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Super Blackhawk 44 killing my hand

This is a discussion on Super Blackhawk 44 killing my hand within the Ruger Single Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Originally Posted by jnichols2 Just some thoughts, they're only worth what you pay. Hogue rubber grips work. It's possible to squeeze real hard, but still ...

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Originally Posted by jnichols2 View Post
Just some thoughts, they're only worth what you pay.

Hogue rubber grips work.

It's possible to squeeze real hard, but still leave space between the rear of the grip and your hand. That lets the gun accelarate and slam into your hand. Snug your hand to the grip and close up the spaces.

If there is space between your second finger and the trigger guard, as above, the guard will slam into your knuckle. I use the index finger of my support hand to push in and fill the space.

When you fire, the round always has the same force. Letting the gun rise will absorb some, as will slightly bent elbows. That leaves less force to slam into your hand.

Gloves help, why do you think the cowboys wore them.

Did I mention Hogue rubber grips work?
Keep in mind this thread is almost two years old, I doubt the OP is still watching it. I deleted my prior post after I realized it was a necro thread.

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I guess that's why I like shooting my SBH. I love that roll from the recoil. I just ride it back down.
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Originally Posted by lewi1913 View Post
Hey everyone, just picked up my new Ruger Blackhawk 44 mag stainless.

Took it out to the range today, started with 240gr cowboy action loads, and they were unpleasant. Shot one cylinder and moved to the 340gr buffalo bore bear rounds, since its my bear protection up here in alaska. First shot, two handed, handle dug back into my palm and drew blood. Second shot, 1 handed and also very painful. Squared off trigger guard is bashing my knuckles.

Am I holding it too tight, or wrong? I also have a 454 Ruger Alaskan, and while it also hurts, it was not this bad. Of course it had a soft grip.
square grip frame oooooohhhhh Hickok 45 has a problem with them too...

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Even cowboy loads hurt?

If so, I would imagine .44 Specials will not be any less so. It does sound like it is your technique. You might check out a few videos on grip. Miculek and maybe Hickock45? From what I've heard, those plow handles should roll some. And, for bear protection, the larger gun might be preferable. Some time back I read of an encounter where the guy emptied a full cylinder of "hot" .44 mags point blank into a big Brown bear to no immediate effect. Guide ended up finishing it with a couple big rifle rounds. (They were actually inside a cabin at the time. Think Jeremiah Johnson).
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The first shot from a pistol almost has to be a brain shot; otherwise you may kill him but not keep him from getting to you first and doing some damage.

In self defense and law enforcement, the magic number is 21 feet: if a perp gets within that range before you shoot, you will likely get hurt or killed. And certainly if they're on something like meth.

For Brown bears, it's 100 yards! Bear spray at 100 has a much greater survival rate than any pistol rounds in less than 100. And you won't have to do any paperwork or depositions!

And occasionally you'll need both.
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Hunter49 is right-on. The grip design, like the old Colt SA, is designed to roll in your hand. A padded shooting glove is also handy.
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I whole heartedly concur with the "let it roll" mentality. I often shoot one handed with a single action.

I put a set of Hogue grips on mine, but be aware ... they are big. I'm a pretty big fellow with big paws. Grizz was my moniker back in the day. That being said I find it a handful with Hogue grips.

I find the Hogue grips on a standard Blackhawk a comfortable fit, but in comparison on a super with square trigger guard they feel a bit unnatural, especially one handed.

Excepting that, they do really reduce the felt recoil.

I'm thinking I need to find a standard BH stainless frame and swap them out.
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