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This is a discussion on Home Owners Insurance (for guns) within the Collectors forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I have State Farm, and am currently insured for firearms as a group as high as they will go with no information. When I talked ...

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I have State Farm, and am currently insured for firearms as a group as high as they will go with no information. When I talked to my agent about going up, he said I would need to get all my firearms evaluated for value by a dealer, but I wasn't about to drag all my guns to a dealer. His suggestion was this: He said that my fire coverage was for full value, no matter what that was. The extra insurance I was talking about would only be for theft. He said he had all his arms in a good safe, and even he carried only simple coverage, which was up to $6000 I believe. He said he just never had more than $6000 worth of guns out of the safe at one time, and so he was very unlikely to ever have more stolen than the coverage would take care of.

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The NRA has the best rate you will find. They do NOT require a detailed list unless there is a loss. If they are stolen or burned up, if you want to get paid you will then need a detailed list. If you are wise you already have a detailed list somewhere (safe deposit box, zip drive around your neck).

Of course you will first need to be an NRA member. If you are not already a member, then you have NO EXCUSE to gripe about anything to do with firearms.

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Originally Posted by RugerFan1911 View Post
Not sure what forum to put this in... thought I would try here.

In renewing our home owners insurance policy I noticed that our coverage for firearms was only $1,500. I talked to my agent about increasing it to a level that would cover all of my guns...at an additional cost of course.

Today I received a message from him saying that I would need to supply with a detailed list of my guns including make, model, serial number and value.

To those of you with coverage for your guns...is this normal to require such specific info?
my coverage is 2500 not enough to report so I purchased a gun safe good for one hour at 1400 deg's, now if I remember to lock it
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Until the NRA cleans up its corruption, they will not get another penny from me.
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I have a safe, reguardless of how much you spend or whose safe you buy they can be opened. The only limiting factor is time. Given time they will get it open. So I also have a burglar alarm at the house. If some one breaks in the siren starts blowing and even the dumbest knows time is limited. They will grab what is laying around and run. However the smart ones know that an alarm that calls out on a land line can be stopped by cutting the phone line. What I did at home was have the guy who installed my burglar alarm bury the phone line and move the junction box to the basement. If they canít find the phone line they canít cut itat my hunting cabin we have an alarm that calls out in a cell , they canít stop that
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NRA Insurance Coverage

With your NRA you get a free amount (1500?) But you can buy more at reasonable prices. While scheduling is usual in this type of insurance you may be able to get blanket (a set total amount covers all) coverage. May be cheaper than HO plus if you do get a loss you stand less of a chance of being canceled with this specialty coverage. Contact NRA for details.
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This is a good idea
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I am an NRA pistol instructor, recruiter, and life member. Over a year ago the NRA lost its insurance packages, including the member firearm insurance. I only found out about it when I ordered new table displays for recruiting and noticed that the firearms insurance was no longer listed as a benefit. After a few inquiries I found out that in fact no firearms insurance is part of membership. One nonspecific reply from HQ was that "old lifetime memberships may still have some coverage". Suggest you contact NRA with concerns. You can still purchase the insurance separately I think. Will try to verify that.
edit; Lockton Affinity is the provider; (844) 401-9444. You get a discount as an NRA member. From their site; in excess of $2500 will need to supply a list with values, no serial numbers required.

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