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This is a discussion on Revolver Revival - Why buy a revolver? within the Ruger Double Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; I started my firearm journey by wanting a glock. I got one,still have it and love it. I carry it everywhere i go. Its my ...

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Old February 8th, 2011, 08:23 AM   #91
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I started my firearm journey by wanting a glock. I got one,still have it and love it. I carry it everywhere i go. Its my buddy.this was a year ago. I finally got to the point when looking at semi auto that it all was based off the glock,nothing new out there,not really. I still need to get my 1911 and i will but im so over the semi auto craze. Im addicted to revolvers....big time! And for all of the reasons that have been discussed in this thread already. My glock is very boring as much as i hate to say it lol. It is my revolver of the semi auto world imo. Very dependable, but im sure my revolver collection is going to grow and grow from here on out. My first revolver i just got.....a 4in stainless security six that is in perfect shape. I can offically blame that 1978 model for jump starting my new addiction. I guess its better than being addicted to crack lol.

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Old February 8th, 2011, 09:05 AM   #92
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Here is a can of worms i will crack open. Another reason i like revolvers they are metal...
Steal or alloy but still metal. I have a couple of guns 140-150 years old i still shoot. I own a Glock and a Taurus i don't think they will still be shooting in another 120 years.
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Old February 8th, 2011, 10:54 AM   #93
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Texas jack i dont know if i would go there! Lol. Im pretty sure your glock will still be rocking along just fine in another 20 years. I wouldnt worry about that piece of your collection. The glock is just kind of boring, thats all.
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Oops just read that again.....didnt realize you had said 120 years. Thought you said 20! It will still be working......i think lol,idk
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My first choice in handgun is my black hawk .357, but I have recently built a 1911 .45 the bad part about the 1911 is picking up my brass with the black hawk when I am done I know here the brass is. plus reloading for a revolver you can play round with different load light to heavy load, 1911 not so fortunate only a little variations are allowed with out alterations to the gun. give me my black hawk.

I man on the outdoor channel once said "if you end up needing a firearm to defend yourself, if you can't get it done with 6 you are in over your head". (Sheriff Jim Wilson)
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Old February 8th, 2011, 11:29 AM   #96
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In about 2130 when my great great grandkids come back from shooting my/there classic Glock 21, and Taurus Millennium I will apologize to all the plastic gun owners.
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Originally Posted by ColColt View Post
I have to jump in here...
Needless to say the Glocks I've had have been 100% with each one. Lots of folks had trouble with the G30SF and FTRTB problems. I never did and it's as reliable as any auto I've ever owned.

The kicker on autos vs revolvers is for me primarily I hate chasing and bending over retrieving brass. Your back kills you after hunting all over the floor and trying to separate your brass from the others on the floor. Moreover, I don't have to be concerned with swapping magazines every so often with a SD pistol nor is there concern about mild and hotter loads with revolvers. I can't as yet shoot them DA as well as the 1911 but, I'm working on it. For reliability's sake I will overcome. Both have their place and I've enjoyed both of them immensely. It's all a matter of what you like, what you can shoot well, and what you feel comfortable carrying and/or using for the proverbial SHTF scenario.

I agree with the Colonel. I have confidence in my XD like he does in Glock. Gotta like the Glocks. BUT, in the SHTF moment, will I find ammo that just happens to work in the auto like my chosen brand?
Ruminations and reflections about the Revolver vs Auto thoughts:
SHTF moment: I want both revolver and auto...
I really like my Kimber, but it occasionally stove pipes...
My first 1911 was a fabulous Colt Gold Cup Series from the 70's. First time at the range I took a hot (extremely hot) case in the gap between the glasses and the temple. After bouncing around the shooting bay it burned the heck out of me. You could see the base and the primer in the scab. I did not know they got that hot... Then I broke my thumb on the weighted pulley target system (dumb). Hated that gun. Traded it in for a used Springfield (nice) GI, used Marlin 1894 (.41 mag - nice) and a new Mossberg, and other supplies.
I want a Revolver when out in the elements (summer or winter) hunting, camping, etc. When hiking, admittedly, the XD is easier. Maybe not the best, but easier and plenty of punch unless I am in AK or Kamchatka.
I like shooting the autos. My hands do not hurt afterwards. My Redhawk hammers me. Of course, it only matters when I am shooting full power loads, which I really do not need to do much. Some factory loads are better than others. I can shoot any 45 acp fodder without worry...
Someday I want to shoot in a combat style competition with both revolver and auto. Just 'cause. My kid does it and I want to too.
Striker fired autos go boom even when the proverbial bad guy (pbg)is holding my gun in the proverbial struggle. The pbg can grab the hammer guns and the cylinder guns and prevent the needed boom.

