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LC9 to the range again

This is a discussion on LC9 to the range again within the Ruger Pistols forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; I got the Lc9 to the range for the 2nd time today to put some more rounds through it as well as to try a ...

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LC9 to the range again

I got the Lc9 to the range for the 2nd time today to put some more rounds through it as well as to try a few different SD rounds. I put 50 rounds of Federal 115 FMJ through it with no firing or extraction problems. I did have one failure to lock back on empty one time but think that may be due to hand position. In addition to the Federal I also ran some Ranger-T and Gold Dot in 115gr & 124gr +P with decent results and will probably wind up using the 124gr +P in all my 9mm SD/HD guns.

I was happy until I got home and started cleaning the slide as I noticed the rear sight was loose. I removed the set screw, added some blue Loctite and visually centered things up before tightening things down. I'll have to wait until the next trip to see if it needs to be moved but I'm pretty sure it's fine at SD distances. At least it doesn't require a sight pusher to adjust it!

Other than the rear sight issue I didn't notice any brass shavings or other problems. I did have a bystander comment on how far it throws ejected brass as it's at least 8-12 feet at about a 45 degree angle over the left shoulder.

All of this is with the Galloway trigger mod and IMHO it's well worth the investment as it make the gun very easy to shoot.

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From page 11 of the LC9 Manual:

Note on +P Ammunition: Although the RUGER LC9 is capable of
functioning with 9mm +P ammunition, a steady diet of +P ammunition will
shorten the endurance life of the RUGER LC9
. You should never shoot 9mm
+P+ ammunition in your RUGER LC9. There are no SAAMI or CIP pressure
limits on 9mm +P+ and use of this ammunition could result in serious injury.

Maybe you read it, but thought I'd post it just in case.
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Yup. The way I interpret that is verify your carry ammo and you're good to go. That means put enough of what you'll carry through it to make sure there are no feed/cycle problems but practice with non +P in either FMJ or HP. I could always go to the 124gr non+P GD for the LC9 but my M&Ps don't have an issue with the +P and I'd rather settle on a single 9mm solution - whatever it winds up being. Either way, so long as +P isn't the bulk of the practice ammo things should be good.
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At the 1000 round mark I noticed that my rear sight was loose as well. Loctite on mine, too and we'll see what happens next. As for carry rounds - Critical Defense seems to feed just fine. I guess you have to use what is common to all of your 9mm's.
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I tested Corbon 115gr JHP +P (kicks like a mule in the little LC9), Speer GDHP 124gr +P (not so bad), Hornady Custom 124gr XTP, Fiocchi 115gr JHP (Made Italy so loaded a little hotter), Winchester 124gr 9mm NATO (Hotter than Standard), and WWB 115gr JHP all with no issues.

I Use the Speer GDHP 124gr +P for my larger 9mm pistols for SD/HD and I feel confident with it in my LC9. I Practice with 115gr and 124gr standard loads to keep the wear and tear and COST down. All of my 9mms seem to like 124gr the best so it simplifies things for me.
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