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This is a discussion on Fit and finish issues within the Ruger 10/22 Rimfire forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; I was going back and forth over which 22semi auto to buy. A friend convinced me that a 10-22 was the way to go. It's ...

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Unhappy Fit and finish issues

I was going back and forth over which 22semi auto to buy. A friend convinced me that a 10-22 was the way to go. It's not that I'm a gun newby: I've competed in IHMSA, skeet, avid hunter (love big bore pistols, and heavy rifles). Never found a need for another 22 rifle other than the one my father taught me to shoot with.
Anyway, age has affected my near vision so iron sights aren't an option which is all that little Remington knock off of a Browing SA-22 will accommodate. Hence the quest for a newer generation rifle that could accommodate optics.

I found a nice used Deluxe Sporter that fit me well, and had a walnut rather than painted birch or flimsy plastic stock. Price seemed right, so brought it home. I haven't fired it yet, having decided to go through the gun first to look for obvious opportunities for improvement. OMG!!

The wood was positively furry inside do to the lack of any attention to the final fit. So many high/lows in the barrel channel plus 'tufts' from the rough routing that it is anybodies guess where the barrel would rest from one shot to the next. I smoothed that some with some very fine paper, then started paying attention to the receiver fit.

Darned pins fell out every time I looked at the receiver. I can understand the trigger retention pins being a little loose, but the bolt stop and magazine release pins too? Then I realized the receiver barrel assembly could not stay centered - there is easily a sixteenth gap on either side of the receiver which means a total side to side of an eighth or more from shot to shot. It looks like the previous owner already replaced the takedown screw with an Allen head and partially crushed the wood bed trying to stop the movement. I don't see this gun keeping a 2" group at 50 yards.

The trigger I expected - I've owned many Ruger pistols and the hard/rough triggers are just st a 'feature' of the Ruger line.

But really - in what world does this gun at its price point considered acceptable quality? Ruger 10-22 are not inexpensive compared to similar competitors ( Rem 597, Marlin, Savage), and the rotary magazine alone does not justify the price delta, nice as it is.

My fix for the moment is to install a BX-25 trigger and a Hogue stock - taking advantage of the aftermarket to fix or mitigate the manufacturing issues. My problem is not the burgeoning 3rd party solutions, but that QC at Ruger has made them a necessity.

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I hope you find happiness. You bought a used Ruger, have not even shot it yet, but are already complaining about all the ways the rifle is deficient. It is a Ruger. They are made to shoot and be affordable. Many, many shooters have been very satisfied with the performance of their 10/22 rifle. The millions sold are evidence of that. The aftermarket has provided accessories of all types so that every shooter can have a 10/22 configured exactly to their needs. It sounds like you are more interested in something fancy to show off than in an everyday gun like a 10/22.
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I'm surprised that such a nice rifle is in that condition. I just bought the "cheaper" Lipsey's version of your rifle called the Sporter. It has the hardwood stock instead of walnut (that's why mine is a Sporter not a Deluxe Sporter) and the fit and finish is very good.

Ironically, the reason I bought mine was because it had a great trigger. It's the same that's on any standard 1022 but it just came out of production with a lighter trigger pull at 4 3/4 lbs. Great for accuracy but safe for a small game hunting rifle.

It's unfortunate that you have to put more money into a gun to make it usable. Good luck.
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It's a cheap $200 autoloading plinker...........not sure what you would expect in terms of fit and finish. They have never been very good in those areas. That's why companies like Kidd are making lots of money. Have probably owned 50 10/22s in my lifetime. Never had one I considered really nice. They are what they are
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You bought a used 10/22, a mass produced assembly line .22lr plinker. You think they'll take the time to use resources to finally finish the inside of a stock? You want finally finished and precisely fit, you spend the money.
The pins...they're not going anyplace loose or not once the action is in the stock. Nothing about the two you mentioned being loose effects anything negligible in performance.
Once tightened properly, how's that barrel going to move that 1/16"?
Lets look also at... You haven't even fired it yet already jumping onto the "it's not going to shoot" platform. Knowing this so forthright, I'm curious why you didn't look over the gun a bit closer before filling out the 4473 and paying for it.

Maybe it's a bit relative but the 10/22's ARE a budget rifle and ARE indeed inexpensive contrary to your opinion. Comparing them to the other makes... Well, consider how much talks and discussions are about those models. How often are they touted for fine fit and wonderfully finishes?

Perhaps this isn't as much about the disappointment in the gun itself but a bit on not taking the time to check it over first yourself. After all, if you expect the folks at Ruger to do this, certainly you could as well.
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Kidd 10/22 is what your after if fit and finish is important.

10/22® and Ruger® 10/22® aftermarket trigger, barrel and parts by KIDD Innovative Design
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What they said ^^^^

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