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This is a discussion on Those who hunt with 223 within the Hunting forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I don't want to say it is unethical, but I don't think it's a bright idea to use a varmint round on medium game. The ...

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Old May 2nd, 2016, 09:44 AM   #61
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I don't want to say it is unethical, but I don't think it's a bright idea to use a varmint round on medium game.

The tiny bullets have a low Sectional Density for medium game. Further, the momentum is lacking for medium game.

A 55 grain bullet has a SD of 0.16, adequate for varmint sized game at best. The same bullet has a momentum of 25.5, well below the 40 lb-ft/sec recommended for a clean kill on medium game.

While I do know of professional hog hunters using varmint cartridges, they limit their shots to the ear and neck, not something I would want to do nor is it good advice for the average hunter.

If you want to have to limit your shots to "perfect presentation", good luck with that. But don't promulgate the .223 as a good medium game hunting round as it is irresponsible. Do as you please but don't drag others into the nightmare of being under gunned for medium game.

Looking at the .243 Win with a 100 grain bullet, the SD is 0.24, fine for medium game, and the momentum is 42.3 lb-ft/second. This is a far cry from the weak .223.

Rant over.

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Old thread and to answer the question originally posed: Federal Fusion 62 grain soft point on a big mule deer.

It was my son's first deer and the lightweight, adjustable stock, low-recoil AR is a good gun for a boy. But, we made sure to get a really good shot. And I was along to back him up with a bigger rifle.

It all worked out fine, but I don't recommend it in general. We will move up this year to something like a compact Ruger American in 7-08.
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Old June 6th, 2016, 07:51 AM   #63
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Deer hunting, Shot placement is important always, but becomes critical in lighter projectiles. Exit wounds will be smaller and can leave lighter blood trails. Practice and be very confidant you can place that shot exactly where it needs to go. I believe a scope or red dot would be a must. (It would be for me) .223 will take down even the biggest whitetail. Shot placement is the most important thing.
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I'll throw in my .02$
The .223 can be very effective for deer and hogs. All our hunting was on the family farm. My family has used it for years with the Winchester 64 PSP in hand loads until we discovered the 60 NOSLER Partition. Best component bullet going for them.
In factory loads the Federal 62 gr Fusion is a keeper.
We limit our shots from stands out to 125 yards. Grandaddy made us promise to not fire if you didn't have broadside or quartering away shot within range. He said the animals deserved a clean shot. I agree. We only took dry sows and young pigs (up to about 40lbs) from the farm. Seemed to work pretty well at keeping the numbers down.
It's definitely all about patience and precision shooting with a capable bullet. Same as any other round, if used within its limitations, it's a workable choice.

Thanks, Tom
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Old November 10th, 2016, 04:32 PM   #65
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Shot one round at a large doe at about 60 yds. Shot her through the front shoulders and she dropped in her tracks. Lungs were shredded. The round used was a Winchester
.223 64 grain Power Point. That's my one and only hunt I made with a 223. Now you have me thinking I have a Mossberg MVP .223 that is a tack driver. The one deer I did shoot was with my late wife's Mini 14. Might just sight the Mossy in this weekend.
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Excellent on varmints, deer and pig.
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To answer the original question: no ballistic tip (See Brandi's post). Hollow point and soft point seem appropriate choices. Other bullet types in the posts also work well. I don't know if you qualified the question with off the shelf or reload. Manufacturers are using better bullets than you could find twenty years ago off the shelf.
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Old December 2nd, 2016, 07:49 AM   #68
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The 223 doesn't fit into my spectrum for hunting rounds. .204 is used on coyotes and smaller varmints, while .243 and up is reserved for medium sized game.
One would ask, maybe, if it was their only rifle, how to make a 223 effective on larger deer. But I guess I don't see the point? Use a varmint round on varmints and use a big game round on big game.
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I don't hunt deer with it.

Coyote, feral cats, and the like.
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Old March 19th, 2017, 08:19 AM   #70
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I guess I operate at both ends of the spectrum. 223 for coyotes and whatnot. 45-70 for EVERYTHING else lol.
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For you guys who think a .223 will only work on a hog if shot in the head or neck.. WRONG.. We use the Ruger American .223 with our loads.... 64gr Nosler SBS on top of 25 grs of varget. broad side thru the plate , and from front to back .. in thru the chest and hammered the rear thighbone broke in two. DRT on 98% of our kills. And we hammer a lot of them. And yep head and neck shots too that's the beauty of the .223 low recoil pinpoint accuracy. The Nosler is sooo much cheaper than the TSX also. Speaking from experience.. And 200+ lb Whitetail in the freezer. .223 is the only cal. you need
Only my opinion.
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