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This is a discussion on Ruger Mini14 GB/LE 5829? Real? within the Ruger Semi-Auto forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; Hello, First time post here and I could use some advice. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Yesterday I stopped at a local gun ...

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Ruger Mini14 GB/LE 5829? Real?


First time post here and I could use some advice. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Yesterday I stopped at a local gun shop with the intention of trading my Black Rain AR15 pistol and some cash for a Kel-Tec RFB or FN FiveseveN. I came across a stainless Mini 14 in an aluminum chassis with adjustable sliding stock.

The owner of the shop represented that he had two of them; one on the shelf and one in the back. It was a gorgeous firearm. I was offered an out the door price that impressed me, but as always, before I make any deals I generally do my due diligence and try to figure out what I'm getting into before I spend my money.

So in doing my research I found two expired GUNSAMERICA listings that claim the rifle is a unit which is rare and not found in the civilian catalog. Wow, I though, I stumbled onto something here.

Then I continued to look around and found that Clyde's produced these SCAR aluminum chassis and made them available to the general public. They are/were about $500. I also found a few Youtube videos which feature the same looking rifle, however, with the Clyde's logos. I don't recall seeing the Clyde's logo on the rifle I looked at in the shop.

The reviews that I've read are very positive regarding the performance of the stock. Rock solid, adds to accuracy.. cool looking, etc. So it interests me as I've always liked the Mini14, although I've never bought one. Almost. Almost. Almost... don't know how many I've looked at.

So I'm wondering if these could have been sold/distributed by Ruger in whatever fashion they do their exclusives. I don't know.

If it's a late model Mini 14 stainless on a SCAR aluminum chassis, I'm not quite as inclined as I actually prefer the PRE-BAN side folders if I'm spending 4 digits range.

Once again thanks in advance for your assistance.
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It does look cool, but it adds a lot of weight and you can't do tool-less takedown. I also prefer the look of the factory folder, its the perfect mix of wood and steel.
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SSJ, first, Welcome to the Forum from Central Virginia!

Your attached pic shows a later-model Mini (tapered barrel is the give-away), so the first three digits in the S/N will be either 580, 581, 582, or 583. Minis produced before then had a "skinny" barrel and could be prone to stringing rounds vertically once it heats up. The older ones, generally speaking, are considered less accurate than the newer tapered-barrelled ones because of this. Curiously, my old GB doesn't noticeably string rounds, possibly because of the bayo lug and flash hider.

It is technically not a GB model. "GB" stands for "Government Bayonet", that has a bayonet lug built into the front sight (with the front sight a little further back from the muzzle/flash hider). Attached pic is of mine, made in 1977, with an aftermarket Choate folding stock that was on it when I bought it in 1980. By the way, my 2016 583-series Mini drops right into it.

I have never handled the aluminum SCAR stock, but can imagine it is going to be heavier than just about any other stock available for the Mini. One of the beauties of the Mini is its light weight. My newer Mini, in its Ruger synthetic stock with sling, TRS-25 Red Dot, and a fully loaded 20-round mag in it is just under eight pounds, for example.

If you really want an original Ruger side folder stock (they stopped making them many years ago), they're occasionally available on eBay or Gunbroker. However, $700 for the stock is usually considered "a really really good price"...

To each their own. Gunbroker has a stainless mini GB with original Ruger folder right now. http://www.gunbroker.com/item/626661615 Note it is an older mini (skinny barrel). Starting bid is $1,300. Don't know how that compares to the SCAR you were looking at in terms of price.

Hope this helps.
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Heartbreaker and RJF thank you for your replies.

RJF nice looking Mini14 you have there, and thank you for the information.

The attached photo in my original post is from one of the expired ads on Gunsamerica.

The one at the shop was identical looking. My primary concern was that the shop owner claimed that the for sale firearm was equipped as such from "the distributor" and that these were only offered to LE. It seems like a good price. I do although think that the shop owner was misinformed or was misinforming me about this unit. He claimed to have two like this. I guess I could go back to the shop and ask him to see the other one. The muzzle break had a slight amount of surface corrosion which I thought was odd as I was under the impression the barrel and break are stainless. Therefore please show me the other and I'll make a decision on the nicer looking of the two.

The gun did have some heft, but I didn't find it any heavier than my AK74. AK's are generally heavy, and like you said part of the beaty of the mini14 is its light weight.

I don't know. I was offered $1100 out the door. Only one 10 round mag. Seemed like a good deal if the gun was distributed this way... okay deal if not distributed this way. Once I get up into this kind of money I start looking at more exotic, more modern options unless I think there's some investment potential. That's just me, I guess.
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"Distributor specials" are not uncommon (Ruger does a fair amount with their 10/22s, such as with TALO). I doubt they are Law Enforcement Only. Distributor specials - while not unheard of - are less common for the Minis. The only thing that makes the Mini you're looking at somewhat rare is the stock. The rest (most important part) of the rifle is a standard Mini Tactical, which can be had for around $800 for the blued, a bit more for the stainless.

I'm a "wood and blued" kinda guy, but when I got my 583 Tactical with a synthetic stock, I fell in love with it. The stock is very considerably lighter than any of my others (I also have a new Ruger wood stock and an ATI folding/telescoping stock) and has a LOP about equivalent to my M1 Carbine. Should you want to encumber a synthetic stock with P-rails all around, it is easy to do, and an UltiMak scout rail works well should you want to go toward a scout-rifle set-up.

If the SCAR stock is to your liking, $1,100 is probably not unreasonable. You'd be hard-pressed to get a new Mini and then a SCAR stock for that price. Just not my cuppa tea, as they say.

The good news is that, should you tire of hefting around all that extra weight, you can get a new factory synthetic stock for about $60, or a new factory wooden stock for about $100. Used ATI stocks are also available, but that sort of tells you volumes about the ATI stocks. I loved mine, but as a southpaw, it was uncomfortable. It is also the heaviest stock I own for my Minis, which kinda defeats the whole purpose of a light-weight Mini. It is more like a SAW than a carbine.
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Welcome from California's High Desert and to the forum. Answers are found here.
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