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Can't decide between 10mm or 357mag. HELP

This is a discussion on Can't decide between 10mm or 357mag. HELP within the Hunting forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Get the .357. Use the extra money you save on ordering 10mm to buy ammo/reloading stuff for .38/.357 and practice. I had a Glock 20 ...

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Get the .357. Use the extra money you save on ordering 10mm to buy ammo/reloading stuff for .38/.357 and practice. I had a Glock 20 back in the day as a duty gun, but ran into your problem of ammo availability. Traded it for something more common (9mm) and haven't really looked back. That said, I have 2 .357's, 2 9mm's, 2 45 acp's a .44 mag and a .45 Colt. I reload for them all, but I always give a prospective gun purchase the "Wal-Mart" test. Can you go to Wallyworld and hope to find something you can use? Closest 10mm to me is either 30 or 60 miles away depending on what the closer one has in stock.

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For the experienced shooter, the Glock 10mm has the advantage: Heavier bullets (hardcast), more rounds, better ergonomics, etc. For the inexperienced shooter (which you seem to be), the 357 is the better choice, especially if BIG bears aren't involved. Safety is a matter of training. "Manliness" is important at the mall or in trying to pick-up girls.

Don't get me wrong! I have had Colts, S & W, Rugers and Sig Sauers in 357; both DA and SA. My wife shoots 357 in SASS. I carry a modified Glock 27 in 357 Sig for my EDC. Nothing wrong with the 357. I had a 4" G100 but sold it after it failed to stop a large sow hog (~225 lbs) at 6' (6 shots). If my buddy had not shot her with my 300 mag, she would have likely got to my legs. All six shots were in the neck in a 3" group. Bullets were 180 gr hardcast. I would not be comfortable relying on a 357 for large bears or large pigs. Also dog packs can run 20 or more individuals.

Shots on bears, black or brown, will be pretty much limited to ONE! (Been there, done that, got the t-shirt).

You seemed to have convinced yourself to go with the revolver. If so, I would look around for a used premium 41 or 44 mag and you can shoot 44 special loads for practice and defense. Nothing wrong with choosing the revolver==as others have said, it's your choice and depends on your circumstances. Shot placement will be imperative, almost always.

Good luck, and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, Practice!

North Country Gal: Go for the G20, you'll like it. My G27 in 357 Sig gave me 1 1/2" groups at 7 & 10 yards. My G20 gave me 28/30 in the head of a silhouette target at 10 yards, rapid fire (45 seconds)=the two "fliers" were in the ear and the jugular.

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Originally Posted by 357mag View Post
I can't decide between 10mm in a Glock 20, or a 357magnum in a Ruger Gp100 4.2". I posted about this before, and I really want the 10mm, but I feel like the 357 magnum is a better choice.

This is for a woods gun, for protection against 4 legged predators. Mainly black bear, hog, or a wild dog. I do not live in Grizzly territory. This gun may be pushed into a hunting role if I ever decide to go hunting...
I carry both for the same reasons (GP100 4", Glock 29 10mm). I have shot the G20 and it is one smooth, recoil soaking pistol. Had I shot it before I got the G29, I would have gotten that instead.

Regardless, I will carry the 10mm in the woods with hot Underwood or buffalo bore loads every time over the GP100. 10 rounds and slightly heavier/larger bullet in the 10mm do it for me, despite the higher cost in ammo. I love the GP100, but just prefer to carry that pistol instead. I would also prefer a 10 round pistol for 2-legged threats as well, which there are a lot of where I hunt.
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