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This is a discussion on Thoughts & choices?? within the Ruger Lever-Action forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; Not sure quite what to do here! I really prefer optic sights with my 63 year old eyes. My Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited .357 rifle ...

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Exclamation Thoughts & choices??

Not sure quite what to do here! I really prefer optic sights with my 63 year old eyes. My Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited .357 rifle 24 inch octagon barrel is a low round count beautiful rifle I doubt if it has 200 rounds thru it at the most probably less! The Marble sights that came with it the front brass bead is just too small. I really do not know if I want to do a skinner sight on it either. Currently it wears a very nice new Weaver 22 2-7x32 scope on it for 100-150 yards it should work just fine. My problem with a 24 inch barrel this is still a heavy gun! My avatar rifle as I will call it a nice Rossi 16 inch barrel .357 large loop. Must be a bit older still has the dumb safety on it but that doesn't bother me. But a simple u notch rear sight and a plain blued front sight with a Novak style of cut into the barrel to mount the front sight. I have looked at Steve's Gunz's seen his selection of front and rear sight combinations. I like the 3/32 front brass bead with the ghost ring rear sight or the regular semi buckhorn rear sight that he offers. My thoughts are to possibly try to improve the sights on the Rossi Model 92 or as mentioned in another thread sell the Rossi & my Ruger LCR .22 Magnum plus cash on my end to pick up a new Henry Big Boy Steel .357 lever action carbine but this rifle weighs 6.69 pounds as a carbine. My little Rossi Model 92 is listed at 4.8 lbs. The new Rossi Model 92's do have their barrels drilled and tapped for a forward mount scout scope set up but I do not care for this set up. My Rossi doesn't have this I checked this out several months ago. So I have listed my thoughts if I were to purchase the Henry I would convert my Marlin to possibly a larger front brass bead or white bead and take off the scope & mount it on the Henry. Or try the front 3/32 sight on the Rossi to see how it works with my standard U notch sight at first and possibly get different rear sight on the Rossi. My Marlin just sits but moving the scope off of it makes this rifle more manageable to shoot in its original configuration but having a larger front bead sight!! Yea I know alot of confusion on my part but all of my .22 rifles are all scoped just what I am use to so this is why the thoughts of a smaller scoped .357 Lever Rifle and Henry is the only maker of a solid top receiver lever action .357 Marlin doesn't currently list one!!! Comments much appreciated thx!!!

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I have a Henry Big Boy .357mag carbine which I love but my 79 year old eyes are having a problem with the factory sights. I put a set of Williams peeps on my CZ 455FS .22LR and solved the problem so I have a set of Skinner peeps on order for the Henry. I am anxious to give them a try.
Skinner link Marlin peep sights

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I think it's all a matter of what you are doing with each particular rifle. I know we have PM'D each other a few times regarding sights.
I would not get a heavier rifle. The Henry is a very nice rifle, but the extra few pounds really slows it's handling down. I thought mine was more suited to bench shooting and hunting.
I'd keep the Marlin as is with the optic for target shooting/ hunting and give the little Rossi carbine a rear peep with the 3/32 for more casual plinking, and a 1/16 bead for more target type shooting.
I ground down the full buckhorn on my Rossi so it's a flat top sight and changed the front to a 1/16 bead. I have not had a chance to shoot it yet, but the bead really pops for me. Most of my shooting is at steel targets within 50 yards so I'm hoping this set up works for me.
Good luck!
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Hunter49 Steves Gunz list 2 semi buckhorn rear sights a full buckhorn rear sight and then a flatter or more shallow or version like you mention you have done on your Rossi. To change out sights on my Rossi is much much cheaper most of my shooting is 100 yards or less. I took my Ruger Wiley Clapp that has a 1/16 brass bead front sight extended my revolver out as far as I can with my arm straight out. Doing this to roughly only approximate what a 16 inch barrel might look like with a 1/16 inch brass bead. So yes my thoughts are either a 3/16 brass or white bead but much prefer the brass. The Henry Big Boy Steel carbine is still heavier then a Marlin 1894C. My thoughts are based to a extent of wanting to get my Marlin back to open sights again! I looked at a regular Henry Big Boy Steel rifle the other day frankly I was a bit disappointed. The Big Boy Brass rifles still seem smoother.

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Thumbs up Things really worked out!!!

Hey guys well I cannot believe the line of events that has followed me after posting this thread. Sunday I decided to list 2 guns my Rossi Model 92 & my Ruger LCR .22 Mag. Well later on Sunday out of now where online popped up a listing on a Marlin 1894 C .357 magnum JM stamped no cross bolt safety so a 1970's 1894 C priced at $500.00 nice rifle. I was the 2nd one to inquire. I wanted to check back later on to see what happened. Well this morning the seller said it was sold! My response was darn it I would give the seller $525.00 for it. The 1st guy never called back when the seller sent him a text. Well I told the seller that I had my CCP & legal ID. The first guy was out of state. Well today I now own this really nice little Marlin 1894 C .357 no cross bolt!!! Plus here is the best part my Rossi Model 92 a very nice little rifle I originally paid $200.00 for it. Well I sold it this afternoon for my asking price of $400.00 so a $200.00 profit so I only had to come up with $125.00 for my Marlin 1894 C .357 comparing the Rossi Model 92 and my Marlin 1894 C not much difference in weight. The Marlin probably close to 5-5-1/2 pounds vs 4.8 with the Rossi Model 92 The Marlin 1894 has the 18 inch barrel vs the Rossi Model 92 16 inch barrel I felt not too much difference in feel but the Marlin has nicer sights. So now my transformation is going to happen. Since I now have two Marlin 1894's my Cow Boy Limited .357 I am going to remove the scope go back to open sights with the 24 inch octagon barrel. The scope is now going on the 1894 C .357!!! My original quest was sell 2 guns & buy the Henry Big Boy
Steel Carbine .357. I feel wow this worked out great got a smaller lighter lever .357 that I can scope. Now the Ruger LCR .22 Magnun I am going to try and work out something in a sell trade etc for a pocket sized 9mm semi-auto.
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NICE GOING LOVE IT, a big win win.
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