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What Gun did you use to qualify?

This is a discussion on What Gun did you use to qualify? within the CCW forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; The Last Time that I qualified was in West Germany with an M14 1967...

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The Last Time that I qualified was in West Germany with an M14 1967
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In my state, you are required to fire a minimum of 99 rds. to qualify (if I remember right, weird number of rounds that only a politician could come up with!). Since I'm a bit of a cheapskate, I shot a Ruger MkIV Target with Federal .22lr ammo, much cheaper to use than burning through a 100 rds. of .45 ACP brass. I train with Win. 230gr FMJ and carry Win. 230gr JHP.
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I got a chuckle out of some folks talking about shooting the center out of the target to qualify. Here's why:
To qualify in Illinois, you have to shoot at a B27 large silhouette target with 10 shots (30 total) at 5, 7, and 10 yards. By law, they have to count 21 holes in the blue silhouette to pass. That's 21 individual separate complete holes. If two bullets leave holes that touch and leave a figure 8, that's one hole. If you shoot a cloverleaf with 4 bullets, that's one hole.
The instructors repeatedly told us to make sure, especially at close range, you shoot at different points on the target from the 5 & 7 yard line and spread the holes out a little.
They relayed the story of a guy who was an excellent marksman and always wanted to make sure everyone knew it, but he wasn't so good at listening and taking direction.
You guessed it, he chewed the center out of the target with one big hole in the center and a number of holes around that. He failed and had to retake the test.

Only in Illinois!!!!!!!!
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Qualified with my brother's full size M&P .40. Thought I liked .40, so went and bought my first handgun as my carry gun - .40 Shield. After having it for a couple of years, I realized I didn't like shooting it at the range. It got stolen, so at least it made the decision to replace it with a 9mm a little simpler...
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Used a Ruger SR 40, AZ requires hitting a bull at 25 ft 7 out 0f 10 times. I got 9. it was my first time firing it having just moved from NJ, went right side high off the bull, just wasn't used to the trigger. 2011.
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I recently fired for the Texas LTC with a Ruger Standard, pre-Mark 1....It is still a fine shooting weapon......
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I don't know if I posted on this subject before or not. Don't remember it but...I used a Hi-Power. First year or two after Tn started having CCW permits in the nineties.
Fired from prone behind barricades behind posts on stomach and so on. Sorta like we did in the Army.
Fixed Sights not worth a nickel aimed for center of sillouet heart area and shot off the genitals. After that shot by pointing or instinct shooting.50 or 100 rounds with magazine changes, I have forgotten exactly.
I couldn't do that again.
I still have that Hi-Power and it still shoots tight groups by point shooting/instinct shooting or whatever it is called these days.
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We took the class/shooting session from a NRA instructor assisted by an ex officer. We had to shot 100 rounds and I swear the first 20 were one at a time. Load 1 bullet, shoot then receive more instruction. At first I thought that it was a waste of time but after looking up and down the line I realized that no, it wasn't a waste because some of these people had never shot before. My wife and I were using a Taruas 709 and G2 respectfully that we'd been shooting with for over a year and after 50 rounds the officer told us we were good. We backed off the line with one other guy who'd been using a Ruger Redhawk and watched the othe 27 people try to qualify. I don't think I exaggerating when I say that poor NRA instructor had never seen so many people who couldn't shoot all at once. I wish I'd brought popcorn and if I'd been playing a drink game where I took shot everytime I heard "take your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot" I'd have died of alcohol poisoning. The last guy of the line had 10 rounds to qualify or they told him he'd have to come back. He had missed the target completely more than he hit it. He finally got it and hit in the 8 and 9 ring all 10 times.
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