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This is a discussion on Ruger SR22 Custom Case & Clip Loader within the Ruger Rimfires forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; I just finished modifying the padding in a case to be used for transportation to the range etc - all plastic so not good for ...

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Ruger SR22 Custom Case & Clip Loader

I just finished modifying the padding in a case to be used for transportation to the range etc - all plastic so not good for securing when not in use (a metal ring around the lock area would make it marginally more secure).

The case was about $12 at Walmart and I used a plug-in Uchida of America Foam Cutter to cut the padding. I first laid it all out using Photoshop to get a good arrangement and to print patterns to trace on the foam before cutting.

Picture of case includes

Top left and right corners - Rubbermaid screw top food storage containers hold about 250-275 rounds each. Top center - a pair of Peltor 6S Tactical hearing protection (worked very nicely at the range as protection while allowing easy conversation - almost eerie hearing ambient sounds while still protected from the report).

Lower left and right - Eye protection (fits over prescription eyeglasses).

Lower right - BrassStacker for the SR22.

Center left - 4 magazines.

Center right - Ruger SR22-PB with 5th magazine installed (all with extended sole plate and larger grip installed). Not visible in the picture is a GSG Pro stainless steel recoil guide pin.

And the blue item at bottom center - also in the other two pictures - is a McFadden Ultimate Clip Loader - that I have modified extensively to accommodate the SR22 magazines - which are shorter, thicker and wider than the Mark II and Mark III magazines that the device was designed for.

Also not visible in the picture - targets I printed in full color 11x17 - tucked behind the upper foam - some custom made - some from FREE TARGETS from and some from Print Shooting Targets | Make your own Shooting Targets, Printable PDF Download.)

Not entirely sure I am happy with the placement of the SR22 itself - I played with a number of options (mags below the gun, mags at an angle, etc) - also considered setting up to allow the possibility of adding something along the lines of the LCR-22 later (just barely enough room I think), I do have another hunk of foam that can go under or on top of the SR22 to provide some additional pressure when the case is closed so the gun doesn't slide around (may need to affix that extra block somehow).

On range day - retrieve handgun and ammo from the safe - drop them into the case - lock the case - and go (don't have my CCW yet) - got everything I need for two shooters and a couple hours of target practice.

I have shot CCI mini-mags, Winchester white box and Remington golden bullet (I have some Federal bulk, shot some of my dad's but not my own yet). Somewhere around 500 rounds since i bought the gun. (got Remington GB at Gander Mountain on sale after rebate about 3.7 cents each - including tax - ends 12/15/12).

In 500 rounds I have had two misfires - one with a Rem Golden Bullet which fired when I reloaded it and tried again - and one I think was a Winchester - but I think I lost that one when I racked the slide after it failed to fire. IN the case of the Remington (should have taken a pic) the impression left by the hammer on the first strike seemed to be not square with the shell - I did not spend a lot of time looking at it - but it did look different than other I have looked at).

In those 500 rounds I have also had two failure to feed - one I dunno what happened (first trip to the range first time with my own firearm) - the other I was trying DA mode - round in the chamber - safety on - pulled full trigger - felt a bit odd when it did fire - ejected the spent shell but did not feed a round - likely operator error (limp wrist or something along those lines).

In those 500 rounds - as I have seen someone ask about - I did have maybe 3 or 4 times when I felt a small bit of something hit my exposed skin (face and neck) and while observing another shooter on some occasions could see a burning spec coming out of the breech area. I am guessing that since you effectively having an explosive charge detonate 18" or so from your face - that this is to be expected - and that the design of the gun breech/barrel area would determine how much if any material would normally be expected to come out of that area. I would be concerned if I felt things hitting me on every (or even every few) shots.

In those 500 rounds I seem to be consistently high - I did just check my iron sights using a boresight laser and it seems the sights needed some adjustment - will see if that helps next time out.

Regarding the speed loaders:

The Brass Stacker definitely helps make it easier on the finger tips and even just holding onto the magazine such that it doesn't go flying our of your hand should you lose your grip.

The modified Ultimate Clip Loader (UCL) worked reasonable well - the main feature that attracted me to the device aside from the overall speed - is that you can use it even with gloves on, loading .22 LR is hard enough by hand - but have you tried to pick up a .22 round with gloves on? And on of the places I shoot is outdoors and this is Northeast Ohio. The modifications that I have made are not perfect - but I was able to load all 5 magazines 5 or 6 times each - and fire those rounds along with another shooter (her first time) - in less than an hour - whereas previously I only managed about 100 rounds in an hour (not that I was trying for a speed record or anything). My modifications do require some finesse is using the device - and I will post a video if I can (have to make it first - and I don't have a Mark II or other compatible unit for comparison). In 300 rounds or so run through the UCL, twice they entered the magazine in the wrong orientation and I had to unload the mag and start over (not sure how often that happens with unmodified, and likely a result of handling it too roughly), and maybe 2 out of 5 times only got 9 rounds into the mag and loaded #10 by hand.

