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This is a discussion on Reloading for Self-Defense within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Does anyone here use reloads for self-defense? Or do you stick with manufactured ammo for that?...

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Reloading for Self-Defense

Does anyone here use reloads for self-defense? Or do you stick with manufactured ammo for that?

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I don't use reloads for defense. If someone else chooses to then that is their business. The ammo companies don't spend millions of dollars on R&D, tooling & quality control for their health. But if you are an extremely competent reloader and want to roll your own then go for it. There have been at least 2 documented cases when reloads were brought up at trial. One of these cases was The State of NJ vs. Danny Bias and that trial cost him over $100K in legal fees. 4 re trials later he was finally convicted. The use of reloads can possibly prove your case to the DA that you were in a righteous shooting--unless you lie about things and then it can also be used against you.(This can be done with powder burns/marks/flashes etc as different powders have different burn rates and at various ranges different powders can leave different markings). Mossad Ayoob's take on using handloads for self defense.

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I took an advanced CCW class a while back and the instructor informed us that you can get in some trouble for using reloads as your carry ammo. The reason being is if the perp has a good lawyer, they will say that you loaded the rounds extra hot, and basically make you out to be some kind of gun nut vigilante.
My advice is; Buy good personal defence ammo for carry, and reload to the specs on the box for practice.

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Like Viking said, work up a reload similar to what you are going to carry. Get your practice shooting with that and carry factory ammo for your defensive purpose.
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Does anyone here use reloads for self-defense?
I do. I haven't bought factory ammo for 20+ years (except .22).
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I don't reload for SD, but I don't object to those who do.
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Any and all things related to an incident can be brought up in a court of law... whether or not they are deemed as relevent or not is a different story... Coming from the opinion of people in law that I talked to... if your SD situtation is a clear cut self-defense, you feared for your life, you were in iminent danger, chances are that petty stuff like "you loaded your own ammo" will not be a valid argument against you.

If something looks odd, then there is a better chance that might be brought up and have validity.

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I do , & the process is very different than fixin plinkin ammo !!!

First is the case inspection , cleaning ,then the primer inspection , then powder & bullet (a home cast lead boolit) .

I then chamber each round in each chamber of each firearm it may be used in.

I then seal the rounds primer & store these in a green ammo box , hunting is red , plinkers are blue .

I actually down load the 357 a bit for sd/hd purposes, the concern there being muzzle flash & jump too late to worry `bout blast
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I like what MikeG1005 explains. Good job. I used to carry my reloads because they were worked up to be the most accurate for my gun. Now I only carry factory due to the SD bullet designs.

Remember what Charley B. said, "Nothing is too good for our friends".
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Too many predatory lawyers and DA's out there just waiting to label you as a stone-cold killer if you ever have to defend yourself with your reloads.
Yes, this. I don't modify carry guns beyond sights and grips and don't carry reloads.
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In my 380 LCP I carry factory sd ammo as the G23, but my 10mm stuff is loaded by me and its got hunting loads and sd loads.
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Local LEO was in a shooting. Think it was the TBI that took his gun and ammo for testing. He said when he got it back the bullets had ben pulled.
He thought they were checking to see if he had upped the powder charge.
I use factory ammo just to be on the safe side.
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Originally Posted by JimB120 View Post
Yes, this. I don't modify carry guns beyond sights and grips and don't carry reloads.
Some very good info, all around. I haven't even thought about this until I saw this thread.

What JimB said has me wondering about laser sights. I can hear it now. he was a Marine and a Trained killer, with a laser sight, just looking to kill something or someone.

The truth is that I have a high regard and respect for all life but truth means nothing in a court of law.
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Awards Showcase

I get wired when I see all these "legal opinions" on the forum that come from people with no legal background. Further, writers like Mossad Ayoob have used these scare tactics to sell books ... nothing more. I researched the referenced cases in Ayoob's book and found this: The guns and ammo used in the shootings were introduced as evidence. Neither the gun or the ammo had anything to do with the person being found guilty ... it was just evidence, nothing more and is very typical for any crime involving a shooting.

During my career with DOJ, I sat through many trials and did case reviews on literally thousands of criminal cases. Never once was the gun or ammo used ever a factor for guilt or innocence. Likewise with guns that have been modified ... never an issue with criminal guilt or innocence ... it's all based on intent.

Here's how our legal system works: There are two systems, one for criminal cases and one for civil cases. In a self defence criminal scenario, usually the case goes before a grand jury to determine if the shooting was indeed self defense. If there is enough evidence to support criminal charges, the grand jury will turn the case over to a criminal trial court. If the shooting was determined to be self defense, the charges are dropped by the grand jury. Once a criminal case is tried in court, the jury is tasked with determining guilt or innocence based on the circumstances of the case and the evidence presented by the prosecution attorney. If guilt was proven, it makes no difference if the person used a 22 rimfire, a 44 Mag, a modified gun, reloads, a golf club, or a car ... guilty is guilty. If there was not enough evidence to support a conviction, the defendant will be found innocent and released. Each state as well as the Federal court system has a set of "rules of evidence" and "elements of proof" that must be proven for each different crime before a person can be found guilty. These usually include: fear of being attacked, fear of loss of life for the defendant or another person, opportunity to resolve the issue without using deadly force, distance from the defendant to the victim, etc but no where in the rules of evidence or the elements of proof is there a provision for the type of weapon used (gun, knife, ball bat, etc), the type of ammo used, or if the weapon had been modified.

Civil court is based on "wrong doing" and can not be a criminal charge. Most states have a "Frivolous Suit" law that says "if a person is found innocent in criminal court, they can not be tried in civil court for related issues". Civil law suits involve paying a financial settlement ... no fines or jail time. It is possible for a person to be sued for using a modified weapon if the modification was the cause of a negligent shooting. An example could be ... a safety device in the gun was modified and the incident was directly related to the modification. If a gun was modified but the modification had nothing to do with the incident, then it can not be used as evidence. An example could be ... the sights were changed on a pistol.

There's nothing wrong with using either factory ammo or reloads because neither have anything to do with "guilt or innocence" nor are either included in the rules of evidence or elements of proof. If you feel more comfortable using factory ammo ... no one can fault you. This whole thing is nothing more than another Internet myth.
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Thank You Iowegan !!!!!!
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