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So ticked of at Ruger Im about to pop. Ticked in Texas

This is a discussion on So ticked of at Ruger Im about to pop. Ticked in Texas within the Ruger Rimfires forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Call again. Point out to CS that the factory test brass had indications of a factory issue which damaged the gun....

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Old April 23rd, 2013, 05:44 AM   #31
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Call again. Point out to CS that the factory test brass had indications of a factory issue which damaged the gun.

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If this gun came from Davidsons. They come with a lifetime grantee. So if ruger doesn't take care of Davidsons should
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If your phone calls still don't work.
Come to Houston 2013 NRA show. Ruger will be there.
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Welcome from Oklahoma, and I agree with all of the above. Ruger is a company that normally stands behind their product, and I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't fix the problem if you get to talk to the right person. Good luck.
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Well Fellas here is the latest news from Ruger. I contacted them again today and talked to Linda, (seems like a very knowledgeable nice lady). But we went through the situation again; she explained it to me that if it is dry fired once with the stop pin not in that is all it takes to destroy the barrel. She explained that the heavy scratches on the brass are from the extractor not the bore and that they run numerous rounds through them at the factory. I did come up with the purchase date and it is 11/12/10, wow time flies. She said that due to it being so long that somebody has shot it, cleaned it and left the pin out. Of course I disagreed unless it happened at Davidson’s. I trust my dealer and know he did not touch it. I mentioned to her that the same issue has happened in the past and it was made right, of course she explained it has happened but they have top notch customer service and they would take care of something like that. I had the thought, well this is the same thing just there was a delay in shooting it. There was not any compromise on their end and the call was finished. The question I have is the gun ever dry fired after assembly at the factory? How damaged is the shell on a normal operating gun? I don’t ever recall seeing heavy scoring on spent brass. It will be interesting to see if I receive the brass back that I sent in with the gun. I should receive it back tomorrow. I snapped a picture of the damaged barrel before I sent it, but not the brass. In the meantime I guess she thinks I am a liar.
After about 5 min of thought I received another call from Linda, she said that she had thought about our conversation and would like look at the gun again. She said that it is possible that if it is not too deep that they can chamfer and ream it. She said that it may or may not work. But then again if it is chamfered to deep there is no going back. I want to give Ruger a chance to make this right; it will be shipped back to them tomorrow. Although, my thought on a fix for the current condition would to be fill the small void with a tig, mill it then ream it, maybe too much heat though, just a thought. My dealer gave me a shout back and he talked to the sales rep at Davidson’s he wasn’t real happy with Ruger, but will be happy to make it right. Some things I have learned so far. Use anything you buy as quickly as you can in case it does not work. If I do not want to use it, disassemble and inspect it. I have to ask myself is it abnormal to buy guns and not shoot them very often? Next thing I know people will be telling me that they don’t buy ammo every time they are at Wally world no matter if they need it or not, you never know ammo may be hard to get someday. In the end this is not about the gun because it is only a material possession, but it is the lack of confidence that I currently have in a label that I have supported for so many decades that is the biggest disappointment.
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Davidson's has a Lifetime Guarantee - I would try to work it through Davidson's first. I had an LCR that had flame cutting in the top strap and I never even called Ruger about it. My dealer made one phone call to Davidson's and I had a new LCR in my hands in 24 hours (no kidding - literally 24 hours later I walked out of the gun shop with a brand new gun.)

Try the Davidson's approach first and then go to Ruger and dance the dance.
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Make a very detailed YouTube video being polite and factual with all the details and showing the factory casing etc... Upload it as unlisted and send the link to Ruger, president@ruger I think is it. Be polite, state your case, ask for what you want and tell them when you are satisfied you'll remove the video which you are not listing so it stays private, you just wanted a good way to show them your case. The implication is the video will go public if you are not satisfied. If you are right and honest they should take care of you.
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Maybe this would do the trick. It has worked for others with the same problem. I have heard more good than bad about Ruger CS. I Hope they make it right for you.

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Pull up Ruger's Web sight, click on News&Resources at top, middle. Drop down will have
"Tell CEO" they will answer you pronto or call customer service and ask for Linda, I have her direct number
1-928-541-8886. She's great! Let me know! Joe

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Keep pushing and let us know how it goes. Based on the warning in the owner's manual, I'm sure they have had their share of people claiming "it must have come like this". I find that companies with good customer service will eventually come around and make things right.
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I think I also would let Davidson's deal with it. But with the date of purchase being 2010 it is hard for a manufacturer to believe that it wasn't personal mistake on leaving the pin out. I would think that Ruger would want to take the responsibility for the problem anyway. I have never had the retaining pin fall out of any Mark series pistol that I have ever striped down. I have always had to remove mine if I wanted them out. I have herd that other people have had them fall out but not me. As a manufacturer I would think Ruger would take the stance that it is possible for someone at the factory to mistakenly realize they left the pin out. It happens we are all human. But that all being said, it is pretty cheap for Ruger to replace the damaged piece and maintain there reputation instead of calling a Customer a Liar. They also0 should make the pin where it does not fall freely out. I also Love Ruger and the Mark series pistols and hate to hear a story like this, I wonder if they are trying to keep up with demand so much that they don't want to part with a new part for a repair ?
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If Davidson has a lifetime warranty and are willing to help out then that is the route to go. Very simple.

The challenge with Ruger is that the OP is rather unique in that he has had a pistol for almost 2 1/2 years and is now claiming he has never fired it a single time. Look back to page 1 of the thread and you will see even I questioned his story when he said he had purchased the gun "a while back" and then said it had been in his safe for "a year or so". Ruger can tell by the serial number when the pistol was made so accuracy in communicating w / Ruger would have been important from the start. I don't doubt his story, but you have to imagine that Ruger has heard some whoppers over the years....

Sorry the OP is having this problem and I hope he gets it straightened out so he can enjoy his Ruger.

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Welcome from North Dakota
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Frankly, I have received a lot of guns that shouldnt have left the factory. I always fire them as soon as possible because of this. When you call they almost always try to put it off on you. This is nothing new as some of the lemons were bought years ago. I always ask the dealer if they will return it for me if there is a problem. Sending pistols now is very expensive but a dealer can do it a lot cheaper.
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Well Friends here is the end. The 22/45 came back from Ruger. It was disassembled and a mess in the box. I had already made a deal with Linda from Ruger because she wanted to look at it to see if there is something that they could do. She sent me another UPS label. I took good photos of the test shell; they did send me back the original. I pointed out the scores on the casing right above the firing pin dimple. I also pointed out the impression left on the front side of the rim due to the cavity on the barrel. I enclosed the info, left the gun as it was returned to me a mess and off it went. A couple days later I received a call, they were able to repair it and shot 160 rounds through it from 3 manufactures. (That would be a nice job!). A couple days go by and I receive it back. Looks like they bought the chamber iron from Brownells and smoothed it out. It’s as ugly as it ever was but it works. FYI, contradictory to what their owner’s manual says the gun is not “useless” after all, because they approve and use this repair method. Oh well, live and learn. Shoulda taken the advice from you guys and gave it back to Davidson’s, my dealer thought Ruger would do a better job. Thank you for the support, Happy trails Guys and Gals, I am off to check out a Browning Buck Mark.
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