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ruger p95 jamming

This is a discussion on ruger p95 jamming within the Ruger Pistols forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; ok i have cleaned and lubes my ew ruger p95 9mm and out of about 100 rounds of ammo it jammed 4 times during random ...

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Old March 4th, 2012, 07:27 PM   #1
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ruger p95 jamming

ok i have cleaned and lubes my ew ruger p95 9mm and out of about 100 rounds of ammo it jammed 4 times during random times and i absolutely hate it wondering if anyone else had this problem

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Tink ... When you say jammed, do you mean the the new round failed to feed into the chamber, the spent round failed to extract from the chamber, or the spent round failed to eject from the pistol "stovepipe"?

The most common of the 3 with the P95 is the "stovepipe", which is most often a result of "limp wristing"

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^^ +1 to what buck says. Every jam that I have ever had with my p95 was when i got lazy and didnt do a good hold.
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Yep...only jams in my p95 were stovepipes...the Hogue slip on grip helped a lot with that...otherwise get a good grip on the thing and see if it stops.
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I have 2 coworkers that bought P95's. One has fired flawlessly and one had a bunch of failure to feeds. We tried different ammo, different mags, different shooters..... it went back to Ruger. He had a few more probs once it came back from repair. We finally convinced him to really clean the gun and the mags very well and he hasn't had a problem since. I think the ultimately the mag was causing the problems. The bullets seemed to drag and hang up on the "nose". When that happened they would not be in the proper position to slide up the feed ramp.
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P95 prob

I bought my P95DC brand new years ago before Sports Authority knuckled under. I thoroughly cleaned it. Took it to the range, had several failures to feed. Was diagnosed as a "crimped magazine nose" by range master. Called Ruger, sent mag back and they shipped me new one. Have since bought two aftermarket magazines and have never experienced a problem since. Maybe magazine is problem??
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the new round refused to feed into the chamber is the jamming i was talking about. I also have a hogue grip on mine mainly i shoot my husbands springfield 1911 in 45 cal so i dont think limp wristing is my problem. it sounds more like the crimped magazine nose. thanks for all the info it helps alot

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Had same problem

Mine would jam the majority of the time my wife shot it-mostly limp-wristing, but after it started jamming about 5% of my shots, I took it all apart, oiled the %&$#@ out of it, cleaned it thorougly, lightly oiled it again in key spots; and the only problem since has been one time it failed to lock back on an empty mag.
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I've had mine for about 4 years. PMC range ammo always presented some issues, and recently, it was mis-feeding or stovepipes from about 2 out of 10 rounds. After 100 rounds the only time the slide locked open after the last shot was after number 100. Thought it might be ammo getting crappy with the scarcity of it and possible quality control issues from the manufacturer pushing it out the door. Had a couple of misfeeds out of about 50 rounds of whitebox Winchester, too. Took some 1500 grit wet/dry sandpaper and very lightly softened the edges of the feed ramp, then hit it with some metal polish. Today, I shot 15 rounds of PMC, 35 rounds of American Eagle, and 8 rounds of Federal hollowpoint, and not a single misfeed. Performed flawlessly. The best it's ever shot.
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