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This is a discussion on .40 cal within the Ruger Pistols forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Taurus has several .40 pistols in their catalog. My PT140 Pro is my winter carry gun, loaded with Federal 165gr. HST LE....

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Taurus has several .40 pistols in their catalog. My PT140 Pro is my winter carry gun, loaded with Federal 165gr. HST LE.

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I totally agree with the last two posts. The "improved bullets" argument for the 9mm always makes me smile. Like the manufacturers don't apply that technology to other projectile diameters too. The same goes for the "snappy recoil " of the .40S&W. My Glock 22 is very easy to shoot. I can see the 9mm being better in a subcompact pistol, but I regularly shoot a compact Glock in 10mm that handles great. I guess growing up in the magnum revolver era taught me to handle recoil in a handgun
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I've been a fan of the 40 since it came out. I've been carrying an SR 40 for awhile and have been summer carrying a Taurus 740 every summer for the past 4 years. The 740 is a single stack 6+1 in .40cal about the size of my wife's EC9. Some call it harsh to shoot but I don't think it's any worse than the LCP in .380. It's not a gun I put 100 rounds through in a day but it's not bad enough that i don't shoot 50 rounds through it every weekend. I'm hoping the SR40c inventories last into this summer when I'm ready to buy again. If not I look into the S&W M&Ps or Taurus has come out with the TH40 in compact that's hammer fired but I REALLY want an an SR40c.
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I have a couple of 40's. both are Rugers. A P944 pistol & a PC4. I have thousands of rounds of ammo as well. Targetsports USA has some great sales on 40 ammo and with ammo prices so low, and lots of Police trade-ins. Now is a great time to try a 40!
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I just checked: ruger.com still shows 40's for sale. They are in the SR Series of guns. I've got the SR40c that I've been shooting for 4+ years, and I love it.
"Fits like a glove".
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Having been a .45 guy for most of my life, I've never even fired a 40, nor did I ever see the reason for it. If the 10mm had been around when I first started out with 45's, I'd probably said the same thing about the .45!

That said, the latest in bullet tech applies to all calibers and I no longer feel under gunned carrying a 9mm these days, although my .45's are still my go to guns at home. I suspect that in the majority of cases, even a .380 (or .22 lr) will put wings on the feet of most black hatted types. It's those 1 in a million cases wher you might need something with some more authority..
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the 40 "Short & Weak"

I'll start with a revelation: PDs dropping the .40 S&W can result in vastly discounted sales of Duty Ammo. Federal HST for the price of American Eagle hardball.

Keep an eye out at your LGS if they do any kind of police sales. How this works:

So we're buying 10,000 rounds of 9mm HST from you, will you give us 1-for-1 trade on our remaining case-and-a-half of .40 cal?

Usually the answer is "We'll trade ball for duty ammo, as we can't sell your old inventory as-if it's new." Thus the better deal - IF you buy the case.

Second revelation: Federal has made another run of the 9BPLE +P+ 115 JHP which was the go-to ammo for LE back in the '90s... if your firearm could take it.
Others needed some spring or buffer work to 'up-armor' from SAAMI to the more ambitious and less lawyer-adverse CIP pressures.

A quick google search will lead you to the online retailer(s).

As to ammunition performance?
I've seen 4 people shot dead with a .32 ACP hardball.
Two one-shot/one-kill (separate incidents) with a .380 ACP hollowpoints.
One one-shot/one-kill with a .38 spl using the old 158 gr RNL.
A half-dozen public street mob hits with one shot .22LR suppressed with a plastic bottle and electrical tape. (Ruger MkI Bull Barrell)

ALL were headshots. The myth that "a .45 Hardball to the foot will drop 'em better than any..." is a myth.
Same for any dozen "wonder 9" hits to the arm/leg/ear/hand.

"He wouldn't go down!"
You shoot for-****, and I'd wager you half-expected this guy to just give up when you cleared leather.

As said above, any equivalent superb ammo in the 9mm offered in the .40 S&W at comparable velocities will result in superb performance and stouter recoil.
165/180 is ~ 40% more weight per bullet than 115/124, so one can anticipate Newton's Laws to apply.

First shot placement is key.
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I have two S&W 40 Cal. and one Taurus 40 Cal.
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I've never owned one, have just always been fully satisfied with my 9's. I have a friend that recently carried two into a local gun shop and traded for a SIG XCarry. The shop owner was less excited to see what he was trading in when he saw they were 40's. Not selling here very well.
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9 v .40

I have a Walther ccp 9 and a compact Shield with a ported barrel in a .40. Both recoil about the same but the .40 shoots inside the ccp all day long. Love it!
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I think the 40 is a reloaders dream cartridge. Great round.
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