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This is a discussion on New Ruger Precision Rifle within the Ruger Bolt Action forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; Originally Posted by Rivoak 10 rounds. 6.5 Creedmoor. 120 yards. Needs no further explanation. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Were they factory or handloads? ...

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Originally Posted by Rivoak View Post
10 rounds. 6.5 Creedmoor. 120 yards. Needs no further explanation.

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Were they factory or handloads?

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I went to pickup my new 6.5 Gen 2 / Enhanced M/N 18008 yesterday.

When the store clerk pulled it out the box, I noticed right away that there was white powder along the hand rail in several spots as well as on the upper receiver.

So I started inspecting everything closer and found following:

- Rifle was not wrapped in plastic bag like many of my other rifles have been when received new - simply laid in the Styrofoam - does Ruger not ship sealed in plastic bag?

- Rifle had good bit of cardboard dust on it in addition to the white dust spots - the Styrofoam was looked to be very dusty / dirty - does this sound like a typical Ruger packaging?

- I rubbed my finger across the barrel / muzzle opening - finger was pretty dirty - similar to a fingerprinting - does this sound like what should remain after the test fire (I would attach photo, but can't seem to attach from my photo library)?

- The barrel is not centered in the handguard as noted on previous posts / websites - but I thought the Gen 2 / Enhanced was supposed to no longer have this issue?

- The rubber on the buttstock had been rubbed enough by the cardboard box due to no packing in plastic that the rubber had rub / glue marks.

This is my first post to any forum ever, so please forgive if I did anything incorrectly.

Appreciate any help since I will lose $25 app fee if I decline the purchase.
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Finely got my new G-2 RPR 308 after just about two years of waiting. Could of had a 6.5 a couple weeks ago, but waited out for the 308. Didn't care for the wait time, but it was worth it for the upgrades. Now I just need to find the time (and weather) to take it out and get it dialed in.
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OLD thread and OLDER complaint, but doubt we'll ever see one in left hand. They'd sell a ton of them if they did, even if only in .308!!
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I had to send my 6.5CM RPR back to Ruger. The daggone firing pin back....as it is called in the user manual....commonly known as a cocking piece......broke when I was reinstalling the bolt. When I indexed the cocking piece to line up so the bolt would go back in, it fell apart in my fingers.

A close look at the break, I can see what looks like a casting flaw. I'm like 98% sure it was a bad cast. I'm sure it happens very occasionally. I'm waiting for Ruger to get the rifle and contact me about their findings.

While there I'm having them check my chamber. I get pressure signs at charge weights that should not give pressure signs and a measurement with a telescoping gauge came up under SAAMI. I had actually taken 4-5 measurements all in the same ballpark.....but then I decided to get a bit more scientific and try to hit the exact same spot, keep the gauge a level as possible etc etc etc and take 5 readings and average them out. Except my cheapy Chinese telescoping gauge took a dump.

I'll have to wait and see what Ruger says but man, I am Jonesing without my rifle. It felt so weird putting it in a plain cardboard box and mailing it off.

The RPR is such a super rifle. I've asked them to give me a quote to buy a GenII hand guard and have it fitted while there......and I forgot but will ask about the aluminum GenII bolt shroud also.

Ruger really knocked it out the park with this rifle and not wanting to be left behind there are others following like Mossberg and Howa. And now that Ruger is offering 6mm Creedmoor.......way to go Ruger. The only thing I wish is that the .308 had been given a 24" barrel. That was an odd decision to go with a 20" tube. 20" is fine and I have a .308 with a 20" barrel and have shot out to 1000Y with it...no keyholing, shot well.

But velocity wise I think 24" is optimum to get those extra few fps for the long shots. Debatable. With the name Precision they should have gone 24". Ruger Tactical Rifle.....20"!
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I just bought one a few days ago and have fired 65 rounds through the stock barrel. So far I am considering a few upgrades, first of which is a 26" heavy barrel. The 20" barrel is ok, but I think I might get a little better accuracy if I switch to a longer barrel.

Any thoughts from those more experienced with this?
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