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This is a discussion on ?? Before I even begin... within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; One of the reasons I chose my new RPR in the 6.5 Creedmoor is from reading it is one of the more "accurate" rounds, directly ...

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?? Before I even begin...

One of the reasons I chose my new RPR in the 6.5 Creedmoor is from reading it is one of the more "accurate" rounds, directly from the box, if you do not reload.
It has taken me several weeks to gather all of the accessories and support gear I wanted before I even fire a round.
Now that I'm ready, if time permits, I will zero my scope and break the barrel in this weekend.
This is my 1st rifle with any real, long range potential and I am exited about the possibilities and am sure to, at some point, want to develop my own rounds.

In the mean time, I have purchased 6 of the locally stocked offerings in the 6.5 C to experiment with and hopefully by the time I have sent these 200 rounds down range, will have found a winner.

Most of my spare minutes have been spent reading about the gun and the new scope i chose and the very limited load development info I have came across, seems to indicate every detail is hyper-critical.
I hadnt previously given much thought to hand loading and always assumed you'd just reload every peice of brass until it's worn out.
Now I've come to understand, that the brass quality is far more relevant than I'd ever dreamed and am wondering if there is any point in keeping my once fired brass, other than a few for experimental purposes when I begin learning to load my own rounds, or just toss it in the range bin & forget it.
Or, maybe only keep the brass from the ammo that the gun likes best?
I've got much to learn about every aspect of benchrest shooting, and have read until I am crosseyed, now it's time to put all I've learned to practice, it's just occurred to me tho, there may be no point in keeping up with all the spent brass, if I should only use new specific brass.
Thanks in advance for any input anyone cares to offer a greenhorn.

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There is no reason to discard brass unless there is obvious damage to it. I have been reloading 338 Lapua Mag brass for several years now and some of them have gone thru my press 7 times with no apparent problems. I also have a relatively new RAP in 6.5 Creedmoor and have experimented at great length with loads to achieve the best possible accuracy taking into account the frugal price of the rifle and my deteriorating skill level. My advice would be to not fall into the "biggah mo bettah" attitude when it comes to the projectile. I found that a smaller bullet with a high ballistic coefficient moving at a rapid pace worked best for me. I liked the 123 gr Amax moving at close to 3000fps. I believe that Hornady Superformance can be found in a similar configuration off the shelf....Good luck!
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msp3903 is a jewel in the roughmsp3903 is a jewel in the roughmsp3903 is a jewel in the roughmsp3903 is a jewel in the rough
If some of your chosen ammo is "hunting" rounds, take them back and swap for MATCH rounds from Hornady. I have yet to see a Creedmoor that didn't shoot lights out with either of the offerings in the Hornady MATCH ammo line. Mine likes the 140s best. If your rifle won't shoot with one of those two loadings, it won't be the ammo in my experience.

As to reloading, it's not the age of the brass.......it's the preparation of the brass for reloading that is critical. Inexperienced loaders think that "trickling up" and weighing every charge to the Nth degree is what makes match ammo. The charge weight is well down on the list of importance for something like a 6.5 Creedmoor. Case prep, case prep, case prep

The Ruger Precision Rifles seem to follow the pattern of any other Ruger rifle. Some are horrendous, some pretty good and the rare great one, as far as accuracy. Depending on what you expect, don't be surprised if it needs an aftermarket barrel at some point. I have had my hands on several of these rifles that were owned by guys I shoot with. I think we have had one really good one out of 10 or so. A few ok and some pretty bad. Most of these guys ended up rebarreling or moving on to something else. Myself, I bought the Ashbury Precision from Savage in 6.5.

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Thanks to all for the feedback.
It's at least good to hear the factory brass can be reused in dialing in better loads.
As if I yet have a clue where to begin.

Ive heard about the RPR being hit / miss as well, tho I am keeping my fingers crossed for the luck of the draw.
I figure even if I havnt ended up with one of the sub .5, barrels, if I can at least find a close moa round to use, then I'll go ahead and use as is while I build the fundamentals of benchrest shooting and decide where i want to buy a real match barrel.
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Keep your brass. Keep it separated by headstamp. Uniformity and consistency count. Weigh the cases in a given lot. The cases with the most uniform weight will be the best for reloading. Toss the ones at the extremes. Once you pick a brand you will want to stick with it as changing any component means starting load development over again. Good luck with your rifle. I'm sure the RPR and Hornady ammo will suffice to let you hone your skills.
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ngashooter, that makes absolute perfect since to me, I will put all empties back in their box and buy some scales to cull the odd weighted ones when I figure out what flavor ammo the gun likes.
I may hang on to all of the brass for awhile, in case I run across a deal on an AR simi-auto, chambered in the 6.5 C, that may prefer one of the 5 other samples I have.
The most available locally is
Hornaday 129 gr SST & I have (20)
Hornaday 129 gr interlock (60)
Hornaday 143 gr ELD-X, (40)
I also picked up samples while in Nashville of
Hornaday 120 gr A-MAX, (40)
Fusion 140 gr and . (20)
Winchester Match 140 gr target. (20)

I hope to find a decent price buying bulk once I know what I'll use cause other than the H Interlock at $24, it ain't cheap, all the others are $28-$33
In fact, with my luck, I could probably go on price alone and cull all but the $32.99
143 gr H Precision Hunter.

Btw, is there any "rule of thumb ", for this mid-size chambering, as to rate of fire, in not overheating a barrel?
Or just common sense, & allow a 4-5 min cool down between 5 rnd strings maybe?
Again thanks to everyone for the feedback.
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