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This is a discussion on New Single Six Heavy Trigger Pull within the Ruger Single Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Originally Posted by rclark Just drop one leg of the trigger spring. Won't hurt a thing. As said above though, creep will 'always' be present ...

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Originally Posted by rclark View Post
Just drop one leg of the trigger spring. Won't hurt a thing. As said above though, creep will 'always' be present unless you get a true action job. Springs do not affect creep.
I did this "Poor man's trigger job" on mine and it has been fine with no issues and it lightened the pull a lot,

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Bear with me while I ramble a bit, there is a purpose to the rambling...

Back in 2003 when Ruger made the first run of 45 Colt Super Blackhawk Hunters, I snagged one at the LGS. I had all intentions of using it for deer hunting, but found that when the loads got up to the level I needed, recoil became unmanageable for me. I tried using a scope on it, but was never very comfortable carrying it with a scope. I broke it out of confinement now and then and had some fun with it, but never really seriously used it as a hunting revolver.

I had read all about how the Bisley handled recoil better, but the Bisley Hunters in 45 Colt were even rarer than than the plowhandle models. So I never even dreamed of being able to own one, but that knowledge was safely filed in a place in my mind that could be accessed if needed...

Fast forward to 2020...

Ruger made a parts cleanup run in 2019 of some 45 Colt Super Blackhawk Hunter Bisleys. I just happened to stumble across them on GunBroker by accident. So lo and behold, I am now the proud owner of a Super Blackhawk Hunter Bisley in 45 Colt!

So I loaded up some "hot" loads (not quite max though) and headed to the range with both the plowhandle and the Bisley to compare them. Sure enough, the Bisley handled recoil much better than the plowhandle.

But...I noticed that the action and trigger was oh so much slicker on the old plowhandle than on the new Bisley. I chalked most of this up to just being well broken in, but that didn't explain why the trigger on the Bisley had about twice the pull as on the plowhandle. I could still shoot it very accurately, but I started wondering what I needed to do to get it as slick and light as the old plowhandle other than just shooting it a lot. Not really any gunsmiths here I trust, and I am very wary of shipping it off somewhere.

Then a few days ago I stumbled across the "Poor Boy's Trigger Job". Or should I say I stumbled across it AGAIN, because now I remember reading about it way back when. And then some neurons started firing in a forgotten corner of my memory and I remembered trying it on the old plowhandle.

And then it hit me - VOILA! That's what is different! I had done the "Poor Boy's Trigger Job" on the old plowhandle and then over the years forgotten all about it!

So now that the Bisley has a lighter trigger pull, all is that is left is to shoot shoot shoot shoot and shoot to get it good and broken in and it should be as sweet shooting as the old plowhandle! But handle the recoil of "hot" loads much better.

Deer beware! There's a new six shooter in town and it's gonna be gunnin' for ya! LOL.

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