!
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I started out with the .45 Colt in my convertible 5.5" , then installed the 45acp cylinder. It is so much fun in acp that the colt cylinder has not went back in. I almost always carry ammo for the 45acp so I do not need another ammo while having a shooting session.
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Cpt T & GaCop, first and foremost...welcome home brothers. I too spent some time in the bush down in lll Corps ('69-70' then again in 71-'73). Like you, on return I found a copy of Shooting Times with an article by Skeeter Skelton lauding the .45 Convertible OM BH. I looked but never found one and settled on a .357 4-5/8" bbl'd OM instead. Several years later, a buddy bought it off me for what I had in it and I went looking again...still no this day it's one of my "grail" guns that I keep looking for.

Your comments Cpt T, about "old companion" guns are worth noting by the younger guys here abouts...there'll come a day that some of you'll regret sending those old worn war horses down the road only to be replaced by the latest whiz-bang fad. Old leather worn finishes and sweat stained stocks are cherished as you come up towards the last few miles of trail...why not hold on to that old shootin' iron so you can pass it along to the next generation along with the stories that'll dampen their eyes.

Best Regards, Rod

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Rodfac: I spent both tours in 111 corps. I was with the Aco 2/2 Mech INF First Inf Div in 68 & 69 our BN Forward was at AN LOC. And my second tour 71 & 72 was flying Choppers for the 229th AT Helicopter BN First Cav DIV flying HUEYS mostly. Who were You with both Tours. It would be a slim chance but we very well might, have known each other or at least crossed paths.
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I have one too, and since I load .45 ACP by the bushel basket, guess which cylinder I use most?

I made up some of that .45 Cowboy brass to play with, and I decided that itís a solution in search of a problem. To each his own, I guess.

Anyway, congrats on a fine pistol.
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