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This is a discussion on GP100 disassembly within the Ruger Double Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; I plan to take my new GP100 apart for the first time this weekend. I've read (and understand) the instructions, and have bookmarked the how-to ...

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Old October 24th, 2008, 03:00 AM   #1
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GP100 disassembly

I plan to take my new GP100 apart for the first time this weekend. I've read (and understand) the instructions, and have bookmarked the how-to videos.
I also have the IBOK.

Are there any "tricks" or helpful hints I should know before I dig into it?


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No big tips but I think you'll be surprised at how simple it really is. The only thing to watch for is if you take the trigger group apart you are careful not to launch any small parts.

The first time I take apart a new gun, I do it in a large box so if any parts fly they are captured in the box. I'm very familiar with purchasing small springs from Brownell's and I like to keep it to a minimum.

Have Fun!
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Cougar_67 if I can add to what 44 Deerslayer said.

I am NOT a gunsmith and I am sure a true gunsmith will laugh at this, but it works for me and keeps me from loosing small parts.
I would do this in the bathroom. I set in a dry bathtub, close the curtain, MAKE SURE THE DRAIN PLUG IS IN and wear a pair of shorts.
Anything at escapes stays in the tub area(unless you launch a spring over the curtain) and it is easy to see on a flat clean hard surface.. With only a pair of shorts small items do not get caught in clothing.

You may want to clue your wife and family in on what you are doing.
They may start to worry if they see you sitting in a dry bathtub surrounded by gun parts.
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All I can say is that if I can do it so can you. I'm not the most mechanically inclined person in the world by a long shot but I've found the SP101/GP100 easy to disassemble/reassemble. Just pay attention to how the parts fit before you remove them and keep an eye out for the small pieces that like to fall or spring out.

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I remember the first time I took my GP apart the thing that gave me the most trouble was getting the trigger group to release from the frame. There is a spring loaded piece that you have to push forward by inserting a thin tool through the grip frame slot to push on it. I found a long handled allen wrench that is just skinny enough to fit through the slot in the grip frame works pretty well. I have an old letter opener that gets it done too. I think I'm going to take one of my old screwdrivers and grind the shank down to fit the job now that I think about it. Be careful you don't jab your hand while you are pushing against the spring.
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Thanks for the responses guys.
I work with my hands for a living so I have no doubt that I can do this. I was just curious if there was anything to watch out for.

I've seen several youtube videos showing the teardown and reassembly and most look like it can be done blindfolded. And then there's the guy that took five or six tries to get the trigger group back in place.
(You'd think that if you were making a vid on how to do something, you'd actually be able to do it - or at least make it look like you know what you're doing!).

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I take mine apart with no problems. Getting them back together is the hard part. Really I take mine apart at least once a year for cleaning. I keep a small supply of parts in case I want to replace some. I like to keep spare springs just in case I lose or damage any. Once you do it once or twice you get pretty good at it. I think it's fun.
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GP100 Disassembly

I just bought my GP100, so have not disassebled yet, but I can see it very similar to my SP101, which I have disassembled many times. The process is quite easy except for two points,

1) Getting the trigger assy out from the frame. You have to sort of develop a technique to push in the spring loaded button and pull out the trigger assy. "Downrange" said he used a long handled allen wrench.........anything long, skinny and stiff will work.......I use a "torx head screw driver".

2) The second and most important is do not pull the trigger when the trigger assembly is out of the gun. You will have small pieces flying places and may never find. I was lucky, the one time I did this, I had a small spring fly and I was down on the carpet looking for it and actually found it.

Other than that.........it is actually quite simple, especially after you do it a couple times. Much simpler than the Mark III!!!

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