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What is a good caliber to dispatch coons?

This is a discussion on What is a good caliber to dispatch coons? within the Hunting forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; A 22LR will turn the off switch on a 1500 lb steer in a millisecond. With a 22, it is indeed a matter of shot ...

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A 22LR will turn the off switch on a 1500 lb steer in a millisecond. With a 22, it is indeed a matter of shot placement.

That being said, it is not often that I've been able to walk up to an animal within 3 feet and shoot them point blank and exactly in the right spot. Miss by an inch with a 22 and little usually happens.

Critters such as rock chucks can absorb numerous close range 22LR hits and still run off. I imagine coons may be similar. I'll only shoot a rock chuck with a 22LR if I have a scoped rifle and an easy shot. Other than that, a .223 carbine, a 38 or 45 revolver drops them every time with a solid body shot.

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Originally Posted by GSR Fan View Post
22 Mag or 17 HMR makes for much cleaner kills.

22 Mag carries more mass to the target when you need 45 grains or if you need flatter shooting go with 30 grain ballistic tips.

17 HMR shoots flat out to 125 yards and expends about all of its energy in the target. It is relatively quiet. It is perfect when you are shooting around farm equip etc.

22 LR does the job, but is not ideal. When you get into the 60-90 yard ranges trying to figure out the drop of 22 LR can be tricky.

A suppressed 22 Mag can do a lot of work around your ranch or country house.
I agree. The .22 Hornet is also a great coon round. I only have .22LR guns and a .223, though. A .22 Magnum rifle would be nice, someday.
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gqucool is just really nicegqucool is just really nicegqucool is just really nicegqucool is just really nicegqucool is just really nice
The key is also well placed shots, I would think a .22LR/.22Magnum would work perfectly most of the time.
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I recently picked up a Ruger American rimfire 22WMR and fired some CCI TNT hollow points out of it. I think they are rated at 2250 fps. I had a small steel rimfire target set up at 50 yards and those rounds dented the living #@$& out of that target. Those rounds are moving! I'd think that would be plenty for coons or other small varmits.
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I used to have a problem with raccoons getting into the garbage cans, which were right under the bedroom window. Of course in NJ setting off a firearm in your own backyard is very illegal. However, I found that if I lit a cherry bomb (also illegal) and tossed it into the garbage can, it was very entertaining and you wouldn't have a problem for the rest of the night. :-)

If I wanted to be a bit less noisy, I could just drop a hammer into the garbage can.
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.22 or if you think you need more .22 magnum
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I had a family in my attic. Got in during remodeling. I didn't want to shoot bullets through my roof accidentally. So I went out and bought the most bad a$$ assault airsoft gun. I went ape $hit on em. They wouldn't go away. I didn't wanna shoot em and injure them where they'd crawl into a corner inaccessible by me and decay... so I refrained from using a pellet gun. Finally rented half a dozen live traps. Got em all with cans of tuna. They ate it up. Took them to the woods and let em loose.

My bro in law had coons getting into his trash. He'd pour xxx hot sauce on the tasty food on top. One mouth full and they'd hop down and run zig zags down the street. They stopped raiding the cans.

Another option for use in residential areas where you don't want to create noise from a firearm is to use a crossbow pistol. It'll go through them and they'll bleed out. Not the most humane way of taking a coon as it'll take a while til they drop. But if that's your only option it works. These pistol crossbows can be had on amazon or ebay for $40-$50 bucks.

If I was in the country and had nuisance coons... .223 over .22LR.

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Not exactly the same thing we are discussing, but I thought this was a good quote:

I am so tired of people preaching this 'shot placement' sermon. People who say that shot placement is everything have just identified themselves as bench shooters who have never done any kind of tactical shooting. Yes, shot placement is important, but the thing is real life isn't like the movies or video games. Bad guys don't just charge out into the open and stand still so you can get perfect shots on them. Rarely do you get a chance for clean shot. Usually you only get small parts of the bad guy to shoot at, and only for a split second, and almost always the bad guys are moving very fast, trying not to get shot.

You do not want to use ammo that requires perfect shot placement to be effective. You want your ammo to do as much damage as possible to stop the bad guy, no matter where you hit him, ideal shot placement or not.
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Assuming that the raccoons aren't living in your

house at the time, that you are in the woods, where raccoons

belong, 223/556. Once they get in your soffits, walls, attic, etc,

it's a whole different ball game.

You will want to poison them with warfarin. It's a rat poison designed to

drive the animal out to seek water, where he dies.

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Originally Posted by ngashooter View Post
The .22lr is great for when you can get the between the eyes shot. The .22mag or any center-fire is better for when you have to take whatever shot presents itself (as when the masked bandit was dragging my birdfeeder down the steep hill behind my house). Around my S. Georgia camp I could have any large caliber handgun or rifle handy. I have dispatched armadillos, 'possums, and other varmints in camp with .357mag, .44mag, .45lc, and once even with a .300 Win Mag.......all worked well. The .300WM 180gr Ballistic Tip didn't leave enough armadillo intact to even identify.

I got a chuckle from your story, and it reminded me of a good friend of mine. He had a problem with an armadillo in his backyard, digging. So rifle in hand, he brings along a lawn chair and a cool beverage, and waits for the perpetrator to emerge from his hole. His rifle of choice, a Ruger #1 chambered in.....458 lott. I'm sure you can imagine how that turned out. Good news, he no longer has anything digging holes in his yard.
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Well I did one last week with my duty gun (gen4 Glock 31).

Took two shots. Walked up to it and readied a head shot, it started to run away so it became a body shot which caused it to roll a few feet but I was able to do a follow up head shot. Picked it up and tossed it in my trunk (in a plastic bag) then promptly got busy and didn't dispose of it until about six hours later. Yuck.
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