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Rented a 1911 at the range today

This is a discussion on Rented a 1911 at the range today within the Pistols & Revolvers forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Good luck and good shooting. I no longer use 1911s as I have mild nerve damage in my hands so unless the trigger pull is ...

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Old March 3rd, 2013, 02:14 PM   #16
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bwinters will become famous soon enoughbwinters will become famous soon enough
Good luck and good shooting. I no longer use 1911s as I have mild nerve damage in my hands so unless the trigger pull is over 7 lbs I will have accidental discharges.

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My son waiting for his CC to arrive then straight to the LGS for the Commander size SR1911. Great, now i can just shoot his until I save enough for the full size SR1911.
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Congratulations Hopwheels,

You have experienced a rite of passage in the shooting fraternity.

There are few handguns that are so distinctively right. One other that comes to mind is the Colt Single Action Army in .45 Colt caliber.

Many of us older pistoleros have been 1911 fans forever. One of the great things about Ruger introducing their own 1911 is that a new demographic who may never have tried one are now discovering that there is a whole world of handgunning that is not based on polymer frames, huge magazines, and horrible triggers.

How long can you wait before you buy one?
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How long can you wait before you buy one?
That is the question isn't it!
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AR = Another Receipt.

I'd say go with the Ruger as you will have a lifetime guarantee.

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I have only shot one 1911 it was a Caspian Arms that had bee accurized . It shot like a dream and if I was to ever get an auto pistol it would be a 1911, most likely a Ruger because Ruger has always been my go to Handgun.
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Went shooting with a friend this week and his non-shooting girlfriend came along. She shot his .22 AR-type semi auto once before and described it as "scary". I was surprised she decided to come out.

Anyway, she started out with my Colt Frontier Scout and then SR22. She said "I like those, they're easy". Then she tried the SR9c. Surprised herself that it wasn't that bad. Then she asked to try the SR1911. She was surprised how nice it was to shoot even with the big boom and bit of recoil.

1911 is so good even a petite new shooter likes it! My buddy shot it too - first time with a 1911 and had 3 shots touching in the bullseye at about 10 yards. Nothing like it! Good luck hunting down your SR1911. Hope one turns up real soon for ya.
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Same story as OP. Rented a Kimber, and fell in love with the round and weapon. Had opportunities to buy SR1911 a few times but passed. I used to buy based on reviews, no questions asked, but am much more diligent about NIB weapons now. Went to a new LGS and asked about SR1911, they hand me a Rem R1 something or other. Last 1.5 inches of mag wouldn't insert without fiddling with mag release. Really have to pay attention to QC since production is maxed.
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Originally Posted by Spike12 View Post
If you think the bite of the Ruger bug is bad, it hasn't got a thing on the 1911's love bite.

You certainly aren't the first guy to have shot all sorts of other 'guns' but then heard and felt the 1911's song for the first time.

You will never the same again.
I still have not shot my SR1911 but I find myself looking at other 1911s...Colt, Remington, blued...two-tone....seems one 1911 is just not enough.

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I've owned many different handguns over the last 45+ years, but didn't buy my first 1911 until 1987. It was a new Colt Delta Elite, and I knew I was in love the first time I shot it. Since then I own or have owned a dozen or so of the beauties, and to this day it is still my favorite pistol platform. I just added a Kimber to the stable and am chomping at the bit to take it out and shoot it. Hoping for better weather this weekend.
Don't wait, grab that new 1911 now! That'll enable you to start saving for the next one that much sooner. Because, there is no way you can have just one!
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Originally Posted by hopwheels View Post
Rented a Springfield 1911 at the range today. Was hoping they had an SR1911, but this is what was available. Put 50 rounds through it. All I can say is this seriously hooked me in. Felt great in the hand, smooth firing, surprisingly little felt recoil, easy and natural to get on target. Made me want the SR1911 I've been thinking about even more. My wife fired it and she surprised herself how well she did.

Other than that, more rounds through all of our pistols, son moved up and tried a few magazines through the Bersa .380, which he liked. Wish I had his 14 year old eyes and steady hand, he's a natural. Fun day.

But yeah, SR1911 is happening. Even my wife is up for it.
There is much to be said for family time at the range. Good show! For me, Government Models are like motorcycles; I can appreciate them, especially the really nice ones...but they just ain't for me. That said, if I WERE going to get a 1911, the Ruger is the one I'd be pursuing. Of course, being a lefty, I'd have to get an ambi safety for it, since Ruger doesn't seem to offer it as an option. In any case, we're all looking forward to the range report for your upcoming SR...assuming you can get it back from your wife, of course...
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Be careful, the 1911 addiction can be strong. I have two Kimbers, a Dan Wesson, and a Lew Horton Special S&W. They are all full size government models. My LGS has a Colt coming in and I have first right of refusal on it. My primary carry is one of the 1911s.
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