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Stainless or blued?

This is a discussion on Stainless or blued? within the Gunsmithing forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Hi, guys! First post here on this forum. I am one of those old school guys who prefers revolvers to autos. I am thinking about ...

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Stainless or blued?

Hi, guys!

First post here on this forum. I am one of those old school guys who prefers revolvers to autos. I am thinking about getting either a Ruger or Taurus revolver after many years of being without one (S&W is just too expensive for me at this time) and I and wondering about opinions between stainless and blued versions.

Let me give you a bit of my background experience. I was a police officer back in the 1970’s and we were issued stainless S&W Model 66 revolvers as our service weapon. The factory double-action on mine was horrible. It was really heavy with virtually no ‘feel’ to it at all. Another officer I knew had a personal S&W Model 19 (the blued version of the 66 as I recall) and that revolver had a double-action trigger that was the best I had ever shot at that time. I offered to buy if from him several times over the years but he had no interest in parting with it.

My 66 developed an actual problem with the cylinder being quite hard to open so the department let me take it to the same gunsmith who worked the action on my friend’s Model 19. I took the Model 19 with me and asked the gunsmith if he could get my 66’s double action to be like the 19 as long as he was going to do the other work on it but despite his efforts he was not able to get the 66 to fire with 100% reliability when the action was as light as the Model 19 (which fired 100% of the time). He did make the double-action much smoother and lighter than it was but mentioned to me that stainless was more difficult to deal with than blued.

I love the ease of care of a stainless revolver (but I actually prefer the look of blued)…but with the exception of my Colt Python that I foolishly sold about 15 years ago, I have never been much of a fan of any revolver’s double action as they come from the factory and will probably have some work done on whatever I choose to buy.

So, my question is, since my information is based on revolvers from the 1970’s, is stainless still more difficult than blued to get a good double action? I assume the gunsmith was giving me good information since he had done such a superb job on the Model 19 but I never had another stainless revolver for anyone else to work on so I just have his take on it (and he is no longer alive, sadly).


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It really doesn't matter.

Stainless steel is a bit harder than regular carbon steel, so it takes longer to polish it smooth - but there is nothing inherent in stainless steel that makes for a rougher action.

Also, get a Ruger, not a Taurus. You'll thank me later :-D

Welcome to the forum!
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Thanks for the fast reply. I have to admit that the GP100 in 4" blued 357 is really interesting me. None available in 4" at the moment locally where I live but I do see that the 6" version is available at quite a few gun shops for me to go check out. I prefer a 4" but the 6" should give me some idea of how they feel and what the factory double-action is like. That S&W Model 19 and then my (former) Colt Python really spoiled me where double -action is concerned and if Colt was still making Pythons that would probably be my #1 choice provided that I could afford one these days. I am probably showing my age here but I paid $235 for my Python (used) in blue with a 6" barrel. Ah..the good ol' days!
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I am also one of those old school guys that prefers a revolver. Only, I am young and was only issued semi-autos. My father taught me to shoot on revolvers and that is what he was issued. I have no idea why I like them more but, I do!

I prefer the look of the blue revolver as well. Having said that my old stainless security six looks brand new and it is 35 years old. The blued revolvers are more work to take care of. However, I still like to do it.
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Stainless ALL DAY LONG! It looks awesome, when your at the outdoor range...
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I love the look of a stainless revolver. Ruger has many to choose from in both blued and stainless. Also, I hole heartedly agree with DTesch357 on the Ruger vs Taurus thing. I think that whatever you choose, you'll be much happier with a Ruger.
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