Regarding the GSG Pro stainless steel recoil guide pin - very reasonable priced and very easy to install - not sure how much difference it will make long term - no problem at all firing the gun 300 or so rounds later. I have had some difficulty when field stripping or reassembling since installing this part. It seems the stock part can flex a bit and so is a bit easier. The steel pin sometimes glides right on and off and sometimes binds to where it prevents the slide from attaining the proper angle to clear the breech end of the barrel. I have only had the SR22 for a few weeks - so it may be something that I am doing or not doing - and it is not the hammer or safety etc - it seems to be related to the angle of the slide relative to the frame - and may have something to do with the back end of the pin not moving freely in the recess or the spring not allowing the front end to move in or out of the slide properly. I am not really 100% sure at this point. I did communicate with the manufacturer and he was very responsive - not sure if they have looked at it again since I indicated that I got it to work - but have since had it catching again (might have to make a video of that as well).

Long post - lots of info - hope it is helpful or at least informative to some one.
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Nice jod. I'd like to know how you modified the clip (mag) loader to work with the SR22 mags. I have one for my MK's great tool. I like the way you fitted it into the case.
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Nice rig, gives me something to think about.
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more pics

here is the case from another angle - with the upper foam removed showing the target storage

and the unmodified foam - and cut foam (well nearly unmodified) - the case comes with two egg crate pieces and a flat piece - I left the flat piece in the bottom and did cut into a bit for the headphones to fit down lower - and removed some of the upper foam to accommodate the headphones.

(oops pics of the foam are upside down relative to the picture as shown installed in the case)

not mentioned earlier was weight and balance considerations - that is why ammo is located in opposite corners at what is the bottom of the case when carrying - of course if I shoot all the ammo then it is much lighter on the way home.
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Very nice n inventive. Great job.
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Extensive - non-reversible modification

Originally Posted by gmsoapy View Post
Nice jod. I'd like to know how you modified the clip (mag) loader to work with the SR22 mags. I have one for my MK's great tool. I like the way you fitted it into the case.
Although - aside form making the magazine guide shorter - I suppose it might be possible to still use it with the officially supported mags - but would have to compress the spring manually.

I am relatively new to this forum - and it seems I have just hit an upload quota so not sure if that is overall or per day or what - so cannot upload anymore at the moment - can try again in a day or two - or if you send me a private message with an email I can send a number of pictures.

The primary modifications to the clip loader involved cutting the magazine guide section completely off straight across just below where the rounds enter the magazine when used in order to cut out a section about 1/2" wide - reducing the overall length of the device by about 1/2".

Second step was to grind away material on the left and right of the inside of the magazine guide - which in retrospect should likely have been biased toward the back.

Third step was to get strips of stainless steel (other materials might work as well, brass perhaps, and be easier to work) which I cut and trimmed and ground to create both spacers to separate the two halves of the magazine guide in order to make the opening wider or thicker depending on how you look at it.

Fourth step was to drill extra holes in the portion I had cut off so that it could be clamped back together - and since I left one of the strips of metal on each side longer - holes drilled into the end of those along with some strategic grinding around the existing screw holes - the result is in effect a removable magazine guide that can be bolted onto the main body of the device.

Fifth step was to grind out the area directly around the spring loaded ball stop - which did not go as well as I would have liked - I took away too much material in a couple places - and fiddled with the feed angle a bit which made things worse and had to add material back to prevent a log jam above the ball stop.

Sixth through Fortieth steps were tweaking everything to get the best alignment of the magazine etc so that the mags would slide in easily without binding and press the spring loaded ball stop at the correct point.

Forty First step was to practice with angle and pressure etc to get the max number of rounds to reliably load into the mag.

Forty Second step was to enjoy more rounds down range in less time thanks to speed loader. Even with 5 mags loaded - doesn't take long to empty em - and now takes less time to reload - so more time focused on handling the gun and putting rounds on target - and less on manipulating individual rounds.

42 steps because that is of course the Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

I didn't keep track of how much time I spent on it - on and off over the course of a week.
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updated pic

had to upload a new pic to make room for others in my quota.
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