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Need help from the bow Hunters

This is a discussion on Need help from the bow Hunters within the Hunting forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I have been interested in get a bow for hunting and target practice. The issue is that I'm afraid that I won't like it, I ...

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Old March 3rd, 2013, 09:20 PM   #1
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Need help from the bow Hunters

I have been interested in get a bow for hunting and target practice. The issue is that I'm afraid that I won't like it, I have shot a few bows at a local range and I enjoyed it and it was only a string of three. I just have a hard time justifying to myself to spend 500 dollars on something that I may not use as much as I would on a firearm. Does anyone know where I can get a decent starter bow used anywhere, and I am left handed and left eye dominate. Also please comment if you have any beginning suggestions on what to look at and stuff like that. Any help its much appreciated.

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try craigslist in your area, seems like they run in spurts here either a lot or none
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I have tried craigslist but for the most part they are right handed bows, once in a great while I'll see a left handed one, but they are far and few between.
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I have the Bowtech Assassin. It's a great rig. It comes with everything and is ready to shoot. I tested the Matthews and Hoyt's (over 1k) and even a Winchester but the bowtech fit me the best. They are similar to ruger in that they make a quality product without the expensive name brand. I paid $650 for mine new. Of course with the release, arrows, case and a few other goodies I was around $850 out the door. But unlike shooting firearms, once you've got everything, your arrows last forever and there's no money or added expenses to shoot it. I'd say go to a pro shop, test them all out, see what feels comfortable and what you shoot the best. I wouldn't suggest buying it without shooting it. Also, a pro shop will fit the bow to you based on your draw length and tune it for you.
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you can try bass pro shop they have some package deals, or if you want to bargin hunt you might try some pawn shops. you need a buddy or someone that knows a bit about bows to take with you. I buy a new bow about every 4 to 5 years and most of the time have a grand in them, the old ones bring 3 to 5. good luck its a great way to hunt
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being a lefty closes the market on available bows , might have to get a new one ,i shoot a martin good bow for the money, u can normally get a bow kit .comes with everything u need ,some r under 500.00 try cheaper than dirt , dicks sell em too
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ArcheryTalk Forum: Archery Target, Bowhunting, Classifieds, Chat

Here is a good place to start. Join up and ask questions. There are a lot of knowledgeable guys here. They have a great classified section if you know your draw length. If not, we'll figure that out. Feel free to pm me and I'll be glad to answer any Qs I can. I have been bow hunting and competition target shooting since 93. Still bow hunt but gave up the comp. part a few yrs. ago. Good luck!
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Check the archery forums classifieds. I prefer traditional equipment, and Lancaster Archery carries the Samick line. Good bows, reasonably priced.

Don't get caught up in the hype that you have to have the latest and greatest compound with all the bells and whistles. They change models every year like cars. Some of the new ones look like they fell off of the space shuttle or something, and weigh as much as a rifle. A Bear recurve made in the sixties looks just like the ones made today, and they are fine bows.

Good luck, and go trad. You'll be glad you did. It's just more fun.
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Grandpabear, thanks for advising me on AT, I signed up by chance already and I was going they are what I'm looking for and you reaffirmed my thought. I took a look at a bear legion the other day the more and more i think about it i think that will be my starter now. I never got into bow hunting because i don't know anyone the uses a bow. I'm still in the researching passe though and I am going to be more aggressive on archerytalk. Thanks everyone for their input I'll keep you guys posted and hopefully I can shot it right.
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Like some people said up higher try craigslist, or you could try like bass pro or cabelas they usually have starter bows ready to should any where from 350-700. Just depends on your preference.
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The PSE bow has become the leader in the bow industry and is definitely one of the best and fastest bows on the market. PSE bows have great features such as 366 fps speed, professionally engineered Planar Flex Riser design, and the Centerlock 2 Pocket system, to create one of the most consistent and accurate bows you will ever shoot.
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Old May 12th, 2013, 06:12 PM   #12
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I just upgraded from a 10+ year old PSE Nova that has killed lots of game to a new Bear Motive 6 that's another 3rd faster and loads quieter. I didn't do it because I HAD to but because I WANTED to.

