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Best ammo for RAR 308?

This is a discussion on Best ammo for RAR 308? within the Ruger Bolt Action forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; Hello guys I am new to the forums and shooting bolt action guns. I recently purchased a Ruger American in 308, installed some Burris Zee ...

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Best ammo for RAR 308?

Hello guys I am new to the forums and shooting bolt action guns.

I recently purchased a Ruger American in 308, installed some Burris Zee Signature Rings, and a Vortex Diamondback 3-9x40 scope.

So here's the issue in having. I can't seem to get a good group out of this rifle, even at 100 yards. So far I've tried Perfecta 147 gr, PMC 147 gr, and American Eagle 150gr. At 100 yards I can't seem to get a good grouping. Nothing under 3 inches and I get random flyers. Was wondering if it's the ammo? I can shoot better groups out of my AK with a zero magnification red dot at 100 yards than I can with the RAR.

Is there a particular ammo that his rifle likes? I'm trying PPU 165gr PSP rounds next.

Thank you!!

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Assuming you're doing your part, the scope is tight, the gun is clean, etc....

You're using cheap ammo. Plain and simple. You're buying just about the cheapest stuff around so don't expect the best results.

Plus your rifle isn't exactly broken in.

All rifles are individuals. There isn't a 'best' for all rifles. You just have to experiment with different higher quality ammo to find out which one YOUR rifle likes best.
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I get good results from Prvi Partisan ammo. Lots of people consider PPU as cheap ammo, but it as accurate as I am. You need some trigger time. If 100 yards is further than you are comfortable shooting move up closer. 3" at 100 yards is not bad. It's not like you bought the best rifle in the Ruger line up. I have deer hunted for over 40 years. I have shot very few deer over 50 yards. In years past I have shot a limit in 3 different states in a single season.

You need to shoot off a rest until you are confident. Then work on shooting in positions you will use when hunting. The most often used is standing with the gun braced on the side of a tree. Do some reading on making improvised rests. Find out what your max distance is. Your max distance is the distance you can hit a paper plate consistently.

Deer hunting is more about being in the right place at the right time than being a great shot. Being a great shot is helpful but not required.

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I get 3/4 inch groups at 100 yards will Federal Premium Power shok 150 gr ammo. I get 1/2 inch groups with my 150 gr Sierra Spitzer BT hand loads.

I agree with the sentiment that you probably need more time with the rifle. I shot mine for months before the groups shrank.

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For small groups, try some factory rounds loaded with a Match bullet. Federal Gold Medal Match, or Black Hills or Australian Outback loaded with a SMK (Sierra Match King) bullet come to mind. PPU and PMC loads seem to do well out of many guns, you'll just have to try several brands in order to see what your rifle likes best. I like PPU and PMC brass for reloading as well. I'm glad I reload, I could never afford to shoot as much out of my 3 .308's if I didn't. The Federal Gold medal ammo is at least $40 a box. I can load a Sierra Match bullet round for 50 cents a round, much better than $2 a round, and tune it to my rifle as an added benefit.
For a hunting (expanding) load, try as many as you can get a hold of, W-W, R-P, Federal, PMC, until you find one that shoots the best in your rifle. As the others have said, your groups will improve as the barrel gets broken in. Make sure your stock screws and scope mounts don't loosen, and check to see if there is not excess pressure on the barrel from the fore end.
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168 grain Hornady A-max at 100 yards will drive rounds through a quarter.

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Mine loves speer grand slams 180's with 46g of imr 4350. For whatever reason I have not found a round that is even close to this combination for the ruger.

100 yards

5 shot group (1 flyer which was me). 3 shot group (barrel too hot). Every gun is different. Took me some time to find this combination and I am super happy with it.
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I have a .308 RAR and I bought a box of W-W 150 Whitetail loads and my RAR shot them into one inch.. I then loaded 46.0gr of 4064 behind some Speer 150gr. HotCors and my RAR shot 5 three shots groups that average .675 inches... Love my RAR..
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I seem to find that the federal blue box power shock ammo shoots good regardless of what rifle or caliber it goes through. I'd try different bullet weights too, and not just stick to 150 grain. See how 180's do.
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Federal fusion 180g shot great though my gun for box ammo. Just a suggestion.
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Plus 1 for PPU and PMC. Trigger really affects things. I always test accuracy up close, 25 yards or 50, and that eliminates a lot of loads up front. Save them for other rifle testing. If you shoot groups that close you really notice when you screw up a shot with your breath or pull. Plus it is easier to keep that crosshairs on a small spot. Aim small miss small. I draw dot with sharpies for load testing. Many times I use a 24x target scope with taper dot just for load development. Works great.
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I have a Predator that seems to favor 178 grain over 168 grain, using Hornady Match. I haven't tried anything else through her yet, but I'm going to try some lighter stuff as well as the Prvi 168 and 175g rounds.

The pic below is a 5 shot group with one flier that was all me. This was @ 100 yards, off of a cinder block and my rifle bag. Light cross wind from right to left at @ 5-7 mph. For reference, I was using the Shoot-N-C 3" target.

And here is a 3 shot group on a previous day with the Hornady 178 grain. This day was quite a bit windier, and I was shooting off of a bipod. This was also @ 100 yards, but I was using the larger 6" Shoot-N-C target. The shot in the 7 ring was from my sight in, and not part of the group.

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The one I had/sold like Hornady American Whitetail 150 grain. Sub 1" groups at 100 yards.
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