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Sighted Shooting vs. Point Shooting

This is a discussion on Sighted Shooting vs. Point Shooting within the CCW forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Originally Posted by Airdale Ditto. I have a CO2 powered BB gun that looks like and feels like a full size 1911, safeties and slide ...

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View Poll Results: Sight Shooting or Point Shooting. How Do You Train?
Sight Shooting Only for Self Defense 36 10.59%
Point Shooting Only for Self Defense 22 6.47%
I Believe In & Practice Both 282 82.94%
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Originally Posted by Airdale View Post
Ditto. I have a CO2 powered BB gun that looks like and feels like a full size 1911, safeties and slide work the same as a 1911. Noise and recoil are not the same. Practice drawing and point shooting in the garage weekly.
Also cheap shooting too.

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I practice both. In close (pending anything unusual) point shooting means speed, speed can save your life. Beyond a certain range going too fast can get you killed (or worse you will miss and the round goes someplace bad).
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Unless the bad guy is a real gentleman, One that will allow you to get the proper stance, take the time to focus on his chest like a bulls eye on a target and let you slowly squeeze the trigger, then I might you learn good point and shoot skills with fast drawing to target.
In most cases the Bad Guy will not be a gentleman. He most likely will have the upper hand, element of surprise and already has the mind set to kill you.
You have less than 3 seconds at the most to save your A**.
Go to most any range and most shooters will be target shooting their guns. Especially the little Pocket guns.
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Old July 11th, 2018, 08:01 AM   #79
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I practice both techniques and i feel that everyone should as well.

because you find yourself in a self defense situation where you need to use the point shooting technique.

or you could find yourself in a self defense situation where you would need to use the sights on the gun by practicing and mastering both techniques your covered all the way around.
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Old July 12th, 2018, 07:50 AM   #80
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Just stumbled on this thread, good read.

My $.02, practice both, you will use both.

I have been fortunate enough to take some classes and be able to practice live fire and with a BB gun in my garage that is almost exactly like my carry gun. I am fairly proficient with it. Handgun shooting has almost got to be the quickest skill to deteriorate of almost anything so do it often.

Both of the courses (I'm not talking short courses but over several days and lots of ammo, instruction) talked against point shooting and both eyes open. Reasoning was panic happening under duress and your likelihood to miss. This could cause bad things to happen to you or innocents around you. The both eyes reason was that you will get tunnel vision when adrenaline kicks in and you will loose your ability to see all of the surroundings anyway. Yes there are military groups who can do it but they are able to practice the adrenaline rush away and shoot constantly, everyday.

While I do not have the skins on the wall as the instructors who taught this do. I do practice point shooting at close distances. While I have never been, nor hope to be, in an actual gunfight, I do have a couple of similar feeling experiences. On two different occasions while out at the hunting lease and working on feeders and fences, we have been surprised by pigs. The first time the pig was about 20+ yards away. He made some noise as he came rushing and while startled and anxious, I was able to muscle memory my pistol out of the holster and draw on him very quickly using my front sight. I hit him twice before he turned away and took off never to be found again even though we did find a blood trail for a while. It all worked just like I was taught and practiced.

The second time however was a different story. Same scenario but was surprised by a very close, and what seemed like at the time, a very large boar. We are talking about 10 yards. This time I did have some panic and adrenaline hit hard. I got my pistol out somewhat quickly but did have a short wrestle with my shirt since I rushed too fast. There was no sight in view, nor time to find them, I went back to automatically point shooting and firing rapidly. I managed 5 shots on him (fortunately one of the first two shots apparently disoriented him enough he didn't take a straight line) and we could only find where I hit him twice. One of the shots was a clean headshot that managed to kill him. I assure you it wasn't my skill or proficiency and the good Lord had a hand in it. Didn't matter how much I trained, I panicked that day and it could have ended differently.

I assure you I changed some training that day. Within a short distance, I draw from holster and shoot quickly, all point shooting, rapidly and try to simulate pressure. I still do some target, sight shooting, from the ready, etc. but I added the above.
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Old July 12th, 2018, 09:28 AM   #81
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My defense pistol drills begin with point shooting art arms length from target moving backwards and then at about 10 feet, I shoot using the front sight.

To be specific, I pull the pistol from holster to stomach level and fire continuously at a target about 3 feet in front of moving backwards until I reach about ten feet. Once there, I replace magazine and shoot double and triple taps using the front sight.

This drill is repeated for about ten 15-round magazines. Afterwards, I sight shoot at targets from 7 yards to 15 yards for another ten magazines. Beyond that, I replace my pistols with my Ruger9 PC Carbine.

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The big problem is each person will have a different understanding of what "sighted shooting" or "point shooting" is. More than 2 decades ago, I got into a discussion with a "pointing shooting" disciple. It was only after a while that he was talking about the techniques that were introduced by Fairbairn & Sykes to the Shanghai Police Department.

But when the other guy insisted that the "high" standards Fairbairn and Sykes imposed onto the Shanghai PD are just as applicable nowadays; I had to point out that their standard was something like a 50% hit on a man-sized target at 10-feet (IIRC). Basically, a standard that would get any current US agency sued because it allows for a 50% hit rate in qualifications at such a close range.

I personally prefer to use the term "hard sight focus" to "soft sight focus". In this case, I advocate training and practicing the use of both depending on the situation (ie: distance).
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Old December 3rd, 2018, 12:29 PM   #83
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I practice both at 21 - 30 feet because when carrying concealed and being in a situation where you have to shoot every second counts and you may not have any time to sight and aim. You all know muscle training is important and you should be able to shoot either way in a crunch. Because I wear glasses I also practice with regular eye protection not prescription so I can shoot as well without my glasses.
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Old December 25th, 2018, 08:14 AM   #84
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Got taught point shooting with an AR and then began practicing it with a revolver. Good first-shot tactic with a snub, the theory being that the sound and flash buy you a second for a second shot.
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I practice point shooting off the draw with the gun at waist level, before it's brought up and pushed out. Or with the gun at chest level, but held in against the body with both hands. Practice distance is about 3-10 ft. Further than that, I should be able to get the gun up and the sights on. I'd prefer to see the sights, or at least look along the top of the gun for aiming.
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Thirty feet and under, point shooting. Thirty-one feet and more, sighted shooting. Of course, this does depend upon the threats that are extant. Sometimes, throwing a bit of metal downrange is necessary to keep their heads down. Then, take out the trash as time permits...

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Old January 4th, 2020, 07:52 PM   #87
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I do both but am much better using sights.
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I used to hunt when I was younger. The ability to get on target while experiencing an adrenaline rush was my way of "training" for bad guys. Not exactly the same but close. I'm sure I will catch a ration of s#$% for saying this but whatever.

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