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Glock 42 vs LCP Custom women perspective?

This is a discussion on Glock 42 vs LCP Custom women perspective? within the Pistols & Revolvers forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Originally Posted by BearBio We are NOT Glock fans but they are ugly, dependable, ugly, accurate, ugly, plastic, and, did I say they are ugly?. ...

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Originally Posted by BearBio View Post

We are NOT Glock fans but they are ugly, dependable, ugly, accurate, ugly, plastic, and, did I say they are ugly?.
Over on Glocks site the G43 is not even recommended for time gun buyers the recoil is snappy and my guess is that's why they don't recommend it for first gun buy.

As far as that quote goes above Ugly who cares right, I don't at least, Dependable no more than most, Accurate no better than most, Plastic yup.

They are popular because of the after market support and the tinkering the kiddies like to do. And while they may have been the best thing since slice bread 20-30 years ago the game has changed and you can get just as good and for less money.

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Your daughter needs a gun that will go boom when the trigger is pulled, and throw a bullet where it should go. Most all guns will do that, most will do it reliably. Considerations are how it will be carried, sensitivity to recoil, and will it be left at home because it is inconvenient to carry.

Asking advice for guns for carry on the internet is like asking for medical opinions on the internet.

There are lot of good options out there, just need to put hands on the options. And weigh if the gun will be carried. Each firearm will have it's positives, and negatives. A small semi auto will fit a pocket better usually, a revolver can be fired from inside a purse, or coat pocket. Revolvers usually have lower capacity than semi autos, but 38 spl revolvers have a very wide range of ammo selections. 380acp will do the job, but two choices of bullets, hollow point, or FMJ. Both have their limitations in lower velocity range. 38 wadcutter will do a lot of damage with low recoil at low velocities.

Probably need to make a checklist, and decide from that checklist what is the best carry option.

FTR my wife carries a SMC380 in her purse, and open carries a Colt Police Positive.
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"Dependable no more than most, Accurate no better than most"

Dependability is as good as a J-Frame. Better than most 1911's I've had (Over a dozen), Walthers, Browning hi-powers, Bersa (32, 380 and 22), HK4, Colt pockets, Colt revolvers (except SAA).

Accurate: ANY of my Glocks beat a J-frame, Walther PP or PPK, Colt Pockets (In fact, ANY OF MY COLTS EXCEPT MY GOLD CUP), Browning HP (an old post war FN), most of my revolvers except my Python and S & W 25-2==consistently under 2" at 7 yards. My G27 does 1" in 357 Sig.

So, even if UGLY, I still find them the most dependable and accurate for me AND my wife and we've both been carrying for 20 years now. I'll admit there may be better out there but we've not found it. BTW: I paid about $400 for mine.

There is an old adage=you get what you pay for.
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Originally Posted by BearBio View Post
Accurate: ANY of my Glocks beat a J-frame
I hear ya BearBio, you can throw a rock and beat a snubbie, it's the hardest gun to master outside of say a derringer. But them again the snubbie is a close quarter/belle or a 'get-off' me gun. Practicing further than 15 feet defeats it's usefulness. (note I said feet and not yards)

Carry-on it's all good, whatever works for ya.
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Funny here how I see all the comments about the LCP having so much recoil. So many reviews say how the tiny gun is so manageable. I got a Custom and my wife agrees it's not bad at all . Granted you aren't going to shoot it all day . I find I can do fairly rapid head shots at 15 yds. Who needs more than that? It kicks sure but it's not terrible. You have to remember it kicks because it's so very small and light. If you do end up needing for a situation you won't even notice though.
I was a Glock guy on the job and loved my 23 until they issued 19's and I found myself yanking some mug out of a car with a couple other officers Glocks pointed in my direction. The kind of officer that you don't feel all that confident in or are too jumpy for your liking. For me that's when that wonderful triggers love went right out the window.
Years later we went to HK P2000's which had a decent but not great trigger. Certainly no Glock at distance shooting but far safer at least in the hands of the less skilled (or panicked sorts).
I ordered a Custom on a whim figuring if I got it it cheap as I did Could always just sell it and get something else. Immediately I noticed that it shot very well as reviewer's indicated. The trigger was plenty long enough to keep bad unintended things from happening yet plenty for accurate shooting within reasonable distances but SMOOTH! The other thing I noticed immediately is that it's basically only half cocked when it's sitting in its holster loaded. It takes that extra little bit to pick that hammer up the rest of the way which I like anyways since it's very smooth yet helps insure against an AD. Since I carry mine with a loaded chamber it actually means something.
Would I carry it loose in my pocket fully loaded, no not unless I had to yet put it in a pocket holster and no problem whatsoever. With the new LCP I'm not sure how to take it as I haven't handled one just yet. If it does indeed have a 5.5lb trigger much like a Glock i personally wouldn't want it to carry fully loaded in most instances.

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Did she pick one yet?
I would love to hear what she chose
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After renting a Glock 42 I thought it would be the perfect pistol for my wife & her sister. IF they don't have a limp wristing problem, I didn't but they're petite. I've shot a S&W Bodyguard, Colt Mustang & own a Beretta Pico & the 42 was WAY easier for me to shoot. Much smaller groups & fast follow up shots. Now if I can just get them to the range with me. Everyone's too busy. Retiring in 9 months thanks God!
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Originally Posted by kalmm5 View Post
Did she pick one yet?
I would love to hear what she chose
No new gun yet. I talked to her about her Model 60 and actually got her a Crossbreed modular belly band. The gun carries well for her in that set up. I'm loading up some 38 wadcutters and we are practicing with those. She likes the simplicity of the revolver right now.
Her boyfriend bought a SIG P238 and she absolutely loves it though. Again, she needs to try these smaller guns out first.
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I bought my 68 year old Mom with mild arthritis in her hands a stock, basic LCP stainless 4 years ago , before all the "Customs" and the "LCP II" or whatever came out. I added the Hogue grip sleeve, which is a MUST in my opinion, took about 5 minutes to install. I also got her a Sneaky Pete leather fake cell phone holster. She can shoot it one handed, two handed, it works with every type of ammo I have tried in it with her, it's now loaded with Remington HP's because the gun likes them and she can handle them, if it works it works, no need for any .380 +P type stuff in this gun. The LCP is perfect for her, it's light, it's DAO, no safeties, she's 68 years old and I've accepted that she's not going to put in massive range time, I'm just satisfied she can safely operate it and shoot it, and she's confident with it. The LCP is NOT a "shoot a ton at the range" type gun and that's perfectly OK, it's a "set it and forget it" carry gun.

I have a Glock 42, it's a .380 for people who actually plan to train with it. I expect it will hold up like it's bigger Glock counterparts. I'm not a Glock fan-boi, but I have the 42 .380 as a "light carry tool", that I can easily conceal, and I have a Glock 36 .45 for when I want to carry something with more fight stopper in it. Both are "tools", I know they'll work, I've broken them both in, I keep them clean, shoot them here and there, and that's it. I have no desire to run 1,000's of .380 through the 42, it's basically a 0-10 yard last ditch get-off-me gun. My training, range shooting and practice time with my other guns, will carry over to the 42. My first shots with it after I got it, I put all 7 into the 10 ring of a silhouette at 10 yards, point shooting, so I feel I am capable with it.
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