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This is a discussion on Ruger SR-556 with FRS anti-tilt buffer within the Ruger Semi-Auto forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; Okay, to make this all self contained I'll start from the beginning even though bits and pieces might be in other threads from months ago. ...

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Ruger SR-556 with FRS anti-tilt buffer

Okay, to make this all self contained I'll start from the beginning even though bits and pieces might be in other threads from months ago.

I've had my Ruger SR-556 for close to 2 years now and love it. However after about 700 rounds I started seeing wear in the buffer tube from carrier tilt so I stopped shooting for a while and looked for a possible solution which lead me to these forums. The wear wasn't bad or endangering my rifle but I just figured I better take care of it now rather than later.

I read about an anti-tilt buffer by Firearms Ready Solutions and wanted to try it so I ordered one a few months ago. It takes some time for it to be made because it is custom fitted to mate up with the back of your BCG from specs you provide (or in my case I sent my BC to FRS and he measured it for me because I didn't have calipers).

For one reason or anther I ended up talking to the owner Seth a couple of times on the phone. He is actually the whole company, it's a one man operation. He was really helpful and personable and explained everything well. From that first conversation I decided to go with an H weight buffer. Now it seems like a no-brainer but at the time I really didn't know if the buffer weight plus the much heavier Superior Shooting Systems buffer spring was going to cause performance issues. That is the spring FRS sends with the buffer and recommends you using.

So after installing it I headed out to the range. I had a whole bunch of Rem .223 ammo. Maybe 500 rounds and I also got a killer deal on some federal 5.56 ammo. Both are 55grain FMJ.

Last Sat I went to the NRA range and put close to 400 rounds of the Remington .223 but I did not take before and after pics, sorry. But just from visual inspection I could not discern any additional wear to the buffer tube after the initial 400 rounds. Just to make sure though I took it to the range again today and and put another 200 rounds (half rem .223 and half fed 5.56) but this time I marked the buffer lip with a sharpie pen and took pics so you can see the before and after.

Okay so this is what the system looks like before I installed it.

Then this is what it looks like installed.

Here I push back the buffer to try to get a pic of the wear in the buffer tube.

Here it is again after I've marked it with a black sharpie marker.

Now this is after 200 rounds today. You can see some of the sharpie has worn around the border that faces the inside of the tube but the outside lip is still completely marked. I know it's not the best picture in the world and I wish I could get a clearer pic but when you see it in person it is clear that the buffer did it's job. 90% of the marker is still there. Mostly I think where the marker rubbed off was just the outer diameter of the buffer polishing the inside of the buffer tube. FRS does not claim that their buffer will eliminate 100% of carrier tilt but it is pretty close.

In conclusion this FRS buffer has breathed new life into my SR-556. The buffer is not without some quirky things to get used to (like breaking down and reassembling your rifle) but it basically cures the only disadvantage that I can see for getting a gas piston AR over a DI. Not only has it negated the carrier tilt but the weight and the recoil spring make for a really smooth action when firing. Recoil seems less and after a total of 600 rounds I did not experience a single malfunction. It ran 100% reliable except for one bad primer on a Remington .223 round that fizzled out the back of the case instead of into the case. Talk about scary. lol But that was it. I even threw a 40 round magazine into the rotation I picked up at a surplus store. The SR-556 just refused to malfunction.

Here's a pic of the scary .223 Remington round where the primer blew out the wrong way and fizzled in the chamber.


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May I ask how much the FRS set you back?
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Originally Posted by The Rifleman View Post
May I ask how much the FRS set you back?

The prices vary depending on which weight you get. The H weight buffer I got was $85. Pretty reasonable when you compare it to the other anti-tilt buffer out there by PWS.
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Ruger should license this design from him and fix the problem once and for all.
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