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This is a discussion on Price Check on a SS Vaquero 44-40 within the Ruger Single Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Was in the local Gander Mountain today and they had a real nice Stainless Vaquero in 44-40 with a 4 5/8" barrel. They had it ...

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Old March 20th, 2010, 04:20 PM   #1
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Price Check on a SS Vaquero 44-40

Was in the local Gander Mountain today and they had a real nice Stainless Vaquero in 44-40 with a 4 5/8" barrel. They had it priced at $449 with another 10% off of that. Seemed like a good deal to me, but I didn't pick it up. Wanted to check on here first. I've been reading about some chamber throat problems with them. I've always wanted a Vaquero and one in a odd caliber would be a bonus. I'd just be using it for plinking. I called and got the serial number and it dated at 1996. So what do you guys think? Decent deal or leave it alone and look for a 45LC? Thanks


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I'm guessing it was used? Depending on condition the price is average in my area, though I've bought guns online and still saved $50 after shipping & transfer fees. That's a good round but ammo can be hard to find. Unless you reload your own it might be better to look for a more common caliber like .44 mag or .45 colt.
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Yes, it was used. The condition was very good. No box or papers though. They had a box of ammo on the shelf and it did seem a little crazy. But for Gander Mountain I expect that.
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Sounds like a pretty fair price. Although they run a little higher in these parts due to the number of S.A.S.S. shooters looking for that caliber. There is an issue with the cylinder throats needing to be reamed on most of them. I beleive that is the primary resaon Ruger stopped making them. If you do not reload you may want to find a caliber that is easier to find. Even reloading, the brass is a bit higher priced than .45c / .44mag. and much higher than .357mag./.38spl.
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Old March 23rd, 2010, 04:08 AM   #5
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Well I have never had much luck getting a deal on guns at a chain store. But I walked into Gander Mountain today with the intentions of picking up a stainless Vaquero with 4 5/8" barrel chambered in 44-40. They also had a single six with a 6 1/2" barrel in 32 H&R mag. So just for grins I asked the guy what kind of deal he would give me on the pair. He got out his little wheel and did some figuring and came back with $364 for the Vaquero and $274 for the single six. It kind of blew me away! They originally had $449 on the Vaquero and then marked it down to $404. And they had $299.99 on the single six, which I thought was a good deal to begin with. Both are in very good condition. The single six has a couple small marks on the grip frame, but nothing major. The Vaquero looks like it had very few rounds through it. I'd guess the guy couldn't hit anything with it because of the chamber throat issue and traded it in.

So how do you guys think I did on the deal? Is my excitement justified?

Thanks for the replies!

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I think the deal is a good one. If the .44-40 does require the throats to be opened, Ruger used to do this at no charge if you sent the gun back to them. This was after they finally acknowledged that they had manufactured them a bit too small in the beginning. I think they even paid the shipping back to the owner. Don't know if they still do this. At any rate, a qualified gunsmith with the proper reamer can do this at minimal cost--mine did. And the result was a revolver that shoots rings around my .45 Vaqueros and my .44 Mag Vaqueros. If you don't reload at present, this is a good round to learn with. It requires a bit more care than "straight walled" cartridges, but is a gem once you get used to it. And besides, it's a cartridge right out of history! Rgds, Ducky
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I'm new to this forum, thought I would keep the thread going since Ducky posted this month. Am joining the local CAS club and had my eye out for Vaquero 44-40s. Had done quite a bit of internet research on many forums and knew about the undersized cylinder throats (and .44 magnum barrels on them?), but still wanted 44-40 (I do reload). Yesterday, I found two matching NIB 44-40 Vaqueros, 4 5/8", blued with faux ivories in a local shop. The shop owner had acquired 30+ Rugers from a widow - all unfired. Nice guys to deal with - $375 each (pictures of Ulysses S. Grant and Andrew Jackson helped a bit).

This may be more appropriate to the Gunsmithing section, but before I look into having the throats reamed, I am considering shooting the pair with the properly sized .427 bullets to check for accuracy and leading.

Any thoughts from current/former 44-40 Vaquero owners would be appreciated.

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The last there, sounds like a gud deal.
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got an old model vaquero in 44/40. never had a problem and shoots great. not a cas shooter but have put hundreds of rounds through it.
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