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This is a discussion on Budget build within the Ruger 10/22 Rimfire forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; Hello fellow rugerers! Like you guys I think ruger firearms are some of the best. I own a few myself. A sr9c, a sr1911c, a ...

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Budget build

Hello fellow rugerers! Like you guys I think ruger firearms are some of the best. I own a few myself. A sr9c, a sr1911c, a 45/22 and my 10/22 I've had since I was 10. 26 years! So I recently discovered how accurate some of us are making our 10/22s and I thought that would be great to get into. Cheap ammo, easy to shoot, and they're fun. Recently my 9 year old nephew has been wanting to learn how to shoot so I pulled my trusty 10/22 out. So we've been going out back every week and I've been teaching him gun safety and how to be a good shot. So that got me back into shooting it and remembering how fun of a gun it is.

Well I'm trying to build a very accurate 10/22 on a budget. I'm paralyzed and on disability so every penny saved is great.

So last week I went out and bought what's going to be the first of a few upgrades I plan to do. I bought a decent scope for it. A bsa sweet 22. Pretty nice scope for $50! Don't know how much nicer of a scope you would need to buy for a 22 plinker. The glass is very clear. It has turrets for whatever grain of bullet your shooting. And it was only $50. I mean what are you really gonna gain by spending over $100 on a scope for a 22? In fact I just bought a bsa 223 for my AR. And that scope is just as nice and works just as good!

Anyway I plan on buying a bull barrel, and doing some trigger work to this rifle. Probably a green mountain unless someone think I can get a better one for around the same price. I've already done a little polishing to the hammer and sear and that's already helped a lot. I'm gonna give it just a little more work and the pull weight will be right where I'll be happy with it. Any advice on pieces to buy to reduce the creep would be helpful. Was looking at rimfire technologies torsion return spring and they're adjustable sear. Then putting one of they're full width triggers in there and seeing how much that helps out.

I've also been looking into bedding the action but don't think I'm going to gain much out of it. I bought a synthetic stock off eBay for $25 and my reciever fits in there so tight it's hard to get it out and put it back in! Don't know if this has something to do with my rifle being a 26 year old model or they all fit the synthetic stock that tight these days but there's zero movement either side to side, up and down or front to back. So I think I'm good as far as not needing to bed the back of the receiver. But I was still think of pillar bedding it. I think it'll help in the fact that I won't have to worry about how tight I torque the takedown screw. Cuz thinking about it if your tightening metal to metal you can't really flex it that much when tightening down. Any thoughts on this would be welcome.

I also plan on cutting this synthetic stock down a little and free floating the bull barrel instead of buying a aftermarket stock. I like doing little projects like this. And I know I'll have to bed the first couple inches of the new barrel and this stock has the perfect space to fill with bedding glass to get that accomplished. I'm open to opinions about this as well as any thoughts of what else I should do to turn this gun into a sub moa shooting benchrest gun on a budget. If it's possible. Thanks for reading my first post! I've been searching these forums for advice for awhile as I've been planning my upgrades and think everyone and all the information here is great!

Here's a couple targets I shot at about 40 yards just having fun. Why only 40? That's as far as I can go in my yard for now. I think the groups are like 7 8 shot groups. Idk why I was shooting odd numbers of rounds. That was my first day with the scope on it zeroing it in. The other target was from a few days ago. I've still got room for improvement. Either I was rushing and missed a few or they were fliers. I still want tighter groups but not bad for a completely factory rifle. Hopefully the pictures load
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That's pretty good shooting.
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Well, we have conflicting stories here. At the top you say its a 22 plinker. At the bottom you say you want a sub moa benchrest type performance. So the two are definitely not inclusive.

How much scope on a 10/22? Well that depends on what you are trying to do. Mine has a 36X Leupold target scope on it that cost about 800 bucks. If I shoot 7 or 8 rounds at a range of only 40 yards, it looks like one ragged hole
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Nice results!
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If the factory barrel shoots that well, why not send it to CPC and have them do some chamber work on it and maybe recrown it, it'd keep the gun light for plinking use...

Now if you just *want* to upgrade the barrel, that's fine too, but the stick barrel looks like it does a good job as is

That's some nice shooting there...
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+1 to the above. In most cases a factory reworked barrel will shoot as well if not better than a budget bull barrel. It also puts less stress on the receiver if you really do want to float it. All of the 10/22s I have had liked some pressure from the stock and shot better with barrel bands on so you are going to have to experiment. Aside from that, I would look into a drop in hammer/sear kit or head over to RFC, there are a few there who rework factory trigger groups for very reasonable prices.

The most economical way IMO is to rework what you have. The outcome surprises most everybody.
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Plus, there's the fun of shooting a "sleeper", looks stock on the outside, but has a bunch of underhood tweaks and can hang with the "ultimate" crowd

Sleepers are cool
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Those are great results. Good advice on budget upgrades.
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