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This is a discussion on Initial testing - Taylor Throat within the Ruger Single Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; I was finally able to get all my stuff together and with the help of Iowegan and Brownells, Taylor throated two of my 45s and ...

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Smile Initial testing - Taylor Throat

I was finally able to get all my stuff together and with the help of Iowegan and Brownells, Taylor throated two of my 45s and cut an 11 degree forcing cone on the third one. Results as follows.

7 1/2 inch Blackhawk - Taylor Throat -18 rounds, 250 grain keith bullet, 8 1/2 grains Unique. Pan lubed with 50/50 beeswax/paraffin = very little if any leading in the barrel. This was the worst of the bunch for lead fouling, had to clean it every two cylinders it leaded up so bad before. I really did not see any of those familiar irritating lead streaks like before.

4 5/8 Blackhawk - Taylor throat - 24 rounds, same load, different lube. I tumble lubed with LLA/Johnson's paste wax and a touch of mineral spirits, nothing else on bullet. Lube grooves were empty. I did not think these would do well because the lube dries so thin on the bullet. I was amazed. It worked great.

5 1/2 Blackhawk - 11 degree forcing cone - same load, 18 rounds, tumble lubed same as for the 4 5/8 blackhawk. Leading was reduced significantly, but it was still there.

Final verdict - I am super happy with the Taylor Throat. Very happy with the LLA/JPW lube. Cylinders were all reamed out prior to doing any of this.
Ordered a firelapping kit to see what it will do for the 5 1/2 inch blackhawk.
As far as accuracy, i was just shooting at a 6 inch steel plate at about 20 yards, did not miss once. Will do more serious testing at the range in the future, but I truly believe accuracy was better in all three. Thanks to Iowegan for helping me out, and the rest of you for so much excellent info.

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KLR1968 Intial Testing after Taylor Throating

Howdy KLR1968,
Boots here:
Sounds like after you "Taylor Throated" your Blackhawk's that you deffinately had an improvement in accuracy. I went ahead an reamed out my two Ruger Bisley Vaquero cyclinders and have on back order an inside the frame 11-degree forcing cone reamer from Dave Manson Precision Reamers.
Did you feel that after reaming your 5 1/2" Blackhawk with the 11-degree forcing cone reamer did you see a definate improvement over your intial testing for accuracy prior to reaming it.? Did you also "Taylor Throat" the 5 1/2" Blackhawk revolver barrel?
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Could you please explain to the uninitiated (me) what a Taylor Throat is

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From another website : "A Taylor Throat is indeed a half-inch long freebore forward of the forcing cone with a gentle leade. In theory, it allows the bullet to somewhat straighten itself out before it engages the rifling, thereby increasing accuracy when the cylinder chambers are misaligned. I have seen it. The choking effect present from tightening the barrel into the frame is removed as well."

I have not used Taylor Throating on any of my revolvers yet. I have fire lapped two of my .45s though. Seemed to help leading, but increased accuracy (as I recall) was not apparent (at least at my level of shooting capability). It definitely did not make it worse. I found the biggest accuracy helper was reaming the cylinder throats to .4525.

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Rather than Taylor throat my barrels, I have switched from an 11 degree forcing cutter to a 5 degree. I see a similar effect to that you described, but not quite as radical at only 5 degrees.
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KLR1968, I'm glad you received the Taylor Throat reamer and have put it to good use.

scattershot, You normally think of a "throat" as the front part of a cylinder's chamber but a Taylor Throat reamer actually has to do with the rear entrance of the barrel. Taylor reamers cut a tapered forcing cone in the barrel about "two bullets long" ... more than an inch. The 10 degree long tapered barrel throat is used to correct barrels with a thread constriction where the barrel threads into the frame.

Because 45 cal barrels are quite thin, it is not unusual to have the softer barrel yield to the harder frame and result in a constriction that is several thousandths tighter than normal bore diameter. What happens is ... when a bullet hits the bore constriction, it is sized down several thousandths then when the bullet passes the constriction, there is no longer a good seal between the bullet and bore. As very hot pressure escapes around the circumference of the bullet, it will melt the lead surface and leave nasty fouling in the bore. Of course this will reduce accuracy as well. After a thread constricted barrel has been reamed and the constriction has been removed, the bullet will be guided into the rifled bore in a more gentle manner, which prevents the bullet from being deformed. The bullets will no longer leave lead bore fouling and accuracy will be improved .... sometimes very dramatically, depending on the severity of the constriction. I have personally seen badly constricted barrels that would not shoot better than a 6" group @ 25 yards from a bench rest and after Taylor Throat reaming they would hold groups under 1".
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Thanks, Iowegan!
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