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Why do GP100's always seem to be "second" choice?

This is a discussion on Why do GP100's always seem to be "second" choice? within the Ruger Double Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Originally Posted by srrc this is not related to GP100, but does anyone know the model of this gun? shown on top of this Ruger ...

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Originally Posted by srrc View Post
this is not related to GP100, but does anyone know the model of this gun? shown on top of this Ruger forum.
Ruger Rifle 4K Wallpaper Download For Desktop 3840x2160

The image is on a wallpaper site.

From the site:

Ruger Rifle 4K Wallpaper free download in high quality widescreen resolutions. We have top collection of ruger 1022 riffle wallpaper for desktop & mobile in high resolution.

I'm guessing from the text it's a "ruger 1022 riffle".

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Originally Posted by wkuban View Post
Never saw a GP100 that compared to a S&W action/trigger pull. They also look a little clunky due to being made oversize to make up for being cast instead of forged. They are a little less expensive tho.
Pretty much my thoughts. I've owned several GP100's and most likely will again, but I have to give a slight edge to S&W.
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Relatively new shooter here. Last year I bought my first revolver, and it was a GP100 4 inch stainless. That has now multiplied to a 4 inch blued, a Match Champion, and the 22LR GP100. I love them all. Around Christmas of this past year I wanted an 8 shot 357, so I bought a S&W 627 Pro Model. It shot very well, but I think I would need quite a bit of time getting used to it. I much prefer the trigger on all of my GPs to that 627. The GP trigger has a longer but easier pull that is very easy to stage double action shots. The 627, while having a definite FASTER trigger than the GPs, took more effort to keep the muzzle on target for me. Perhaps this was due to my familiarity with the GPs. I think I could get used to it, but it certainly didn't feel as good to me. Now I didn't try the performance center 627....perhaps that would have been better.

Now I've seen a bunch of people here talk about how the S&W is a prettier, more elegant looking gun. I would agree with that for the older S&Ws I've seen, and in particular their classic models. The 686 or 627? Not so much IMHO. I noticed something upon purchasing the 627 that I later came to realize is also present in most S&W that I find rather clumsy and...crude....check out the left hand side of the shield behind the cylinder of a S&W...the shield is noticeably bent to allow the cylinder to release. I thought at first I had a lemon, and posted as much online. But I found out this was completely normal. I think it is very unsightly. The GP100 has a very nice notch to allow the cylinder to swing out and I think that is an aesthetically pleasing feature for the Ruger.

I ditched the 627 after having it for less than a month. I do wonder if the Performance Center 627 would be better from a trigger action standpoint because I do like having 8 shots, and I want a longer barrel than the new Redhawk Ruger has released. But hopefully Ruger will release the Redhawk with a longer barrel
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When Ruger puts a 6" barrel on the 8-shot .357 Redhawk, I think I might just have to get one...

I previously owned a S&W 327 TRR8. That's their "tacticool" revolver that has picatinny rails everywhere along with a mount for your cell phone and a cup holder for your Starbucks cappuccino. It was a very fine, very expensive revolver, and I really, really wanted to like it. However, I found to my dismay that N-frames and me don't get along well. They're just too large and unwieldy for my average-sized hands, and despite the coolness of having 8 rounds, I wound up downsizing to an L-frame, 7-shot Model 620.

I have a Redhawk in 45/45, and like it very much. I think one in .357 would be terrific.
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Originally Posted by Iowegan View Post
As a gunsmith, I cut my teeth on S&W DA revolvers. When you have a shop, you see the good the bad, and the ugly when it comes to wear and serviceability. By the time I opened my own shop ...no doubt, S&Ws were more popular than Rugers but the ratio of guns that came in for repair was about 50 S&Ws for each Ruger. When Security-Sixes, GP100s, and SP101s came on the market, the ratio of S&Ws versus Rugers in circulation started leveling out so you would expect to see more Rugers come in for repair .... but that never happened.

I was always a S&W K-frame fan and later a L-frame fan. I still own a good many K-frame 38s and 22s but just one L-frame Mod 686-2. No one can deny ... these S&Ws are great guns but they do not hold up as well as Rugers when it comes to endshake, damaged frames, and worn cylinders. This is especially true if you shoot magnum loads.

As time went on, I bought my first blued Ruger Security-Six 4". This is a great gun ... gave it to my son-in-law. After I retired, I finally bought a 4" GP100, then a 3" SP101, and finally a 6" GP100. I shoot the tar out of the Rugers while my S&Ws stay tucked away in the safe.

RichKeagy, Yes, S&W Mod 686s used to be available in a high polish finish but now are a "brushed" finish. My old 686-2 is a high polish finish and so is my Ruger GP100 ... catalog number is GKGP-141 ... the first G = high polish finish ... only 500 made in 4".

Here's my GKGP-141:

And a poor photo of my S&W 686-2 that is really a lot more shiny than it shows:

Finally, here's my 6" 1995 vintage GP100 ... a really excellent specimen:
Thanks for another excellent post. You have clearly explained the 686 vs GP100. I think the 686 shoots well and is beautiful, but I bought the GP100 because of the solid durable and reliable engineering. It feels great in my hand, shoots accurately. And the cylinder release button has grown on me and works well during my speed reloading.
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I'm in the camp that both are fine revolvers. Have both, won't get rid of either. Both will serve you well for many years. It comes down to your taste, budget and personal preferences.

Nice first world problem to have :-)
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Smiths are beautiful guns, but I can't get past the potential bricking of my gun due to the Hillary Hole. I carry for self-defense, and not just target shooting, and I need my gun to function without question. I've got a GP100 and love it. Tomorrow I go lay my cash down for an SP101. I have total confidence in the build quality, strength, and reliability of the Rugers.
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I have both and as others said, won't let either go. Both are quality made guns, backed by reputable companies. I've shot both brands in my IDPA matches successfully and don't really have a preference as I like them both.

For anyone seeking a new wheelgun, I tell them to look at both brands and get what they like best.
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I was hooked on S&Ws back in the 1970s and 1980s--wouldn't consider a Ruger back then. As Ruger's reputation grew--I started to take notice and my prejudiced gradually faded away. I now look at new Ruger's first vs the new Smiths. Its kinda funny how things all work out.
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I have two GP100s in 4,6"
I have a S&W 627 8 shot Performance Center and a 7 shot Performance Center 586 L-Comp.
The GP100 does hold its own.

I prefer the action of the Smith, and I do prefer the higher round count.

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