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ruger vs. remington

This is a discussion on ruger vs. remington within the Ruger Bolt Action forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; First time Ruger owner - just purchased a double action revolver. Next purchase will be a bolt action rifle in .308. Heard great things about ...

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ruger vs. remington

First time Ruger owner - just purchased a double action revolver.
Next purchase will be a bolt action rifle in .308.

Heard great things about the venerable Remington. How does the Ruger compare? Looking for long term reliability and accuracy - pretty sure both manufacturers are top notch in these categories but wanted to get some opinions.

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One of my "newer" rifles is the Ruger Bolt Mtn rifle 30-06. My brother has an old model (20 yrs back) Winchester bolt 06 - the Ruger is a fine rifle, light, short, I got it Mag-Ported & can recover for a 2nd shot fast. A good shooter. Also have a Ruger bolt in 22mag - sweet shooter. Good wood (not great) good blue job, parts fit well.
Had little time with the Remingtons - neighbor has a 7mm Mag - not fun to shoot.
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From what I am being told and seeing at the range the Remintons are not what they used to be
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Lone Star will become famous soon enough
Remingtons have a less satisfactory bolt handle that may change color, and is brazed on.

Their extractor is also theoretically less reliable than Ruger's.

Lone Star
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I have several of the Ruger M-77's.Some I have never taken out and fired. The ones I have shot they shoot real well. Remington isn't the same Remington it was some years back.

If I were to go with a Remington it would have to be their 700 model. I'm very happy with my Ruger's. They've filled the freezer for several years now. I don't think you'll go wrong with a Ruger.The only complaint I have is the triggers on the Ruger's. They need to be lighten. They can be dressed up real nice.
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As a long time Remington fan, I can say that in standard guise they are all pretty good. It's what you like. I personally feel that with their new Hawkeye, Ruger has a winner. All guns need a little tweaking to be optimal. Personally, I'm really happy w/the new Haweye platform. I have owned lots of Remingtons over the years, but lately, really like the new Rugers. Personal opinion.

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Old September 10th, 2010, 06:32 AM   #7
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old thread but got to chime in. I agree remingtons arent what they used to be. I shoot a hawkeye and most of my freinds have remmy 700s. I have shot thier guns and was dissapointed in the finish and function of the rifles. Here are a few examples. Rounds dont always chamber, metal finishs looks feels cheap, bolt does not look solid, heres the kicker my hawkeye sporter thin barrel shoots just as good if not better at the range than thier bull barrel 700s.
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I own one Remington model 700 and several Ruger bolt actions. I prefer the Rugers, I like the large extractor and I have never had an issue with reliability or function.

The Remington is one of their new XCR II models and had an issue with the Chamber. The Chamber's neck was reamed 3/16 inches too short. Every time I chambered a round, the end of the case neck is jammed into the rifling. Needless to say, this is not a good thing. I had to get a neck & throat reamer to correct it.
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i owned both, and now only own rugers. the rugers are very tuff, my thinking is they are the best bolt action out there from feel to the use of the rifle.

ruger model 77 markII 30-06, .270, .308, .260, .243
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Just a pointer for those who haven't had a chance to try the new L6 trigger, it is a vast improvement over the past issue.
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A few issues with the Remington- the safety doesn't lock the bolt down like the Ruger and the Remington sandwiches the recoil lug between the barrel and receiver whearas in the Ruger, it's part of the action; not bolted or sandwiched but part of the forging.

The Ruger in many respects, is a more dependable, sturdy firearm than the Remington. A serious quality rifle starts with a 1 piece bolt, not a handle that is brazed on because it's cheaper to do.

In practice or over a lifetime of use, a lot of these atrributes don't surface, but I like to know what I'm using is better built and designed.

Don't forget that a controlled explosion is taking place a few inches from your face.
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If you really want to look at Remington, you should troll the used guns in the gun shops until you find a 788, it's the best kept secret in Remington history IMHO, I've got on in 243 that is the shootinest gun I've ever seen. Other wise go with a Ruger.
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Hey remember you are on a Ruger site so were probably all a little bit bias towards the mighty Rugers .....IMHO... the early Remmies all shot well...but nowdays new out of the box ...maybe with a trigger tweek... RUGER....RUGER ....RUGER all day long.Savage also nails the Remmies ....also IMHO.....cheers .
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I only have one bolt action big game rifle, a Ruger MKII .308. It shoots better than I do, it has never let me down. I'm sure guys have similiar experiences with thier Remingtons.....a bolt action deer rifle should be a pretty solid shooter regardless of the manufacturer. I think the Ruger is much better looking than the Remington.
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