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Super Blackhawk 44 killing my hand

This is a discussion on Super Blackhawk 44 killing my hand within the Ruger Single Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; I went with the Hoge grips on my Redhawk and a glove, made a big difference....

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Old March 31st, 2015, 09:38 AM   #16
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I went with the Hoge grips on my Redhawk and a glove, made a big difference.

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bwinters is a splendid one to beholdbwinters is a splendid one to beholdbwinters is a splendid one to beholdbwinters is a splendid one to beholdbwinters is a splendid one to beholdbwinters is a splendid one to behold
They arenot great looking but try hogue or pachmyer grips they tame secoil well.
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I bought and quickly sold a SBH for this very reason. I tried the Hogue rubber grips but it didn't help much at all.

Generally I'm not sensitive to recoil, rifle or pistol. However, my hand and the SBH just did not get along. There was no sense in denying it so I threw in the towel and got rid of it. Glad I bought it, really glad I sold it. Now I know. No more SBH's for me.

Coincidentally, I just came in from shooting for a few hours. I shot about 200 rounds between my 45 Colt Vaqueros and Springer 1911. Recoil? What recoil? Didn't notice a thing. Even shooting +P 38's from my Airweight J-frame is a nonevent. I have no idea why shooting even light 44mag loads in a SBH causes me so much discomfort, it just does.
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Hogue grip is an easy fix. You may develop a serious flinch if the gun is hurting you. If you did need the revolver for an attacking bear, you will need all the accuracy you can get. You will be soiling your pants and most likely shaking. I know I was shaking, and luckily no pant soiling.
I am almost positive hogue makes a rubber grip that covers the square back area of your trigger guard.
I bought one for my stainless round back trigger guard 44mag SBH. It was only $20-25 and made the gun even more accurate and shooting hot 300+ hardcast flat nose no problem. Mine was rolling in my hand and gauging my thumb's base. The area near the rear grip frame screws was the area gauging.
The hogue has a great grip also. Great for wet climates. Try it. If you dont like it you are only out $20-30.

Or, sell that one and try a 454 Alaskan. Shoots 45colt as well. 45colt comes in +p loads that equal 44mag and beyond and you can try 454 casull. Hang on tight!

Another option is freedom arms 454. Amazingly well made. Expensive, but a decent deal can be found on used ones.
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What about something like this to avoid the trigger guard?
Attached Images
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I've heard that complaint from dragoon Ruger shooters for years and years. They look cool but they are knuckle busters and that's a deal breaker for me. The recoil is already an issue, so dealing with the square trigger is a headache not needed.

I get the suggestion of the glove but it requires wearing that glove every time you are out in an environment where you may need to use the gun. It doesn't seem reasonable but it is an option. The Hogue grips are horrible looking but might be an option when taking the gun into the field.

My personal suggestion would be to see if you can swap your grip frame out for a Bisley. You get a grip that handles recoil better and you get rid of the square trigger guard. That seems like a lot of work though when the SBH Bisley Hunter is already the perfect design for big recoil calibers. If it were me, I'd sell it and buy the Hunter or at least a Bisley grip frame model.

I really want to add a .44 magnum SA Ruger to my collection to go with my Winchester 94 .44 magnum but the recoil issue has always been the thing that kept me away from it. I'll get one some day and it'll be a Bisley. Even then I think I'll leave the bear loads to the double actions with recoil absorbing grips....I'm a wimp.
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Lewi has a good option also
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Use a glove, if you have to, but do not change the grips to the rubber. Changing the grip frame to the bisley is the best, and keep the smooth wood. Just do not put a death grip on the gun and let it roll a little. A custom grip is also an alternative. Only problem with the finger grooves is most of the grips only fit less than 10% of the people.

This is not a suggestion but it is an alternative, at some point.
I changed my Plow handle to a Bisley for my 4 3/4 barrel, 44 mag and couldn't be happier.
You are lucky that you have the stainless, for 2 reasons,,,, 1,,, I think they are making the grips again,, and 2.. if you have to do a little filing you still do not have to reblue. Changing the trigger and hammer is not that difficult. All New Rugers that I have seen and handled need an Action job anyway. Do it all at once.
But Like a mechanic said,, If you have to go the trial and error route,, change the cheap parts first.
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I liked the DRAGOON for years. Resisted the BISLEY; finally bought one and had it cut to 5.5 PLUS a super trigger job at ALPHA PRECISION. Got into Original Size 44 and 357 VAQUEROS. Half of them are BISLEYS; the others have DRAGOONS. The latest additions have HUNTER grip frames and SUPER BLACKHAWK hammers.

