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This is a discussion on Ruger sr9c problems within the Ruger Pistols forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Originally Posted by Naybor Bear After viewing posts when I first joined up here, I came across a pictorial, on cleaning and polishing my SR9c. ...

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Originally Posted by Naybor Bear View Post
After viewing posts when I first joined up here, I came across a pictorial, on cleaning and polishing my SR9c. Great pictorial, btw, and very informative!! Gladly, this resolved the dreaded failure to reset, stove-piping, and light primer strikes, I was having. Kudo's!!

That, being said, however, (uh, The "issue" I'm having now (and some may not see this as such, and am wondering if I should, either. But, figure, I may as well put it out here), IS: It seems the warmer (hotter) the gun becomes, the more apt it is to double/triple fire. (pretty warm day, at an outdoor range) Lemme explain. Last time at the range, I fired a 17 round clip, NO PROBLEMS! Put the 10 round clip in, and it double fired after the 3rd er 4th round. Went back n reloaded both clips, and, it double/tripled fire pert near EVERY round in both clips. Is hard to distinguish betweenst the 2, as it reloads and fires so quickly! Not that I'm minding the multiple firing as much, as having some way to predict/control when it does it. AND? It goes through a box of ammo WAY to fast!! (btw) No failure to reset, and light strikes. Fired EVERY round.

Is it my trigger mechanics? Meaning me, not the gun's. Like, too slow in letting go of the trigger, impeded by recoil?

Is there some kind of adjustment can be made?

Opinions, suggestions, comments?


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It would be wise to stop shooting the pistol and contact Ruger ASAP. They will send you a label and fix it for you.

Without having the proper paperwork, having a fiream that fires more than round per trigger pull become a big federal issue.

All it takes is someone at the range to make a phone call that someone is firing a fully automatic pistol and your headaches will start, even though it isn't your fault.

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I concur with mndoggie, call Ruger CS and get that taken care of as quickly as possible. Besides being a safety issue, it could become a federal issue, which you don't want.
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Originally Posted by pdad329 View Post
CS at Ruger was good at turnaround. Exactly two weeks from when I dropped it off at LGS for shipping to AZ (living in the People's Communwealth).
(This was sent back for failure to reset striker and trigger after less than 300 rounds through new pistol.)
Replaced trigger bar lift spring, ejector, trigger assembly, fire control housing, and trigger bar reset. Not sure what was left below the slide.
Repaired safety lever (?) and barrel (?). Didn't know they were broken...
Tested with 75 rds Black Hills 115 gr FMJ; no malfunction.
Courtesy cleaning... maybe before firing the 75 rounds; barrel needed cleaning.

Re-read the manual, cleaned (a couple of metal flakes in striker bore), lubed lightly. Reassembled very carefully.

Took her to the range today. 70 rounds Herters 115 gr FMJ (by S&B in Czech Rep.) 50 rounds American Eagle 115 gr FMJ.
Kudos to techies: absolutely no problem with trigger & striker resets.
NOW: About 1 in 10 failures to chamber the round. Happens on first round, when letting slide go forward freely. Happens on occasional subsequent rounds.

HELP!! Book says change ammo, clean carefully, then send back to Ruger if it persists.
What can I do before sending her back to fix a problem she didn't have when I sent her back to fix the first one?
Well, I tend to read too much online. Had read/watched several posts showing just a drop of lube in each slide groove, etc. "Don't overlube!" seemed to be a theme. So... I got some spray CLP, and lubed everything that common sense told me might "rub." Kept most of it above the receiver, on the barrel and slide. Wiped it thoroughly; don't want it dripping.
Took her to the range... And she ate 100 rounds, two different brands of ammo, without a hiccup. Ruger CS fixed the initial problem promptly and well. A little CS (Common Sense) on my own part fixed the rest.
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Sent my SR9c back to Sturm Ruger because it was shooting left.
Like everything about the SR9c, size, grip, appearance, round capacity. The only part was, I did not the way it shot. That's important.

I bought it used and did not know what happened to it prior to my purchase. On return from Ruger the packing slip had a laundry list of what was replaced. I was astounded.

As of June 13, 2019, I picked it up from the FFL. Went to the range later on and it is not the same gun. It was right on, the slide release is more stiff, like brand new. Worked it in since.

Personally, I am so impressed with Sturm Ruger and all the good people who make it work. Customer service is outstanding.

I know Sturm Ruger will stand behind the product regardless of new or used.
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