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GP100 or S&W 686+?

This is a discussion on GP100 or S&W 686+? within the Pistols & Revolvers forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; I want a double-action revolver! Have always had at least one revolver but have been without for a couple of years now. I have at ...

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Old January 24th, 2013, 06:18 AM   #1
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GP100 or S&W 686+?

I want a double-action revolver! Have always had at least one revolver but have been without for a couple of years now. I have at least one of almost every category except for this one. I understand all of the high capacity, semi-autos being swept up, but why revolvers as well?

The last revolver I had was a GP100 stainless in 6". I loved it and wish I had it back. Would like to find another one just like it. Problem is I can't find one anywhere. A few 3 or 4" but for my use and to fill the niche, I want a 6". I have stumbled across a Smith & Wesson 686 plus that is in the type I want.

I like it but don't want to just settle. Would I be settling, or is this one a good model to have? Input please.

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I have a 4" GP100, and really like it. But also have two S&W 686s. IMHO, even though the GP100 will out shoot and out last several generations, the 686 is in an elite class of design, fit, finish, accuracy, performance, and value above the others.
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WOW! Trying to make a decision can cost you. Decided I might go ahead and go with the S&W and it is gone already. My town isn't that big but several shops to choose from including some of the galleryofguns type things available and there is nothing much out there that fits my criteria. Why would revolvers be this hard to find unless all the manufacturers are busy trying to stock up on higher demand items?

Waiting and patience isn't one of my strong suits but I guess I got no choice.
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A 686 is a fine choice.....I prefer pre lock model.........lot's of used ones out there......
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Since you love and miss the gp I say find another one.

I was in a local gun shop the other day and they had a stainless 6 inch. I know they ship. May want to give them a call.

Perrys Gunshop in Wendell NC, I believe it was marked $579.99
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shaneshot either revolver you mentioned should be fine! The S&W 686+ is some what harder to find that's why it's now gone! Never had a GP100 but they are a fine gun! If you happen to come across a Ruger Security Six don't hesitate if it's in great condition because they are also very good! I had one years ago should have kept it! My current double action .357 is a S&W Model 66 with a 4 inch barrel. Mine is one of the earlier models. For my use the Model 66 works great, won't stand up to constant .357's but no problem I shoot mostly .38's thru it! My Ruger Bisley Vaquero is what I use for shooting .357's. Hey I hope you find the revolver you want sorry you missed out on the S&W 686+ darn it anyway's Goodluck to you!!
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I have both albeit 4" models. Of the two, I would part with the GP last. Both are tuned and they have about the same trigger pull weight although the Smith has a bit shorter hammer arc. The GP seems more reminiscent of a Colt I used to have. Also, having the grip stud allows fitting a wider latitude of grips to fit one's hand. As to scarcity I gather guns are built in batches so perhaps none has been manufactured in a while due to the run on autos right now. Might try the used market online.
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Try to be patient and wait for something nice. I have both, a GP100 with 5"bbl and a 686 pre-lock model in 4"bbl. It varies from day to day which one is my favorite, so I don't dare sell either one or I know I will regret it immediately. Be sure to let us know and post pictures when you find the right one.
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Old January 24th, 2013, 09:18 AM   #9
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I have a 686+ and it is a dream to shoot. Mine is 4" and it is the best of all my 357, including my sp101s, (2 & 4") The prior post is right, fit, finish and general appeal is amazing.

Besides the BG will stand up from behind cover after counting 6 shots and come after you again, that is when that 7th shot will convince you it was worth it.
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Have always considered myself to be a S&W revolver guy but I can't get past the internal lock. I wanted a .357 that could handle a steady diet of full house loads as I like to pratice with what I carry. I handled a GP100 4" and the rest is history, the more I shoot it, the better I like it! And it is built like a tank! TJ
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I had the 686 I found it to be way to barrel heavy for my style shooting..Got rid of it Bought my GP-100 4" and never looked back.. Just my opinion..I doubt you will ever need over 6 rounds to drop the BG anyway.

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Anything that goes bang is hard to get right now. This all due to the one guy that has done the most ever in the history of gun sales Mr. Obama. (I'll bet he doesn't even know that fact). My dealer has orders in several places for basically anything, because literally anything these days will sell. I too wanted to purchase a 3" GP 100 in 357 and could not find a single source anywhere nor could my dealer. I ended up buying a used Smith model 60 he had behind the counter. Later during my own searching I found a 38 special model of SP101 and bought that and finally I found a copy of the GP100 I'd been looking for all along. Each of these guns took forever on line searching and searching. Then the last gun I got was an all stainless Sig Sauer railed 1911. As it turns everyone is out or behind on every item that they sell. I really found this out when I tried to get add on's for my 1911 and ammo. Everyone is in a fever pitch of buying right now and the best thing to do is to buy whenever the opportunity strikes and (Never sell any guns ever), as it will be a very long time before you could replace it if at all. I have six handguns that for now complete my collection and of those I have three different calibers to acquire ammunition for. I'm in the process of getting the ammo I need or rather want to have. I have three 50 cal ammo cans and I'd like to have each filled with one of three calibers that I'm using. I also would like a couple of boxes of each to put into a 30 caliber ammo can. That's the one I'll take to the range and if I shoot a box of each, I'll then reorder a box of each, each time maintaining a full 50 cal ammo can of each caliber. Reloading is out for me because I realize that components are just as hard to get as ammo. It's a mess out there and only time will tell what will end up happening. Smithy.
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Me, the GP100.
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Originally Posted by James6591 View Post
Me, the GP100.
Me too...
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I've got both plenty of GP100's and also 2 S&W 581's and a 1989 production 6" 586 that is the Epitome of all that S&W used to be. I love my GP100's though and for " serious business" and range shooting I always choose them over my S&W's. I own many S&W revolvers but my self defense lineup is all Ruger, with my SP101, snub Speed Six and 4" DAO GP with night sights. For me the Smiths are just range toys.

S&W used to have superior fit and finish, I also own many of the "new gen" Smith revolvers but for what you pay for a new S&W IMO you don't get any advantage over a new GP100 except you get to spend $100-200 more for the logo on the side. If you want a 686+ at least look for a gently used one. The last brand new Smith I bought, a 617 looked used when it came out of the box, with many machine marks on the finish. Never again will I buy a brand new S&W, although I did just put a new 4" GP1

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