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This is a discussion on LCRX 22 LR at the Range within the Range Reports forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I walked back to my range today with my new LCRX in 22 LR. Accompanied by an ammo can full of assorted 22 rimfire and ...

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LCRX 22 LR at the Range

I walked back to my range today with my new LCRX in 22 LR. Accompanied by an ammo can full of assorted 22 rimfire and paper targets; I wanted to adjust the sights and start trying to find out exactly which ammo it prefers and which it does not like.
Here is a quick list of the assorted ammo I used: CCI MiniMag solids, CCI AR Tactical, CCI Blazer, CCI Shot Capsule, Remington Bulk HP, Remington 40 gr Solids in the 100 round box, Remington Sub Sonic, Federal AutoMatch, Winchester M-22, Browning 40 gr bulk, WW Shorts, WW Longs(yes I have a brick of them.)

While adjusting the sights, I decided I would fire 10 shot groups instead of the 5 shot groups. With open sights and my old eyes, I usually had a flyer in each group. A 10 shot group with 1 or 2 outside of it is still a group and can be counted or re-fired. A 5 shot group with 1 or 2 out can not be counted as anything. The best and worst groups were all fired two more times to make sure the result was good. All groups were fired from a sandbag rest, single action. I shot somewhere north of 250 rounds.

The first thing I shot was the Snake Shot. I have dispatched 3 Rattlesnakes in 4 years where I live and a shot shell is usually in the chamber of the Jennings Arms JA22 I carry every day, just in case. At 6 feet from the muzzle the shot group out of the LCR 3" barrel was 4 1/2 inches across; very good.
I was very surprised to discover it really does not prefer the CCI Mini Mags. The Mini Mags were OK, but it actually was more accurate with the Blazers.
The federal AutoMatch was the least accurate of them all.
Both the 22 Shorts and 22 Longs were acceptable, but not great. I have an older Taurus B945 revolver that actually loves the 22 Long ammo.
The Browning 22 LR 40 grain ammo is very accurate in my 22/45 Lite, but did not really shine in the LCRX.

The Remington Bulk HP was accurate enough to satisfy me, but not the most accurate. It is my favorite ammo, cheap and accurate in all my automatic 22's.

The ammo that really was the winner in the accuracy department is the Winchester M-22. It is a 40 grain solid and designed for AR15 conversion rifles. That is great. I have more than a brick of it and my Autos do not really like it.
The Remington 40 grain solids in the 100 round plastic box and the CCI Blazer ammo were almost as accurate as the M-22. These three were the winners easily.
The M-22 groups were 2 inches center-to-center fired at 50 feet. Some of the M-22 groups were 1" X 2" center to center. I wish I could put a red dot on it and see just what it could do. Although I am not really impressed with the accuracy of the LCRX, I have to be realistic. A gun mag I subscribe to recently had a review of an older S&W stainless Kit Gun. I believe I did better with my LCRX than the professional gun writers did with the Kit Gun. I fired the best ammo at 25 yards and all three fired 10 shot groups between 4 and 5 inches. It isn't a tack driver in my hands, but I did not buy it for a range gun.
I am happy with it and now have to start a holster search.
I will return to the range and try some more ammo. I failed to take the Winchester 555 bulk and Federal Champion. I really want to try the hyper-velocity LR ammo, Yellow Jackets, Vipers, Velocitors, Stingers.
Maybe I will do a Range Report page two when I shoot them.

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Know in your previous post you commented on the trigger. Now that you have shot it more, any other impressions of the trigger pull? Thanks
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Thanks for the review.

The new LCRx in 22 is on my very short list to purchase. If I hadn't just bought a really sweet Smith 65-3 with a 3" barrel, one of these would have been in my safe. I'm saving my lunch money.
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The trigger pull is not good. For a single action trigger it has way too much take-up (slack) before it breaks. I do not mind the heavy swingle action trigger, I just wish it was crisper. The double action is OK, but I don't think I will be shooting the LCRX much in double action. I have put almost 500 rounds through it.

Look at Range report Page 2.
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I just purchased this revolver and put 90 rounds thru it at 7 yards. Shot high and to the left. What distance should I be sighting this in at? Double action trigger pull is heavy but I have had a lot worse. Ordered a Simply Rugged Sourdough holster for it. I really lik ethis gun. It is not a target pistol by any means. It is almost exactly what I was looking for in a kit gun. A SP101 or GP100 in 22LR just seems like overkill.
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drscott, I sighted mine in at 50 feet. Sighted at that distance it is still almost dead on at 25 yards. That is further than I plan on shooting with this pistol. Mine shot close right out of the box and only had to do fine adjusting on the sights.
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just replaced the front sight with a hi-vis fiber optic. Ruger says it may lower impact by 5 inches at 15 yards. Hope it will fix the high and left grouping. Trigger shoe mae be next.
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