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44 specials with gas checks

This is a discussion on 44 specials with gas checks within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I going to agree with rodfac that .435" is very big for 44 Special cylinder throats. My first suspicion is that measurement is incorrect. I'm ...

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I going to agree with rodfac that .435" is very big for 44 Special cylinder throats. My first suspicion is that measurement is incorrect.

I'm also going to toss in my personal bias against gas checks on revolver bullets. In a nutshell, I don't like gas checks. A plain base cast bullet will work just fine in a revolver at standard velocities if the bullet is sized correctly and cast from the appropriate alloy.
If you shoot magnum loads a harder bullet will work even without a gas check if it's set up properly.

If the OP really has cylinder throats that are actually .435", he's got problems beyond bullet sizing.

The other issue is bullet lube. At non-magnum velocities the lube needs to be fairly soft and even at magnum velocities, a lot of commercial bullet lubes are too hard.

The OP didn't comment on which bullet was causing the leading but my guess is that the bullet was: undersized, cast from hard alloy, had lube that was too hard OR some combination of those factors including the possibility of all three.

I've been shooting cast bullets in revolvers for a long time and casting my own for several years. Some commercial cast bullets are OK and some suck. I now cast my own and have control over that factor.

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Originally Posted by Rodfac View Post
That's an enormous throat measurement! Are you sure you're getting a true reading. My Rugers, both .44 Special and Magnum, measure 0.430"-0.432"....and that's for an even half dozen of them. The following bullet and procedure work well for me.

I've had good success in 3 Ruger .44 Specials of the Flat Top variety. I cast my own bullets using Lyman's 429215 GC mold then size to 0.430" with a Hornady GC seated and sized in my Lyman 450 Lubrisizer. The gas check eliminates leading, 100%.

I cast straight wheel weight alloy with less than 1% tin added for mold fill out. This bullet, an old Thompson design, drops at 220 grains from the mold using the above alloy.

Accuracy is superb, running just over an inch at 25 yds from a seated rest. The same sizing, works equally well in a cpl .44 Magnums of Ruger and S&W make, as well as a Smith M24 with the longer barrel, and a new Smith M69 with 4-1/4" bbl. It's truly a great bullet and the gas check does away with the leading issues. For practice use, day to day carry here in KY around the farm, I feel you can do no better. As a bonus, the lighter weight helps with recoil. BTW, in Special brass and fired in my 4-5/8" Flat Top, I get 984 fps with the above bullet and 6.5 grains of Win 231. This is my load, & I feel it's safe in my guns, but you should work up to it if interested after consulting a GOOD current manual and considering all the pressure implications.

HTH's Rod (Here's a pic from several years ago when the Ruger was new, shot it from 25 yds with a seated back rest and that load.)

I cast the same bullet, Lyman 429215 GC, and couldn't agree more. It's an excellent bullet and my barrels stay clean.
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