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This is a discussion on Ruger Redhawk 357 Magnum 8-Shot New - 2017 within the Ruger Double Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Originally Posted by Waveform The Redhawk is known for many things but having a "smooth, light trigger pull" is not one of them. Smooth, heavy ...

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Originally Posted by Waveform View Post
The Redhawk is known for many things but having a "smooth, light trigger pull" is not one of them. Smooth, heavy trigger pull I would agree with. DA is generally smooth if a bit heavy and SA is just heavy. The single spring design does not respond as easily to action work and a lighter spring often results in poor ignition. Ignition problems are the reason Bowen offers a firing pin upgrade to greater protrusion.

But I think Ruger would have more folks jazzed over a 7 shot GP100 than an 8 shot Redhawk. It's a cool novelty piece but I think they should have gone after the 686+ market first.
I tend to agree. One Redhawk I had that was tuned got the double action down to 8.8 lbs (forget what the single was but somewhere around 4 lbs). As a comparison had a Smith 629 tuned and put aftermarket springs in that had a double action of 7.5 lbs that fired anything. It would only fire reloads with Federal primers and Corbon, Federal and some WW ammo reliably in double action. To get it to work in double action with most ammo had to go to the 14 lb spring and Bowen firing pin set at 0.055" protrusion giving about 10.5 lb double action. Headspace was 0.062" and endshake about 0.003". It would be interesting to see if the Redhawk had an oversize cylinder whether 9 shots could be fit in and be even more novel.

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Short barrels aren't my thing.
I don't play defense or tacticool. I just love to shoot. I am a revolver guy.

I just couldn't care less about 7 or 8 shots. I don't understand how some drool over the extra two rounds unless they are chasing the defense demon. And if the defense demon was after my ***, I would want an auto and extra mags.

Are the any reasons besides lust a traditional sixshooter wants more rounds and less barrel?

Does Ruger and Colt believe the only revolver guys left want a snubbie for defensive carry? I assume they really do follow the money and I'm just not their target.

My Ruger Maximums are 10" of awesome.
Long barrels rule at the range, target, and silhouette. I really have given up on seeing new hawglegs with even an 8"+ from Ruger, S&W, or Colt . A custom Freedom Arms is it and they want my first born.

Accept, accept, accept. Move on.
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I'll be the odd man out hoping for a 5" version some day.
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I'll buy the first 5.5"er or 7.5" Hunter model my LGS gets in, but the snubby just ain't my cuppa.
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