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This is a discussion on LC9 Review within the Ruger Pistols forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; St. Pattyís day I picked up an LC9 at Cabelas. It cost me $399 and yes I know that is a bit high, but in ...

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Old March 28th, 2011, 10:39 AM   #1
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LC9 Review

St. Pattyís day I picked up an LC9 at Cabelas. It cost me $399 and yes I know that is a bit high, but in my area I donít expect the LC9 to go for less than $350 even years in the future when the demand and hype around the gun have gone down. I have had the urge to buy a pocketable 9 since I started carrying and after having an EPIC FAILURE PF9, I knew that I would have to wait until Ruger or someone else came out with a pocketable 9. Rohrbaughs are not in my price range! The Sig P250 looks like it will be to thick to pocket carry and I am leary of Kimber quality for the Solo. For Kimber prices I expect a gun to be 100% out of the box.

I first had the opportunity to handle an LC9 at Cabelas in late February, but they werenít going to sell any of them that they had in stock until March 17th. Weird, I know. I had even called Cabelas corporate services and the guy who took my call thought that the local Cabelas not selling guns they had in stock was weird as well.

So I got put on a wait list and March 16th I got the call that I was able to come pick up my reserved LC9. I picked it up the next day, cleaned it a bit and took it to my local indoor shooting range to give it a try.

At my first range session I fired 200 rounds. 100 rounds of Prvzi Parzivan 115gr and 100 rounds of Sellier and Bellot 115gr. I had one FTE in my third box of ammo which was S&B. Iím not exactly sure of the range count but that was the only feeding issue I had. It locked back on the last round of every mag as well.

I think the trigger is quite long but like the LCP and other DAO guns it just takes getting used to. My accuracy with the LC9 was good in those 200 rounds. The recoil isnít horrible but after 200 rounds my hand was sore. But as we all know in a SD situation we wonít be worried about sore hands.

The manual safety though probably not necessary is very easy for me to manipulate, much easier than on my SR9c. I donít plan to do away with the magazine disconnect safety. The last thing I want to do is make modifications of the manufacturers design to my carry gun. The loaded chamber indicator does not interfere with proper sight alignment whatsoever. It is an unnecessary part but Iím ok with it.

When I cleaned it after that first range session I noticed that on the magazine well I could see the hammer spring. At some point part #54, the Hammer Spring Seat had come off. I called Ruger and they shipped me a new one. It took a few days to arrive, but it was very easy to mount. Basically it is a little piece of plastic that helps protect/seat the hamper anchor pin.

Once I got the new part on I took my LC9 to the range again. This time I fired 100 rounds of Blazer 124 gr aluminum cased cartridges. No problems whatsoever and the hammer spring seat stayed in its place.

I find the pistol to be very pocketable. I do wear baggier jeans (no not gangsta style) and for the few days of nice weather we had last week it fit great in my cargo shorts. I do not plan to IWB this gun because if I am going in that direction, I will carry my SR9c. I also have smaller hands, (not tiny but not large) and the gun fits great in my hands. Large handed people may have more of an issue. Being a larger pistol I found it a lot easier to hold onto in rapid fire than my LCP.

I now plan to carry the LC9 in my front right pocket and my LCP as a bug in my front left pocket or left rear pocket.

Sorry, no pictures. I simply donít want to take the time to take pictures at this moment. If you want to know how it looks, google search LC9.

For those who think the LC9 is a copy of the PF9 they are dead wrong! The PF9 I owned felt light and cheap. The trigger was horrible and I had literally hundreds of feeding failures. That is not to say that the LC9 is heavy, but that extra weight it has over the PF9 really helps manage the recoil. I personally want a little extra weight in a small gun like the LC9. I have read that the Diamondback 9mm is supposed to be something like 11 ounces. NO THANK YOU! I donít want a 9mm or larger caliber in anything smaller than the LC9. And as most of us know, the fit, form and feel of a Ruger compared to a Kel Tec is light years apart. My PF9 had a feel like it had been made in a Chinese garage and thatís also how it shot. Not so with the Ruger.

All in all I am happy with my LC9 as I am about all my other Ruger pistols; P90, Mark III, LCP and SR9c. When I buy a Ruger I know that what I am getting will not be the finest pistol in the world, but I can depend on it to protect me. And I can depend on Ruger to fix any problems I may face with any of my pistols in the future. Plus its 100% made in America.

I highly recommend the LC9 as a quality carry piece.

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Good review, lots of good info and impressions. I also had a Keltec PF9 & P11 and recently purchased two Ruger LC9's. I think the LC9 was definitely inspired by those designs, but agree whole-heartedly that the fit, finish and function of the LC9 is two (large) steps ahead. I think Ruger has a really winner on their hands.
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Hey, rammerjammer, welcome to this forum and thanks for the good range report and review. You'll enjoy it here. Post often. And by the way, Roll Tide!
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Originally Posted by Kudzu View Post
Hey, rammerjammer, welcome to this forum and thanks for the good range report and review. You'll enjoy it here. Post often. And by the way, Roll Tide!
Roll Tide!

I read this forum often but post more on a few others. Thanks for the welcome.
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Old March 28th, 2011, 02:22 PM   #5
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Welcome , thanks for the review...............War Eagle!
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Welcome to the forum ! Good review.
I agree with you - my LC9 also appears to be extremely reliable with no "break in" at all. Both the look and feel are very good. It fits easily in my cargo pants (and cargo shorts for that matter as the hot days are on the way) in a leather Galco Pocket Pro. I do have a tuckable IWB for appendix carry and it sort of dissappears in there - though tuckable presents me too much of a draw delay.
I have over 350 rounds of various through mine with only one FTF which was an obviously bad primer (Hungarian MFS ball). My front sight was a little off to the left and Mother Ruger is adjusting it now - everything prepaid by the Prescott shop (appears to be great customer service).
This is my first Ruger - it probably won't be my last.
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Congrats, and a good review. Guess I need to re-evaluate my CW9.
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Nice review and RTR!
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