The Colonel is right, picking up brass is not the best way to spend range time. WARNING: RANT ALERT-- Sometimes we pay by the minutes at a local range. You have to PRE-ARRANGE to pick up your own brass! Otherwise, they say any brass that hits the floor is theirs. OK, they might need the revenue. But no worry with the revolver, my brass goes right back into the range bag without any experience with the floor.
I don't need to blast 500 rounds at the range to get all I want out of the time. I would prefer to shoot, tinker, shoot, yak with other shooters, document a few examples of a new load, et al.

Brass lasts a long time with Revolver loads...
Revolver shooting improves my auto shooting. Revolvers make me much more aware of the whole body's involvement with the exercise...

Less meaningful opinion:
When seen on the belt, a big honking revolver demands a certain respect. My auto is meant to be more discreet.
You cannot pair a lever action rifle with an auto very well. Only a nice 1911 would have the zing for that, but where is there the companion lever in 45 acp?
Only losers in westerns used autos... (Wild Bunch, auto users all bit the dust...)
Even modern western studly characters were awesome with SA revolvers... (Last of the Dogmen...)
Does any body know when the proverbial SHTF moment is coming? Can we be alerted via texting? Are we far northern notherners doomed when the SHTF? Maybe the Boys Scouts were right (how could it be otherwise...?) the maxim is "Be prepared". (Like Bert in Tremors)

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rclark is a jewel in the roughrclark is a jewel in the roughrclark is a jewel in the roughrclark is a jewel in the rough
They just prefer the Revolver.
Yep! No hate here. I am even more specialized. I like Single Actions over even the Double Action. Is that hate? Nope.... Just personal preference. . My philosophy is, I know I can't own them all, so I am going to buy the guns I 'enjoy' to shoot the most.... And SA is where it's at! ... for me that is!

FYI, my son, back on leave, picked up a Taurus 1911 .45ACP. I benched tested it. One ragged hole at 12 yards.... Not a bad trigger pull.... All three brands of ammo shot fine.... Still not for me . We spent half the time picking up cases in the snow, under the porch, etc. and still ended up about a box 'short'....
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I have 100% confidence in my 4506 as a SD pistol and rightly so. It's never failed in the 20 years I've had it. I feel likewise about the G19 and the SP101 even though I've had the latter about a month. Some things you can just feel.

Talk about being hammered reminded me of shooting a TC in 44 Magnum. I shot it from a sitting position at the outdoor range bench and it felt like someone took a baseball bat and whacked me in the hand. About three was all I could take of that and gave it back to my shooting compadre. I'm just not into pain. There's no where for the gasses to escape but out the barrel of a TC and the recoil snaps back into your hand. I've often wondered what it would have felt like with the 357 Herrett.

One revolver I wished I still had was the 4" S&W model 25(45 Colt)...never has been "Long Colt" to me. I've never seen that engraved on brass or any barrel so, it's till 45 Colt far as I'm concerned. It was a great revolver but, the only one I ever had that spit led due to a misaligned cylinder. Sent it to S&W and they fixed it right away. I felt very confident and secure with that weapon stoked with 255 gr Keith SWC's and 9 gr of Unique.
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Old February 8th, 2011, 06:06 PM   #100
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Originally Posted by JimB120 View Post
I have auto's.

I have revolvers.

I shoot them all, I like them all.

Does there have to be a reason?

