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This is a discussion on Revolver Revival - Why buy a revolver? within the Ruger Double Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; My first and only handgun is the 5032 45/45. My grandfather was a Redhawk owner (in .44) and he paired it with a Model 44. ...

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My first and only handgun is the 5032 45/45. My grandfather was a Redhawk owner (in .44) and he paired it with a Model 44. My partiality to Ruger starts there since the Model 44 was "my" deer gun. I know my revolver will go bang six times when I need it to as long as I treat it with care and respect, and it will likely outlast me in working order. While not the optimal for EDC, competition, or hunting it is in my opinion the best factory one handgun solution.

My next challenge is pairing it with a suitable long arm in .45. I'm leaning toward a plinking/defensive .45 ACP carbine. Not that lever actions in 45C don't deserve any respect...

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Originally Posted by terry_p View Post
With me I just like they way a revolver feels in my hands. I like how it points, carries and shoots. In short it's my preference. Most of all when I wake up at 3:00 am because something went bump, I don't have to worry about safeties, decockers, mag releases or 3-4# D/A triggers. Loaded chamber indicator, have a look. Have a bad round pull the trigger again. When the stress is high keep it simple.
Recently got my first ever center fire double stack- SR9.
Outstanding firearm but it has not replaced the revolver as house gun,as was intended.
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Fewer failures to feed.
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I prefer the simplicity of a wheelgun. Less to screw up under pressure. I shoot my GP 100 WC and a few S&Ws in my IDPA matches and get a big grin when I outshoot friends w/ bottom feeders.

I also prefer the DA for carry.
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Anything that doesn't have at least an 8" barrel is just not my gun. I don't play Rambo defense or tacticool. I don't practice mag dumps at 10 feet.

I like steel gongs at 100 yards +. I like the target to squeal like the family pig when it gets smacked. It's a slow, steady kind of shooting that fits this senior to a tee.

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There have been a million of these types of articles over the years, here's one of the more recent ones that I think is pretty good.

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I love a double-action trigger. And while the plastic guns are great for what they do, and I own several, nothing beats the beauty and function of a revolver. When I went looking for a new carry pistol, in my mind, I had a nice list of requirements that was growing: double action trigger, stainless steel, a caliber that was "of size"... I finally realized that what I was really looking for was a wheel gun. I left the LGS, today, and bought my second Ruger revolver - a DAO SP101.
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I am amazed how long this has been around, but it shows why revolvers are so popular. I have probably answered before, but the subject is interesting.

My first gun (1960) was a revolver, an H&R .22 I think. It was stolen and replaced by a S&W Mdl. 18 in .22 that I still have. From that point on, with two exceptions, my interest has been revolvers.

The exceptions are, a 1911 that is so classic everyone should own one and a couple of Glocks that were added to my accumulation because they were cheap and the LE I worked for made them even cheaper. I keep the Glocks as backup "bricks" that are reliable. The 1911 I keep because I like it.

The remainder of my efforts have been to have one of every Ruger, SA or DA, I can find that fit my needs and wants, tossing in a few S&W's because they fit a need and were a little smaller. Being a century too late, my SA collection has taken up the largest space in my gun safes, and I have never left home without one.

Growing up in the Rockies, hunting and fishing, a SA just seemed the proper thing to hang on my belt for a day woods bumming. The calibers varied according to need. If I had a large caliber rifle I usually had a .22 handgun. If no rifle or perhaps a .22 rifle, the handgun was usually a .44 or .45 and sometimes a .357 if not in bear country.

There is something about the mechanics of a revolver; the turning cylinder, loading each chamber, cocking the hammer and pulling the trigger that makes the revolver a thing of beauty and interest that a "black brick" can never duplicate. Firepower? Who needs it 99% of the time. So for me the revolver will always be my favorite. THE PROBLEM IS "RUGER" KEEPS MAKING THEM FASTER THAN I CAN AFFORD TO BUY THEM.
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If I took the time to read every post in this thread,

I would never have time to shoot my revolvers. I though I was at the end, hitting the 12 link. Off by just a few pages, lol. My last two purchases were an SP101 and a had-to-have-it S&W 645. I might buy one more gun in the near future, and that woukd be a CZ in .40. Fact is, both types of hand guns are just plain neat and get the job done, whatever that might be. And I've got a rolling block pistol in .357, too.
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oldag will become famous soon enough
Revolvers are good for some folks. Simple to operate. No safeties to disengage.

Others simply prefer them.

I shoot far better with a 1911 than with a revolver. Double action always makes it more difficult to maintain aim, but I acknowledge that some do master this and can be very accurate. I just never have reached the level of proficiency with double action that I have with a 1911's single action.
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