I'd suggest you look for a HUNTER grip frame since it is a bolt-on/no major fitting parts swap. (In stock at BROWNELLS recently.) You can sell the grip frame you don't like and recoup your investment.

IF the HUNTER doesn't work, look at the BISLEY. Conversion parts are about $200 and sporadically available from RUGER or BROWNELLS. Then add fitting and new grips.
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Just an FYI, any grip frames bought from Ruger, Brownells, or Midway will not be a drop in fit. Not a big deal fitting them down if you can used a file and sandpaper, but they will take some work. The one below is a new xr3 frame fitted to a single six for my wife to give you an idea of what's involved. Looks harder than it really is.

Unfitted frame on single six

Ears brought down and width corrected.

Ears radiused to frame

Frame fitted to correct grip size. Little extra left to allow correct shape after polishing out file and sanding marks.

Then polish it up, still a couple grits to go on this one to remove all marks.

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People either love or hate the square trigger guard of the dragoon grip. I personally hate it. I bought a Super Black hawk in high school in the 70's then took it to Alaska when I was there in the Army. It soured me on heavy kicking single actions, for the next 25 years I carried a S&W 29 or 629 or a Redhawk. Then I discovered the Bisley grip. Comfort to your hands even with the stock wood grips. I shoot a 335 gr. Cast Performance at 1125 fps. With no hand or knuckle discomfort and still have the "classic look". I would not turn down a good price on a Super Black hawk, but I'd for sure slap a Bisley grip frame on it.

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Lewi1913, Why not get a few boxes of .44 special loads and see if you can get the grip down and get use to the gun and the way it recoils. I think the lower power non mag. loads will help you do that with out the pain. Get use to it and slowly work you way up over time. George
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I rented a SBH .44 mag from my range and 18 rounds was all I could stand.
I bought a SRH Alaskan .44 mag and the Hogue grips are a dream.
I wish I were a tough guy and could handle the SBH -- bit I'm not......
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Well, you got every possible good piece of advice there is. I can agree with most and only add to them. You'll find some combination that works for you:

1. I grip my SAs looser and let them roll up naturally. For me it's much quicker for follow up shots to reach the hammer and flip the muzzle down to re-cock the gun. It also repositions my hand on the grip naturally. One reason I prefer SA big bores over DAs.

2. Many like the Bisley grip. And most all the custom big bores are made with Bisley grips, so that tells you something. But I advise, just don't run out and get one until you shoot one. Try a friends or rent one at a range if available. If you like it, swap guns unless you like working on them. I like making new Ruger combinations but not if Ruger already makes it. A waste of time and money.

But absorbing recoil in my hand and arm was never my idea of fun. Rolling up in my hand to dissipate recoil is preferred at least by some including me. And Bisleys have the least amount of room between grip and trigger guard, and bash my middle knuckle.

3. I hate the sq trigger guard on SBHs. But I like the extra long grip which is just as long as a Bisley. I don't have a photo but on my SBH I use the SBH Hunter round guard long grip frame shown here on this .45 Colt 'Magnum' large frame Vaquero, good for Ruger only loads. It has the most space behind the trigger guard, doesn't bash my finger and there's more grip to hang onto.

4. Hogue makes a great rubber grip. But I don't like them on SAs. They do make a good field grip though; no worries about scratching or dinging up your wood grips. Use them in the field and swap the wood back on before anyone sees your gun.

The Smith 500 Mag comes with the 'Tamers' that cover the backstrap and have a Sorbatane insert. After shooting my S&W Airweight 329 with 44 mag Buffaloe 300 grainers, which is even worse than the 500, I quickly got another Houge Tamer grip for it!!

5. Shooting gloves with the jell pack in the palm work great. I have Cabelas. They are great for practice at the range for extended shooting with your wood grips on. But I don't need them in the field for only one to six shots (with a Hogue grip if you go that way.)

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I have a SBH .44 mag with the Dragoon trigger too. At first I noticed the guard would hit my knuckle, after shooting it a while I somehow figured out how to hold it so it isn’t hurting me. Now after shooting it and getting use to it can easily shoot 100 240gr loads without getting beat up buy the gun, and I’ve made no changes. I think you have to give it some time before you make changes.
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