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This is a discussion on New GP-100 22LR--HKS speedloaders within the Ruger Double Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Hello To All: Recently purchased a new GP100 in 22 LR, have always wanted a double action 22 revolver, have been shooting their single action ...

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New GP-100 22LR--HKS speedloaders

Hello To All: Recently purchased a new GP100 in 22 LR, have always wanted a double action 22 revolver, have been shooting their single action cousins since 70's. Nice and smooth, excellent single action let off, double action smooth, but a little heavy-plan to install a lighter Wilson main spring after I shoot a brick or so through the Ruger to break it in and see where any smoothing is needed. Looks real nice laying along side my older GP100 6" 357. Fit and finish is top notch, some owners from what I've read on the net have voiced complaints, I can't see any and I'm fussy. Anyway, I'm a long time fan of using HKS speed loaders on all of my other DA revolvers and am wondering if HKS is producing any for the GP100 22lr yet. Haven't seen any online, have gone to HKS website, but not seeing anything, can't find any phone number to call them to see if and if so, when. I see several are on the market one by Speed Breez and another called DS. Both of them are to oversize for me, the Speed Beez at $36 each is overpriced IMO. The DS looks a little weak in construction and has had problems from I've read about them. I've used HKS's since the 80's and like their size, price, and long time reputation. I always buy and have a minimum of 4-6 for each DA revolver I have, so in the hunt and want.

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I don't have a .22, but Safariland is the best plastic-based speedloader out there, in my opinion. Got rid of my HKS after trying the Safariland ones. Don't know if SF offers them for what you want, but one must consider that the .22 GP is not a high-volume seller.
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I did look at Safrailand speed loaders once, but decided to stay with HKS due to the fact I wanted to stay with something I was use to and have never had any problems with any of the four models I have. I used to carry one on my Sam Brown rig as a LEO along with my 12 loop slide for 357 Mag, carried a Colt Trooper Mark III. That was in the day when few carried semiauto's and revolvers ruled the roost in LE. I hung up my badge and gun belt in the mid 90's about the time semi-auto's took over. HKS does make a 10 rd speedloader for the 617 S&W 22 revolver and I would guess it isn't any more popular than the GP100, esp that it costs more to obtain one. I'll keep my search eyes open, hope HKS will produce them. I like the size of the HKS also over the DS and Speed Beez as a lot of my shooting is strapping on several revolvers, even have carried three (strong/weak side and shoulder holster) and walk along a wooded river area (1/2 to 3/4 mile) and doing a lot of plinking. The HKS fit in my bag I carry and/or M1 Carbine pouches that I strap around my waist. The others wouldn't. Still looking, hope HKS will produce. Checked Safariland, they don't make any for GP100 22 LR.

OK, need to edit this post. I previously had been looking at a website, in fact it was the Smith and Wesson forum and a poster was asking about speed loaders for the 10 shot S&W 617 22LR. One of the responses from someone mentioned HKS, but also referred to DS and Speed Beez, but also brought up the availability of HKS's for the Smith 617. I went back and checked the post after 'really' looking at HKS's website where it didn't list any for the 10 shot Smith 617. The poster on the Smith forum had mentioned the 617 HKS speedloader being available, but for the 6 shot 617. I believe he was referring to the 6 shot Model 17 Smith 22 LR which HKS does make a speedloader for. Thought I'd better clarify my misreading and why I thought there were HKS speedloaders for the 617 10 shot Smith available. Hey, worse things could have happened.

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I just bought the 4" version of the gun. I went with an Ansac speed loader. I was going to go with Speed Beez, but I was reading about them and the DS-10 not holding the rounds tight, not as in they fall out, but they wiggle around some which could slow down reloading times. I also read that they don't always seat the rounds fully in the cylinder requiring the shooter to push them in or tilt the gun down to let gravity pull them in. This is my first revolver and speedloader, so I can't confirm the issues, but that's what I read.

The Ansac loader holds them tight and pushes them completely into the cylinder. At $59 it's not cheap, but it works great! I got mine at 4wheelguns.com along with the 130 round loading block in a nice Pelican case ($104 total). I would make the holes in the loading block a hair deeper so the rounds sit more straight up, but all in all I'm VERY happy with my purchase. I wish they offered it anodized in different colors though.

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I think that the Speed Beez reloaders might be spring loaded. If so that would be good. Years ago had a HKS for my S&W Model 18. Problem was/is I found that the 22's don't have much mass so do not tend to drop in all the way compared to a much heavier center fire round. Also, in looking at the Speed Beez website they show a loading block for the 10 shot GP 22. I would imagine a speedloader will be forthcoming soon being this is the case.
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