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reloading issues with 7x57

This is a discussion on reloading issues with 7x57 within the Ruger Single-Shot forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; I have been doing a little bit of load development with my No.1 RSI in 7x57 using Dan Newberry's OCW. Using the 162gn Hornady Amax ...

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I have been doing a little bit of load development with my No.1 RSI in 7x57 using Dan Newberry's OCW. Using the 162gn Hornady Amax with Federal 210 primers in Norma cases I found a charge of 47.5grains of ADI AR2213SC appears to work well. The primers show less visible pressure in the 7x57 than my .30/06 or .338.
Please note this is 1.5grains over the maximum load data.

By looking at the manual under.45-70 there are two loads listed, a base load and a Ruger No.1 & 3 load. I believe the 7x57 is similar to the.45-70 in both are loaded to lower pressures to cater to the 100+ year old rifles out there.

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Hello Crusty,

I started crimping my reloads after a .38 Special round came apart
in the cylinder of my Ruger 101 revolver. Some people say it's a good
idea. The Lee Company, where I bought my various crimpers, says
crimping can improve accuracy. And I don't want any of my hunting
reloads coming apart deep in the mountains of Washington state.
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You won't have any issues with your single shot #1, but now your speaking of a .38 in a revolver which is a whole different thing.

I crimp all my handgun rounds, roll or taper depending on the type of action, but the only rifle rounds I have ever crimped for use in my bolt or single short actions were in my #1 - 45/70 and not because they were likely to come apart in the action, they simply won't, but with some powders and my cast bullets it seemed like I was getting a better/cleaner powder burn.

When compared to typical centerfire rounds, these are lower pressure and as with some powders in some handgun cartridges, sometimes need the additional resistance to help promote correct/clean powder ignition.

That is not a concern with a typical high velocity/high pressure centerfire rifles and I have never had a powder burn issue with those rounds.

Crusty Deary Ol'Coot
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Originally Posted by friotown View Post
Better stick to what the book says, do not go adding powder just because there is room, ka-boom!

The 7x57 has a short neck .

It was the first cartridge I ever loaded, hated the short neck.

Good luck.
Huh ???, the 7x57 has an ample neck, that's why I have 2 of them along with a pair of 6MM Remingtons rather than a 7-08 or a 243 Win.
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Okay, I shot a little more today after tweaking things a little. I'm still with the IMR 4350 and trying 49.5, 50, and 50.5. But I moved my bullet out to 3.200 from 3.187. Hornady calls for a 3.00" and others have a COL of 3.065.

So I felt a little uncomfortable with that bullet out so far, so I am trimming to max. cartridge length just to keep as much brass holding that bullet as I can. called Hornady and talked to one of their reload reps. He says I am doing okay nothing to worry about. I have enough neck tension as it is hard to move a bullet within the case. I am neck sizing only and I'm only coming down as far as my seating depth.

Oh, 49.5 shot an 1 1/8" at 100 yds. No signs of unusual pressure. The 50 grn. opened up, but the barrel was getting hot as it was about 85 out today and it was taking forever for things to cool down between shots. I didn't shoot the 50 grn. it was just getting too hot.

I can live with 1 1/8th. if I can do it consistently.
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Try reading these two articles about No. 1 RSI 7x57. Seems like a good caliber to me.

Article 1 found here:

Article 2 found here:

Real]Real Guns - Online Gun Sales, Hand Guns, Rifles, Shotguns, Firearms, Ballistics, Handloading, Digital Publication Guns - Ruger's No.1 International in 7x57mm Part 1
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