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LCR 22 Trigger pull

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Old March 9th, 2013, 04:04 PM   #1
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LCR 22 Trigger pull

Just purchased my wife a LCR 22, it has a harder trigger pull than she likes. Can a trigger job be done on this gun or will she have to live with it? She loves the gun just wants the trigger to have an easier pull.

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Haven't heard of anyone doing trigger work on them at present. Some people have posted trying LCR-38 hammer springs in them, but end up with light strike failures to fire.

Mine smoothed out and felt noticeably lighter after the 400-odd rounds I've had through it. It was not a big difference, but enough to end my disappointment in how it felt new. I am assuming it will get better still with more shooting.
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I own both the 22 and 38. The 22 does have a noticeably stiffer trigger.
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Any double action rimfire revolver will have a heavy trigger pull, it needs the increased spring pressure to perform reliably. After a few hundred rounds it might get a hair smoother but it won't be lighter, it is on the other hand something you get used to over time. I would recommend making sure it's not loaded and dry fire the heck out of it to get used to the pull...generally dry firing a rimfire is a big no no but in the LCR's case it won't hurt a thing.
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I'm sure others have said it in other posts, but if you're worried about dry firing, you can always get plastic #4 drywall anchors and drop those into the chambers. Just make sure to rotate them so you have a different striking surface per cylinder.
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Dry firing a LCR 22 will not damage it in any way whatsoever.
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My LCR .22WMR has an advertised trigger pull of 9#. That's not bad for a rimfire. My S&W 642 .38Spl was over 12# before I did a trigger job on it. The LCR 22 is 13#. I wonder why .22LR needs more trigger pull than .22WMR?
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Bought the LCR 22 for my wife, because I have the LCR 357 (Great Trigger), the .22 is also a practice gun for me. She has small hands and has trouble pulling the trigger without it moving all over the place. I purchased from Ruger, the smaller Houge Bantam Boot grip, it helped, but she still has trouble. I love it, feels like a new gun to me and it will fit the 357. So now she is getting proficient on our SR22, much better with the smaller grip installed, she is always on target and it is very reliable. Just liked the idea of the grab and shoot from the revolver for her, next step the .357 with .38's, let's see how it works for her with the boot grip and the recoil. Live and learn and now I have a practice gun.

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Yes, no hope of a new spring to lighten the .22s trigger pull without getting light strikes.

I also hate the fact that my KLCR has a far heavier trigger pull than my last two
38+P models that were really sweet in the trigger dept.
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I have read, with interest, many reviews and forum comments concerning the trigger pull on the various LCR models. This is just a comment with my experiences. I purchased the LCR in both 38 special and 22LR several months ago. At first the trigger pull of both was stiff with the 22LR being the harder pull as expected. After several months and working the triggers of both in excess of 500 times, both live fire and dry-fire (with snap caps) I can report that both are now very, very smooth from start to finish. I don't have instruments to measure the pounds of force required for them but I can tell you that both have decreased and it is especially noticeable with the 22LR.

The trigger pull on the 22LR was both uneven and gritty when I first fired it. Believe it or not it is not easy now to distinguish which gun I am firing, based on trigger pull, of course, not recoil. The pull on the 22LR is only slightly heavier now than the 38. As noted, this was certainly not the case when I started. I have lubricated both triggers lightly several times as instructed in the owner's manual (I used Remoil.) This seemed to help as you would expect.

I have gone from someone who had made an early decision to sell the 22LR and keep only the 38, which I love, to one who plans to keep the 22 for just the fun of it and cheap practice. Just for reference, my other handguns are a Ruger SR22 and a Glock 26 and 19, both Gen 4 models.
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I have the 22LR version
the trigger is a little heavy, but for a DA trigger its not bad at all
after a few hundred rounds, its a little smoother
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