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This is a discussion on To Brake or not to Brake... within the Rifles forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; muzzle brake isn't asinine,as someone said.I own a ruler first year compact in '06.Six pounds with scope.It's a punch in the face when pin hits ...

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Unread February 13th, 2020, 04:03 PM   #76
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muzzle brake

muzzle brake isn't asinine,as someone said.I own a ruler first year compact in '06.Six pounds with scope.It's a punch in the face when pin hits in their RIGHT mind likes recoil.Don't shoot rifles indoors.Never did.why?I never saw a 100 yard indoor range.or fifty for that matter.

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Unread February 13th, 2020, 04:50 PM   #77
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I put a muzzle brake on my Ruger Charger because it looked cool. A .22 doesnít really need it and itís not terribly loud. Itís just for the look. I also have an inexpensive RIA import single-shot break action shotgun that came with one. Itís so light that youíre thankful for anything that takes any of the recoil off in any degree.
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Unread February 13th, 2020, 06:04 PM   #78
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I use a break because it came with my RPR .308, it shoots great and I haven't had anyone complain about noise or blast. I only shoot outside because we don't have long range indoor ranges. I also don't complain about others raining brass on me from their AR's, etc. or their loud guns because I expect it. I shoot through it, it doesn't bother me and it helps me concentrate on my own skills. I'm an instructor and RSO, and others that may be slighter in frame that wish to shoot it can, like the 80 lb. girl that absolutely enjoyed it, without getting beat up. I do tend to stay at one end of the range but, it's because that's where the fun is!
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Unread February 13th, 2020, 09:39 PM   #79
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I used to have brakes on a few guns. It's all flash hiders or compensating flash hiders now. I'm not shooting in action sports and am tired of all that racket and blast.
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Unread Yesterday, 01:21 PM   #80
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I am 71 and rated VA 50% hearing loss, starting in 1983, the loss was actually a decade before in the artillery, with the little 105 mm. I wore protection as required but even if you have 28 db protection over time, anything with a MV of 2,500 or so will destroy your hearing over time. Hearing aids are basically worthless once it gets that bad from blast type noise.

An older guy in our hunting group missed a couple deer and asked me to test his rifle, a 300 Win Mag with a Boss on it. WOW ! Cut the recoil to like a 243. Sold me on them. If you are recoil sensitive, you need them on anything that kicks. That said, I still do not have them on my 300 Weatherby or 45-70 or anything else. They whole idea of having a magnum is to enjoy the magnum. Now, I have severe spinal stenosis in 3 locations, so I wear a pad.

Now, the Boss and many others have proven that barrel harmonics can reach their sweet spot simply by putting any threaded device on a barrel and screwing it in or out until the best accuracy is received. Simple to thread any barrel and simply put a brake, a flash suppressor, or silencer on the gun and add crush washers or even O rings to hold the threaded device in place at the sweet spot. I use the barrel and thread cutters from Carolina Shooters, I can thread any clean barrel in about 15 minutes.

Suppressors are the smartest thing to come along for both hunting just target shooting. Not just the noise, but they make great tuning devices, just adjust to the sweet spot. Probably the smartest thing to do is just buy one for a 45 acp pistol, then use it on all your centerfire rifles. You do not get much noise reduction with the smaller bores, but the blast and harmonic tuning is well worth the effort. I have a suppressor that has a .40 hole, I use it for 357 rifles, 9mm, 7.62 x 39, 5.56, working on putting it on my 257 Weatherby and maybe even an old .303 Enfield. Once you get the right spot on the barrel, you just mark it and that is where you screw it to each time. Just saying, solves accuracy issues, solves the noise issue, and solves the blast issues. And for hunters, the game does not know exactly where the shot came from in the event you miss or are shooting at a sounder of hogs or pair of coyotes. My 2 cents.

Also, I have AR pistols, they are loud, especially the bigger bores. I do not shoot them next to other shooters without the suppressor on, just common courtesy. I do see the younger guys who always want to impress someone with their 460 or 500 handgun and how much noise it can make. It is an emotional insecurity in their manhood. I am retired military and not impressed by some guy who can buy something that makes noise. My 4 cents.
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Muzzle brakes have a place, I used on for awhile but got tired of the dirt flying when shooting prone I took it off and used the end cap. Muzzle brakes can be annoying. At our local matches everybody shoots a brake or a suppressor. Getting stuck prone between two breaks can be nerve racking during a match. I was tempted to put mine back on just to join the fun and do a little pay back! My Browning X bolt can be a real dirt slinger when you get the angle just right with the ground!! I personally don't care for brakes, especially since I started running suppressed but I'm fine if somebody wants to use them. I double up with muffs and plugs when I am around them. People just need to show some courtesy like move down a bench or two if the space is available when you run a brake. If you are a range master for a match, if possible, make sure the relays are set up so the muzzle brake guys are in the same relay so they can annoy each other.

One last thought if can afford it and can have one legally, get a suppressor, it will reduce recoil and blast. Your long range scores will go up and the guys next to you won't hate you! I have had mine about two months and I like it, I should have got one along time ago.
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