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Bolt not locking back on empty Mag

This is a discussion on Bolt not locking back on empty Mag within the Ruger Semi-Auto forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; Originally Posted by Scooter07 I like the look of the hogue, how do they fit? My Hogue fits very well. No modification needed. They don't ...

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Originally Posted by Scooter07 View Post
I like the look of the hogue, how do they fit?
My Hogue fits very well. No modification needed. They don't come with the aluminum heat shield, so you will have to use the one that came with the original stock.

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Originally Posted by Scooter07 View Post
Factory synthetic, its not binding. I looked at the gap between the trigger housing and receiver that is visible in the mag well right above the mag release. it seems the gap is bigger in the stock than when i put them together out of the stock. which would make sense because the mag would look a few thousandths lower in the stock causing the follower not to push up as far.
Ah. Did not know initially that your Mini had a synthetic stock.
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new update: I just got the hogue( had some issues with the slide guide retainer breaking, going to have to use a screw to lash it down I reckon.
Now here is where I'm at... Thebolt will hold open, however it will only stay open as long as the mag is in the gun once you drop the mag the bolt slams home. It still acts like the mag won't push the bolt catch up enough. I guess now I will purchase more mags and see if that helps.

I'm still totally confused as it worked fine in one stock, partially works in another and doesn't work at all in factory stock.
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Scooter, check items 25-27 on the linked diagram. See if there is any abnormal wear (particularly on item 26), and make sure that whole mechanism is clean, then lightly oiled. You might have a weak ejector bolt lock plunger spring (item 25), but my 40-year-old Mini still has its original spring and works fine.

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Also it seems that now it hand ejects rounds better when cycled really slowly than when cycled fast( rims seem to be jumping over the ejector). I'm still waiting on the sight screw from numrich, before I shoot it to see how it works

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The Hogue I had fit well, the Choate I now have on one of my Mini-30's, not so well.
The Choate ( pistol grip model ) took a lot of fitting to get my barreled action in.
Once I got that in, the trigger group would not go up all the way to engage the receiver.
I had to relieve that to getting the trigger group to lock in.
Then all the little mold lines ( flashing ?) sticking up bugged me, so I sanded those.

Initial testing was with a new to me Mini-30 made in 1989.
I shot it some with the factory old style wood stock, but those stocks always seem a little too short for me. (long arms, short legs, like the Geico Caveman)
Then had a wild hair to put it in a Choate pistol grip stock, and I also shortened the barrel to 16 1/4" and pinned on a Choate cage flash hider. The little shooting I did with it between late winter storms here, showed greater accuracy, and higher velocity than my other two M-30's with longer barrels.
But the last time I shot it the trigger group kept falling out after each shot.
I found that the inside of the stock was pushing just enough against the ears that they held for a while, but now weren't letting the ears hook into the receiver notches.
So I had to reduce the inside walls where the ears swivel into place.
Based on my limited experience with just this one stock, I'd avoid the Choate unless you have a lot of free time to fit and finish it, and some aggravation thrown in trying to find out where it's rubbing against your metal tidbits.
But I hear no complaints about the Choate folders.
The Hogue fits nice, and is grippy, almost too grippy. It would be great if Hogue would just do the Overmold rubbery stuff out on the forend and around the grip, where checkering would usually be. The grabby grippy rubbery stuff tends to grab your shirt when shouldering the Mini. I took care of that with one of those Spectre Gear pouches on the stock. The Pouch itself and the pouches Velcro straps on the backside of the stock kept it away from my shirt.
The Hogue has a nice substantial feel to it, and although not much heavier than other stocks like the Ruger, the Hogue seems heavier to me, maybe because it is thicker and
beefier than the Ruger synthetic.
The Ruger stock that I Cerakoted grey just seems very light to me, trim but stiff and great fit.
I'll probably order another Ruger synthetic to replace the Choate stock, as the Choate has too many "gremlins".
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