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This is a discussion on Rebarreling a Ruger Varmiter within the Gunsmithing forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Who would be the best gunsmith to rebarrel a Ruger No.1 Varminter for me if it is practical. I once had for a very short ...

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Lightbulb Rebarreling a Ruger Varmiter

Who would be the best gunsmith to rebarrel a Ruger No.1 Varminter for me if it is practical.

I once had for a very short time a Ruger 1V in .300 Winchester Magnum I found at a steal of a price but I let a friend have at what I paid for it because his was stolen out of his truck (in Wyoming) and being the "good guy I am" and seeing how much he was heart sick at the loss of his favorite rifle I stepped in. I hunted with a couple of custom rifles so I didn't really mind since I had not formed an attachment to the rifle not even having fired it yet. That was almost 20 years ago now. Wow, I had not realized it was that long ago until I started counting back just now. Any way, I'm thinking about a long range Mule Deer rifle and now I only have my old .30-06 and here in the Mojave Desert ranges can run rather long and being I have always had a soft spot for Ruger No. 1s I thought about duplicating a heavy barreled 1V in .300 Win Mag since the factory ones are like finding "hen's teeth".

Putting a custom heavy barrel on a Ruger No. 1 action would made a relatively short rifle. I'm thinking of a barrel no longer than necessary for a .300 Win Mag to maximize the stiffness factor and harmonics of the barrel. I am in to the accuracy over the velocity of the barrel set up and I prefer to shoot heavy for caliber bullets like from 200 to 220 grain boat tail bullets (like the Nosler AccuBond Long Range 210gr. with its B.C. of 0.730).

I used to hike the mountains of western Wyoming east and north out of Jackson Hole hunting Mule Deer and Elk but what doctors said was Multiple Sclerosis took that away from me. Now the specialists are arguing over the exact diagnosis but it still remains in the same neurological family and still kicks my butt physically so that at times I have to walk with a cane and mountain climbing is VERY limited if you get my meaning. So now I have to choose a vantage point carefully for glassing and need a rifle and cartridge that can reach out and touch someone with more authority than my old .30-06. I used to enjoy putting my "longbow" hunting sneaking skills to the test but now I have to use more of my "one shot, one kill" skills.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas I would sure appreciate them!

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Sounds like you are a Ruger #1 fan - short overall length but with a relatively long barrel.

I am a .300 Win mag fan and my favorite bullet weight is the 200 grain, Hornady ELDX with H1000 powder. I had used the 208 Amax and it provided wonderful results and terrific performance on all targets.

One important consideration with the #1 is selecting a scope mount that will permit proper eye relief. Possibly some base like the Warne, Weaver compatible having 2 slots per base on each of the 2 bases might work if attached directly to the barrel. Selection of a scope having a long mounting surface would also help. Retention of an existing #1 base(s) then reattachment then using Ruger extension rings might also be a possibility.

For years I shot a #1 in .257 AI (Ackley Improved) the scope was attached to some 1 piece base that matched the contour of the barrel. I used extension rings.

Try to mount the scope as low as possible.

A good smith to do the work is the McGowen outfit in Kalispell Mt. In a #1 re-barrel job ejector/extractor cuts must be made on the end of the barrel and there is an extra charge for that. They do a masterful job with reasonable prices and accommodate custom contours. Should you want to re-barrel a standard non mag cartridge to a magnum a new extractor/ejector might be required. Being a #1 there are no bolt face modifications needed.

Should you want less recoil and still use high B.C. bullets look at a 6.5 with 130-140's or a 7mm with 160-162's. The wildcat (no store bought ammo) 6.5-06 (non mag), .280 (non mag), 280 Improved (non mag) and 7 Rem Mag are considerations but the 7mm would probably be better for elk. I have both and I use H1000for them. Should you decide to go with the .300 Win consider having the smith chamber it to allow you to use loaded rounds longer than 3.30 inches or whatever. Possibly you might look at my post in the reload forum entitled - The Long .300 Win -. The #1 has no magazine limitations.

Go out and shoot a big one!

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