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Riding LCP II mag release during firing?

This is a discussion on Riding LCP II mag release during firing? within the Ruger Pistols forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; I purchased an LCP2 in later February. This weapon had a multitude of problems to include: failures to feed; failures to extract; failures to eject; ...

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Unintended magazine release

I purchased an LCP2 in later February. This weapon had a multitude of problems to include: failures to feed; failures to extract; failures to eject; double feeds; and unintended magazine releases (with 5 different mags). Five different operators (all police officers) experienced the same issues with 3 different types of ammo. The weapon went back to Ruger twice. The first time they replaced the extractor, magazine, mag latch, mag latch spring, and entire slide assembly. Test fired (allegedly) by three techs with over 100 rds without issue. Weapon came back and all previous problems with exception of mag release remained. I had advised Ruger that the mag latch spring was extremely weak (half the resistance of my old LCP). The new latch spring was much better. Weapon went back second time. Ruger verified the malfunction condition and opted to destroy and replace the weapon attributing it to a defective ejector (which is what I told them was the apparent culprit). Ruger advised my weapon is the first that has been destroyed. New weapon shipped back to me via FFL (still have not received reimbursement for my $40 FFL transfer fee as promised). No malfunctions EXCEPT mag release due to another exceedingly weak mag latch spring. I have advised Ruger they need to increase this spring strength particularly since the mag release button is no longer recessed like the original LCP. Ruger needs to remold the frame to provide a recess for the release button. They mailed me a new spring which I installed myself. The spring was noticeable wider and it appears to be improved but I have a feeling that the spring will lose tension over time and I'll be back to square one. I am carrying it now off-duty (because of the improved sights, trigger and hold open feature) but frankly I have much more confidence in my old LCP. Too late for me but I would wait for a new frame design. I expect a recall of this weapon (like the first LCP) may be forthcoming.

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These are jumpy little pistols and some of the problem may be that the shooter's thumb position hits the mag release upon recoil. Changing one's grip to keep the thumb from resting right up against the release my help. My LCP II had a very stiff mag release spring. When new, I had to depress the release to insert the magazine. It has since broken-in such that the magazine readily inserts as expected. I've never had a issue with the magazine coming out under recoil. I just took my LCP II out and yanked down real hard on the magazine trying to get it to release without pressing the release and couldn't do it. One would expect that if the recoil alone releases the magazine, one should be able to yank it out of there.

My two-handed grip on the LCP II: I grip it with my right hand with two fingers under the trigger guard and my pinkie under the magazine. With my thumb on my right hand held out, I then grip the pistol with my left hand, with my left index finger falling between the middle finger and ring finger of my right hand and my middle finger of my left hand falling between the ring finger and pinkie of my right hand. The last two fingers of my left hand rest under my right hand. The thumb of my left hand rests along the side of the middle finger of my right hand. The thumb of my right hand rests over the top of my left thumb, between the thumb joints. Neither thumb touches the left side of the pistol. The thumbs form a nice triangle shaped pocket around the mag release. With this grip, I've never had an issue. One fellow on You Tube who was accidentally releasing the magazine upon recoil added Talon grips and got enough friction to keep his thumb in the grip indentation, keeping it from falling down and hitting the mag release. Either way, I think changing the grip, being aware of your thumb placement, will correct many (but not all) of these mag release issues with these little pistols.

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Bill I agree proper grip is essential on any weapon and especially on this design. I am very careful to position my grip in order that the weapon does not shift during recoil and no portion of my grip compromised the magazine release. I have owned an LCP since 2008 so I am no stranger to its operation. That being said this is a defensive weapon. As such circumstances and time do not always allow you to be so deliberate in your hand placement. If you examine the original LCP its design incorporated a rim/ridge to guard against recoil induced hand contact with the mag latch button. Despite my best efforts to avoid the button I am sure I may at times brush against it during firing which may lead to a dropped magazine. The LCP 2 left this design feature out, apparently the original engineer for the frame wasn't involved this time around. This is why a weak spring only compounds the problem. I already have Talon tape on mine. The weapon has a lot of good things going for it, they just need to change the frame mold moving forward.

BTW I have been an avid Ruger fan for over 25 years owning seven of their products. I also received my $40 refund for the FFL transfer.
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I have owned 4 lcps and an a pocket gun shooting entusiast. I personally would not buy the New LCP ll. Get the Gen 2 if you want one, much better shooter, better trigger, and no where near the problems with the new model. Ruger really dropped the ball here.
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Shot my nephews last weekend...same thing was happening to me...doesnt happen to him though

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