I'ts a great addition to your hunting hobby (bow hunting) and it's just as much fun and in some instances more fun to bow hunt vs fire arm hunt.
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Hi ... do you know your draw length??? If not then you need to get measured or you will get a bow that doesnt fit.. ... Go to one of the big stores and get measured . look at the bows see which feels right.. The problem with craigslist and a second hand bow is you dont know if it has been dry fired or if it needs a new string...
I was extremely lucky .. I got a 6 month old PSE stinger which had been shot only a few times.. for $200.... Its was easily adjustable for draw weight and draw length.
I did take it to a local archery store the guy checked it over and said it was good to go... It takes time to get your aim... it taes time to use a release... if you choose a compound bow..... Which is the best for hunting.... Pm me if you need further advice...
Be careful of craigslist.... you really need to know about bows first...
Best starter bows... well... depends on your price point... Look seriously at a new bow like the PSE stinger.... or Diamond range... We recently bought our son a mission craze... cost about $500 for full set up, arrows and a case... And believe me its a "smaller bow" BUT! it packs enough power to take down all game.... I have shot it... and then re adjusted it for my son and its one heck of a bow.... But I like my stinger too.......
If you go to the local archery shop they usually have used bows too and many have layaway and let you shoot it at their ranges until its paid for .. And you get the help and advice you need... Ie... correct stance, correct spine and length of arrows and the correct string release for you ....
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Originally Posted by Tonybagn View Post
Be careful of craigslist.... you really need to know about bows first...
Can't think of better advice. Someone that knows what to look for can spot cracks and other problems that many would overlook.

I bought a used bow back in the mid-90's from someone I worked with and it was like new. It was an old Browning round wheel and I hunted with it for years. That set up was very forgiving and I got a lot of deer with it and did not miss many. Just before I retired in 2003 I bought a new Browning single cam bow for hunting. I practiced with it regularily and then proceeded to completely miss the first 6 deer (over 3 years) I shot at with it. I went to a pro and he installed a peep sight and I started having success. The shorter and more fancy the bows get the more difficult they are to shoot if you have any flaws in your shooting.

My advice is go to a pro shop and do it right. Often you buy a new or even a good used bow from them and they will set the bow up for you and even help you with your shooting. Then practice everyday if you can. When I first started I worked up to 100 arrows each evening and shot that for several months before I hunted. I also practiced at longer ranges than I intended to hunt at. Shoot at 50 yards then 20 yards seems easy. Good luck.
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I've bow hunted since 1992. Started with a Bear compound and kept it till 2011. Went through all the gadgets, over draw etc. Over that nearly 11 years I took a lot of deer. It got to be my favorite pastime and it made me a better all around hunter. The "Archery" part is a blast but learning to Bow Hunt is a skill set that crosses many elements. You will love it. I've learned how to find, attract, hunt and take and animal in the wild and everything I learned made me a better hunter and woodsman across the board. In 2011 I decided it was time to retire the dinosaur and move into the new technology. My second bow was the Bear Strike. I love it ! Short, light, fast it's a pleasure to shoot. I highly recommend joining an Archery Association your area. These folks are now some of my best mentors and companions. I shoot weekly almost year round. We have competitive shooting and do events during the off season. Probably the best thing is the access to areas that are normally not available to firearms hunters because of restrictions. Sunday afternoons are my range time and besides punching paper we have three 12 silhouette courses. Teach youth shooting and safety classes etc. don't get me wrong, I still love my Black Powder and Rifle seasons. But the freezer is normally full before November. I think once you jump in and start to learn you will feel the same. Bear has a ton of great starter packages and it's a great way to go. When I go to my local sporting goods store I always say take money please ! LOL ! Good luck, get hooked up and you'll enjoy the Community and Camaraderie.
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