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Old February 8th, 2011, 08:32 PM   #101
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Great topic. I like and own both semi-auto and revolvers but I have always been attracted to certain unique firearms that have a reputation and certain mystique to them. I only own 2 revolvers but I love the look , feel and function they display. My latest acquistion is 3" SP101 .357 magnum that points so naturally and just feels good to hold. My other revolver is a black powder Uberti 1860 Navy Colt .44 replica.
Revolvers are simple and reliable but they are also legendary and iconic. Firearms are hundreds of years old but even modern firearms are more like 100 year old guns than disimilar. If it was just function, I'd just own a 12 gauge shotgun and be done with it. I think revolvers are more versatile ( snubby to long-barreled magnum, black powder, SA, DA, DAO ) and mucher richer in history and tradition than semi-autos. A Glock 9mm may be a fine shooting gun but for me I'd much prefer any Ruger, Colt or S&W revolver. A Prius gets great fuel economy but I'd prefer to own and drive any 60's musclecars over it. Revolvers have more soul!
my 2 cents.
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firescout has a spectacular aura aboutfirescout has a spectacular aura about
With the exception of my Ruger Mk II 5.5" bull barrel semi-auto .22 LR, I tend to shoot better with a well-tuned revolver. Out of my seven handguns, I currently own only one centerfire semi-auto handgun (a S&W 908 compact 9mm).

As a *house gun*, a service-size 4" .357 Mag/.38 Spl revolver makes the most sense to me. I prefer the .38 Spl +P lead hollowpoint rounds for that application. I do have two 12 ga defensive style shotguns, but one main disadvantages of the shotgun as a home defense firearm is that it requires two hands to properly operate. Having a hand available for a flashlight or telephone is important, in my opinion.

Another reason for me: blackpowder repeating handguns only come in the revolver style.

Finally (for me): most of the higher power handgun cartridges are chambered in revolvers. For a woods/hunting backup sidearm, my 5.5" stainless Redhawk .44 Mag or 4" blued GP-100 are my first choices. For facing an angry black bear or wild hog with a handgun, I think a .44 Mag is better than a 9mm/.40 S&W/.45 ACP.

So... Whatever happened to the 10mm Auto that was touted to be the best all-around semi-auto cartridge?
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Old February 9th, 2011, 04:13 AM   #103
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What is a TC in .44 Magnum?

Is that a Thompson/Center Contender?
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Old February 9th, 2011, 04:21 AM   #104
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Awards Showcase

I like the concept of six for sure (even if by today’s standard that could read seven or eight), but I feel that magazine fed handguns have come light years in reliability in the last few decades. 1911’s that used to be ball ammo only will now MOSTLY eat just about anything. MOST of the 9mm and .40SW guns are problem free with hollow points. And the .357 SIG guns will feed mags of empties and eject them. Of course a revolver should and will always be more problem free of no limp wristing, no feed ramp issues, nothing needs to be flared and polished, and the like. But bottom feeders have come a long way. That being said, I have two night stands. One contains a Glock 17 and the other a GP100. I feel safe no matter the side of the bed I wake up.
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Old February 9th, 2011, 05:25 AM   #105
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Awards Showcase

Probably 90% of the time, when I walk out the door, I have my 1911. I already know all the drawbacks of either type of handgun. I also know with my 1911 compact, I do not have much of an advantage in "round count" over my revolvers. ( Mag's. that hold 1/2 box of ammo, never really impressed me all that much.) But what I do have is the perhaps psycological advantage of knowing that one well placed shot from the 1911 will have the authority to stop the situation with ease, & that makes me trust it. ( I've always been of the opinion that "If 6 to 8 rounds won't handle the situation at 10 to 15 yards, you really needed more training, with the gun you chose to carry, but by then it may be too late !)

I do also have a few other semi's that will rival my revolvers in the accuracy department, most notably my Sig P-226, but all that has never diminished my trust in, or my love of my revolvers, S.A. or D.A. The revolvers are what you will find at my side when I'm here at home !
Go Figure !??!
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