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This is a discussion on Range Report, LC9s Pro and others. within the Range Reports forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Went to the range yesterday, we each put a few rounds through out LC9s Pros. Girlfriend fired 100, I fired 10. Geco 124 (I think) ...

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Range Report, LC9s Pro and others.

Went to the range yesterday, we each put a few rounds through out LC9s Pros. Girlfriend fired 100, I fired 10. Geco 124 (I think) ball. I'll check the pile and see what I'm stocking these days.

Her finger got pinched good on the first mag. I suspect it got pinched between the mag and magwell, then on the next shot it ripped a tiny pin prick hole. Bled like the dickens. She has some nerve damage from carpal tunnel and didn't notice until she saw the blood. She's a tough one, one of the reasons I love her. She decided it's a prime opportunity to see how it handles covered in blood with her weak hands, so she just let it flow.
She's also a master barista, a damn good cook, and treats me like a king.
It handled fine bloody. She did report it got a bit slick, but she never lost her grip.

I made it through 10 rounds and noticed my front sight "walking" again. That's all I was testing for, since I'd removed it already and put blue loctite under it. I put it away and broke out my FNS9. Did well with it. The trigger pull is nothing like the Ruger. I plan to try shimming the front sight next, and if that doesn't work, I'll be calling Ruger about it.

Each of those has approximately 3,000 rounds through them. The front sight issue appeared on mine at around 2,500 rounds. Hasn't appeared on hers.

Went to the bench and got funny looks when I started pulling on my Harbinger weight lifting glove. Michael Jackson style, just one glove. Felt like moonwalking.
Then I pulled out Baby, the Ruger SBH 44 mag in my profile pic, and suddenly everyone else had something more important to do and we got the bench all to ourselves. My girlfriend pulled out my son's Walther P22, sat right next to me, and plinked away. Had one dud 22 that got stuck in the chamber out of about 100 fired. I fired some 180gr Hornady XTP reloads and managed clover leaf groups even with my weak focusing eyes. I have 20/10 vision, but my focusing is slowing down as I switch from near-far or far-near.
Then fired some 140 grain lead flatnose mouse farts and did reasonably well with about 1" groups. Fired some 280 grain cast LRN cannon rounds. All over the paper, missed the cardboard with a few. I'm gonna remelt the rest of those.
The 280 grain rounds HURT. I have arthritis to begin with, hence the glove with even the mild magnum loads.

The first stop at the range was the rifle side. Shot my CZ527 Carbine in 7.62x39. Still looking for that good commercial load for it. First time I took it to the range, managed 1" groups with Federal American Eagle, but the second box of the same was all over the place.
This time around I fired some Silver Bear HP for the best groups of the day. Managed about 2.5". Unacceptable to me, but is a vital shot on a deer. Monarch polymer coated steel loaded with bi-metal HP was shooting irregular groups averaging around 2.75".
I fired two 5 round groups of Geco "Target" ammo. Range Officer was spotting for me and said "How big a target are they meant to hit?"
Absolute TRASH. Shot patterns I should say. Went home, weighed the unfired rounds, got variations of up to 15 grains. Pulled those rounds, and compared the weights of fired casings, unfired casings, and pulled bullets. All these components averaged withing half a grain of each other. This leads me to believe the charges were irregular. Oh well. At least it seems to be good brass. I do think I'll be reloading for it if I can't find a reliably good performing commercial round.

Zeroed my '79 Glenfield Model 60 with a Weaver Classic 400, scope is a $10 junk store find. Managed ragged holes with Remington Golden Bullet. Pulled out my son's Marlin Model 60 (new) to zero the Simmons 4X32 I'd mounted on it. Took one look through it and almost fell over sideways. Discovered I'd mounted the dang thing crooked as hell. Crosshairs looked like a friggin airplane banking into a starboard course change. Didn't fire a shot, just put it away. The Glenfield is a rebarreled project. Bought it for my son, found a multitude of rings in the barrel, so put it away and bought him a new one. Rebarreling it was a breeze in theory, tap old one out, tap new one in, but tapping the new one in turned into pounding it in. Recommend a press if anyone else needs to perform this operation.

The CZ was fired at 100 yard targets.
All handguns were fired at 15 yard targets, reactive plates for the 9s, paper for the 44, paper and reactive plates for the 22.
The Glenfield was zeroed at 15, fired at 15, 25, and 50, all ragged hole groups.
The trigger pull on that Glenfield breaks clean, no creep or overtravel, but it's extremely stiff. May track down Arrowdodger (a Marlin 60 expert) and see is there's some way to lighten that pull.

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