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This is a discussion on Hornady Lock & Load progessive within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Originally Posted by Mark204 I'm not dissing Hornady because I do have a fair amount of their equipment , but if you haven't made your ...

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Originally Posted by Mark204 View Post
I'm not dissing Hornady because I do have a fair amount of their equipment , but if you haven't made your purchase yet I would suggest you take a look at the Dillon 550.

Dillon is the company everyone else wants to be like.

Here Kitty Kitty

I agree with Mark204. That's where I'd put my money if buying a progressive.

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Originally Posted by g17 View Post
Had my powder measure come loose as well but I placed another O ring on the bushing and never had another issue.
The PM die can also come loose when the PM and/or its linkage come in contact with another die or press part while the ram is moving.

This happens most often when the PM is used in Station#2 with a setup too close to another press part, and will happen more often if there's any movement of the press during use (eg shaky bench). That movement can cause contact between the PM and other stuff, and the movement of the linkage tends to push/turn the bushing loose.
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I don't think there is any such thing as a perfect progressive press. That said, the best premium presses for the normal reloader are Hornady LnL AP or Dillon RL550 or XL650. I do believe the Dillon's are more trouble free but of course I'm biased because I own a Dillon RL550. I bought it just before the 550B models came out .... nothing more than a slightly redesigned frame. That was back in 1993 and until just a few months ago, the RL550B remained pretty much unaltered. Recently, the RL550C was released .... same basic machine only with grease zerks in the pivot arms.

Had the Hornady LnL press been available back in '93, I may have bought one. They do have some innovative designs ..... especially the LnL die mounts. My former neighbor had one so both of us bragged about our own presses. Finally we had a "fly off".... by mounting both machines on my reloading table then putting them through their paces. Putting all bias aside, there was no clear winner. Both of us liked the Dillon's priming system better that the Hornady system. Dillon's automatic powder measure was more accurate and easier to set up when changing dies. Hornady's "5 hole" shell holder was obviously better. Despite the Hornady's auto advance shell holder, reloading speed was nearly identical. Dillon's manual advance has the capability of using the press as a single stage, a turret, or a full progressive without any alterations at all. This has come in handy for me countless times.

Hornady's LNL die mounts are cheaper than Dillon's tool head design but take longer when changing to a different caliber. The overall cost advantage goes to Hornady but the overall quality goes to Dillon. We both concluded .... Dillon dies are superior to Hornady but they also cost more. I guess it all depends on where your priorities are. Both have an excellent warranty with Dillon's being the absolute best in the industry.
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The items you MUST have (shell plates, bushings, etc) to start using your LNL press have already been mentioned above. An optional item you might want to consider [I would not be without one] is the "Powder Cop" die.
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+1 more for the Dillon 550B.
Mine was purchased 2nd hand at a garage sale about 25 years ago and is still running strong. When purchased, it was missing some parts. Dillon replaced them for free - even AFTER I told the sales rep they were missing when I bought it SECOND HAND and he said it didn't matter! I still use my single stage for most rifle cartridges, but all my handgun ammo is loaded on the Dillon and I use nothing but Dillon dies on that machine.
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Originally Posted by WCWV View Post
Good evening Fellows, I'm looking for some info. I've been looking at one of these progressive press for several years now and I'm about to pull the trigger on one. I've been loading on a single stage press for many, many years and I think it's time to treat myself. So here's my questions. What all would I need to order to get this thing up and running. Now of course I've already got dies, ect, but I'm reading about bushings, plates. I just don't want to get it and still be missing something that I need to get started and I also don't want some sales person getting me to buy a bunch of crap that I don't need.
I'll be basically just loading for my shooters.
380, 9mm, 38 special, 357, 44 mag, 45acp and 45 colt
Any input from someone that has one would surely be appreciated.
Make sure you will have a pistol rotor for the powder measure. It uses two sizes and may come with the standard rotor that won't go down to the powder volumes needed for your smaller stuff.

Buy a pack of spare shell plate spring hoops. Crushing the one on there will likely be part of your learning curve.

Get a supply of LnL bushings, probably a dedicated set for each of your most often used die sets.
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